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Fist bike ride of the year. Remind me why I do this?
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So hi there people who still happen to be kicking around these parts. I'm still alive. I just send most of my time on tumblr now. I'm the-gail on there.

Life has been good. I'm nearly out from under all the stuff with the business I had. It's sold and I'm very nearly done with taking care of the mess from the lease I had for a credit card terminal.

My birthday was yesterday, had fun. Went and saw the new Captain America movie and out out to eat.

Now some photos of me and of cool things I've recently acquired. Because why not.

Photos of me! And things! )
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I think I spend to much time on tumblr now. It's been awhile since I post anything here, like since I bought my new car I think. This are going well though. Still love to new car, the payments are going to make things tight for awhile, but that's to be expected.

I very nearly have a fully functional kitchen again. The cook top isn't installed yet, and the light over the sink, but other than that it's all there. I've just been using an electric skillet since I don't have the cook top yet. Mostly to make omelets because I'm really not much of a cook, but eggs are better for me than all the microwave food that's been my only options for months. Maybe once everything is all in I'll post a photo, my cabinets are really nice. Which may mean I'm finally turning into an adult. Guess is was going to happen eventually.

Now if it would just stop snowing and warm up out everything would be great. We're planning on putting in a garden, although with 3 feet of snow on the ground its sort of hard to make myself start planning that out.
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Today we say good-bye to a dear friend. Jazz, my Honda Civic that I owned for a month shy of 7 years. Today he was traded in for a 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo, in black. Ugh it is such a gorgeous car. It's new, only had 109 miles on it. Got a good deal. Have to run Jazz's summer tires and the title down to the dealership on Monday. Title was forgotten just because I was running late, didn't know that they would want the summer tires as well. Very happy about all this. Will have a photo or 2 on Monday. Won't have to light to get any photos around my shift at work tomorrow.
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So I bought Fast & Furious 6 on Tuesday and didn't manage to convince myself to watch it today. I felt all the feels and yelled at the TV and started crying when Rome said grace at the end and mentioned fallen friends. Not full on crying, but about as close as I tend to get. Ugh. How can this effect me so?
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Doing good, rather than finishing the last two chapters of my NaNowriMo novel I've been posting stuff on AO3. Boy did I write a lot of PotC back in the day. Now back to writing. In my defense I was going to work on it last night after work. But the power was out and it was like 45 in the house buy the time it came back on. I was to busy warming up to worry about writing anything.
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Word count wise I'm done with NaNo. Story wise I've got some more work. I hit 50k last night at almost midnight. Went into work at 7am and worked 8 hours. I wrote a little on lunch, but I think that's all I'm accomplishing today. I'm exhausted and have like 20 hand written pages than need to be typed up. I've got the next 2 days off I'll worry about it then.
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Got to see the new Thor movie yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. Much better than the first one. There where a couple little things I didn't like but mostly I liked it. R. I know had a good time as well. We haven't made it to the movies since Riddick came out.

In other news despite my lack of planning for NaNoWriMo I'm already at almost 35 thousand words. Go me. Even when I work I've been managing between 2 and 4 thousand words a day.

Also yesterday in a fit of who knows what I got a tumblr account. No idea what I'll use it for but you can find it here.

The weather is getting colder, but not so cold that the new pellet stove isn't regularly getting it up close to 90 in the living room. We left it going all night last night and I hardly got any sleep it was so warm in the bedroom. Good news for when the cold really sets in. The old pellet stove barely managed to get it up to 80, and that was only in one room, not the whole house. At least I'll be toasty warm this winter. Do need to buy a bigger humidifier though. Every time I pat one of the cats we both get shocked.
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So I think I'm going to try and do NaNo again this year. Pretty sure I haven't participated since 2009. But I bought a three ring binder for my loose leaf paper and new pens today. R. didn't understand why I needed new pens when I have pens already. But he just doesn't understand how the right pen is needed. Planning on doing my usual which is writing long hand and then once or twice a day typing up everything. Just typing it would be easier I know, but computers have to many distractions. So long hand it is.
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Day off.

Things I have accomplished:
Remembering to eat.
A walk.
Cleaning the toilet.

Things I could still accomplish:
Working on my Halloween costume.
Working on the blanket I'm crocheting.

Probably going to try and work on the costume. Making a corset for my Catwoman costume. Sort of going to cheat at it because my sewing skills aren't really up to actually cutting out separate pieces and then sewing them together, and you know sewing in strait lines and not messing up seam allowances.
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Oh hi there internet, haven't forgotten about you, just been busy. Today I moved bookcases from the only apartment to the house. Yesterday I hauled all my stuff out of the apartment's storage and to the house. Many stairs my legs are still killing me.

Last weekend I saw Rush on Sat. with my mom and step-father, and man was that an amazing movie. Will be buying that one when it comes out. Then Sun. which has given me some great stories. At work I had a little girl tell me I look like a boy because my hair is only around an inch long. Her dad was mortified, but I was amused so all was good. Then just as I was getting out of work my phone rang. It was my mom. Evidently in a random sequence of events her dog managed to lock herself and the keys in my mom's car. While she was at the house she's restoring in Madison. Needless to say 50 miles extra on my car later I'd made it home again after getting her spare key and finidng my way to the house in Madison as I'd never been there before. She paid me in pizza and apples and 5$.

Construction is coming along nicely on R's house. The bedroom and office are done, well other than the light we need to pick up. The pluming is as done as it's going to get this year. The new kitchen cabinets are done, my uncle is just sealing them, then we get to tear part of the kitchen to pieces. That'll be fun. Well, maybe now. But the finished product will be worth it. My uncle gave us a full size convection oven he got at a job site, and we bought a 4 burner, glass top, cook top. Being able to actually cook will be nice. I'm so sick of only being able to cook in a microwave.

Today was a day off. I've watched My Cat from Hell and now X-Files on Netflix.
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It's raining again. Getting sick of it. I know R's dad is. It's to wet to hay, I don't even think he's gotten one crop in this year, not that any of the farms around here are having much luck haying this year. It stops raining just long enough for things to start to dry out, them boom rain. No cookies.

In other news my Dad finally bothered to e-mail me about my step-grandmother. And because I wasn't thinking I was going to make it to the remembrance gathering, he's decided I'm a horrible person and that my step-grandmother shouldn't have waisted money buying me christmas presents? Yeah I don't get it either. I will be going, He-Man really wants to go but wasn't sure if he'd be welcome, and now that I doubt I'm welcome either, I was like lets just go, for like half an hour, then I wont miss work. But we'll show up and pay our respects, but not for so long that my step-mother have time to flip out to badly.

Really I'm only going to support He-Man. I wasn't close to her, which despite what my dad thinks I don't blame on her, I'm just not good at remaining close with people. I can count my close friends on one hand, well one finger if one doesn't count R.

In other news I'm moved in with R. for a given value of moved in. Most of my clothes are here, and my bed, and that's about it. Once my uncle gets the office/closet done I'll be able to get most of the rest of my stuff moved over. Some is probably going to go into storage at my mom's house in Madison. What with her putting the house I grew up in on the market. Her new job is really truly out in the sticks of Maine, instead of just well off the beaten path where that house is.
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Was officially notified of my step-grandmother's passing today. In a mass e-mail, in which I also found out that my bother and I are no longer considered her grandchildren. Or just that my step-mother no longer considers us family as I'm sure she's the one who wrote the obituary. If my brother decides to go to the open house to celebrate her life I'll go, otherwise I'm not going to bother.
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So my step-grandmother passed away yesterday and I found out today on facebook. I just saw my dad on Thursday, and he let me know she was close to the end. I just can't believe no one took the time to contact me.
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Went and saw Man of Steel at the 7pm Walmart premiere night event. And it was good. Glad I didn't see it in 3D I probably would have been ill. So I'd say if you get the chance go see it.
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Finally made it to Fast 6. Other than a couple things that where pretty obvious I really liked it, stupid and improbable stunts and all. Let me tell you about it )

Over all I have so much squee for this movie. Hope to go see it again with R. on Friday. Sorry for the car rant at the end there.
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Discovered that R has never seen the Fast & Furious movies. So we're marithoning them today between him going out to do farm chores. He said he'll go see the new one with me, but he might want to have a least a little idea of the past movies. He didn't even know who was the cop or who was doing the hijackings in the first one. Probably wont finish them, but I'm leaving my copies at his place so he can see them before Sunday. Which due to my stupid work schedule is going to be the best day to go see the new one. Not that I'm letting a thing like having to work at 7 tomorrow morning stop me from going to see Star Trek again tonight.
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So the new Star Trek movie, that was amazing was it not?Thoughts ) In conclusion when can I see the movie again? Also the audience I was with was great. Everyone was sort of talking amongst themselves the whole movie. And there where about 6 of us who where laughing at stuff no one else seemed to get, so those of us I would say where the long time Star Trek fans.

Not into work until 2, so I'm re-watching the first one again, just because. Next up after that the Fast & Furious franchise.
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Today has so been one of those days. Wanted to punch one of my managers by the time work was over. But now I'm at R's and I've had pizza and cuddles. And now alcoholic hot chocolate because sometimes pizza and cuddles just aren't enough. That and [profile] annikasevn gave me a bottle of Bailey's for my birthday and that is the best in hot coco. Now I'm going to read more fic, drink my coco and enjoy the fact I have tomorrow of.
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Bought a new computer finally. It's an HP Pavilion laptop. With the beats audio package. Mostly I bought it because it was a good set up, not Windows 8 and I managed to get an extra 25$ off the clearance price. Or I should say R. asked if I could. Either way new toy. Still getting used to the keyboard and the fact I'm not on XP any more. Plus smaller and lighter than my old computer. But so far it seems good.

In other news more snow. So very very sick of snow and cold weather. Waiting for my sunshine and warm weather.


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