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Ran errands with dad this morning. Then when scooted over to the barn to bring my step-mother some things then back to the condo to chill out for a couple hours.

Then the beach, it was not a good day to go in the ocean the waves were pretty big. But we played around for a while and then lay in the sun. With lots of sunscreen, my pale(ish) New Englander ass does not want to go home looking like a boiled lobster.

After the beach was a nice supper my step-mother had through in the oven on low before we took off. Followed by a swim in the pool. There is a really nice little pool at the condo and it's barely even used. Fine with me. I swim lazy laps while talking to my Dad.

Then we finished off the evening by watching a racing documentary called The Last Race about the last race track operating in Long Island.

Rented it on Vudu, but I should have just bought it because as soon as it was done I bought it. Dad paid me back for it because he enjoyed it even more than I did possibly.

Now I'm trying to wind down and get some sleep. Going to be out late tomorrow night dad and I are going to a dirt track to watch the races.

He picked up a dirt car for next year so it's a fact-finding mission as much as an evening of fun. May go for an airboat ride on the way over as it's a thing to do on Lake Occachobie(?)

I've got to say going back to work is going to be tough after a week of bumming around going swimming all the time. And possibly going to look at some cars. There is a Honda Civic Type R at a dealership fairly close by and a Hyundai Veloster N at a dealership a little way north. So if we find the time Dad and I are going to go check those out. And hopefully hit the Elliot Museum which is a huge car museaum on the island not far from the condo.

In Transit

Feb. 20th, 2019 01:01 pm
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Currently sitting at the airport in Atlanta Georgia. Last minute flight changes last night mean I was on the road at 4am and this is the 3rd airport I've been in since I left my hours this morning.

A storm was predicted to hit LaGuardia so last night my step-mother rushed around to find me flights that missed New York. Which means I've gone Portland ME to Detroit to Atlanta. One more flight of less than 2 hours and I'm at the West Palm Beach airport and nearly at my final destination.
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Good thing I'm already packed for my flight tomorrow. A storm is probably going to be hitting the airport I'm catching a connecting flight through tomorrow. Currently waiting to hear if I've been moved to an earlier flight or a flight through a different airport.

Hopefully, I hear back before Mom goes to bed since she's supposed to be my ride. The last text I got from my step-mother indicated she should be getting a call around now.

Fingers crossed that New England weather doesn't completely screw up my trip.


Feb. 14th, 2019 10:06 am
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I got the promotion!!!
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Not even sure how much snow we got between last night and this morning. Somewhere between enough and to much I would guess.

Enough that I woke up to a text from a coworker asking if I was going to be able to make it out of my road. He was going to come pick me up if I couldn't.

All that lead to a very slow day at the garage. 1 job before I went to lunch, 2 while I was on lunch, 2 more between then and when I left. On a normal day we do 20 - 30 jobs. The peak of tire season closer to 60. So 5 is very very slow.

Tomorrow I open, and possibly find out if I got the job I interviewed for or not.  For all that I didn't do much today I'm dead tired and trying to convince myself 7:30 pm is far to early to go to bed even if I do need to get up at 5:30.
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Today was actually pretty productive. I vacuumed, folded the laundry I washed yesterday, did my taxes and renewed my drivers license. And more importantly took a shower.

Less importantly started making an attempt at shaving my legs in preparation for Florida. I'm a fan of no shave October to April.

And I've made some progress on HDC Hell. I've now made it past what I had done before having to tear a bunch of rows out. I may yet finish the stupid thing. Then I'm thinking either a cross stitch or maybe actually doing the t-shirt quilt I've been planning for 2 years.
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I don't leave for Florida for another week, but my clothing is packed. It wasn't hard. Tank tops, leggings, bathing suit, 2 dresses. And undergarments. Done. And I've still got 20 pounds of weight left.

Which is for my laptop. Because one of those will be going with me.
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Had my interview for the department manager position I'm going for today. I think it went well. I think I probably have a pretty good shot at it.

I also found out that at least one manager thinks I should be Service Manager at some point. I mean I've interviewed for the position like 3 or 4 times, just never get it.

Also that I'm a good candidate for the Assistant Manager track. Which is a salaried position. And is something I'd never considered. But maybe if it was in the area I'm in now I wouldn't hate it.

Not going to worry about any of it though. If I get the job great. If I don't well I sure wish I got paid more, but I don't hate my current job.
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I've been enjoying the warmer weather we've had lately, but I don't trust that it'll last. Which is fine in less than 2 weeks I'll be on a plan to Florida and Maine can do whatever it wants for the week I'm gone.

Work too for that matter, I'm sure I'll be getting whinny texts about the other person who does my job while I'm gone. I plan on responding with photos of things like the beach or a sunny sky.

Speaking of work I hope to be interviewing for a new position before I leave on vacation. A manager in my area was let go and I'm going to try and get the position. It keeps me in the same area of the store, I'll still be dealing with the garage, but with more freight than I do now. And the position comes with a 4 or 5 dollar raise over what I make now.

I actually like my current position, but it doesn't pay me what I'm worth, the promotion would come close.


Feb. 6th, 2019 07:35 am
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One of the cats woke me up around 3:30 this morning. It took me over an hour to go back to sleep. In part because I ended up with a splitting headache.

Now I'm up and trying to caffinate enough to face the day.

Days off

Feb. 5th, 2019 11:02 am
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Yesterday was all about laundry. I mean I still need to fold it, but it's all clean now.

And I crochet a basket and knit a fingerless mitten. I have not touched HDC Hell because I had to pull out 12 rows and now I'm too angry to touch it. I mean I will today, but yesterday was not the day to work on it.

Also listened to a bunch of short audio books yesterday. 30 Days of Night, Lullaby and The Dispatcher. Lullaby was very short and pretty creepy I was glad I listened to it at like noon when my living room was well lit.

Now I'm listening to Storm Front by Jim Butcher, which I've read a couple of times, but it's been a while, and I can't read and knit/crochet at the same time.

Today I might get the laundry taken care of. Or just sit on the couch and crochet, hard to say.
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This icon describes how I felt all day. My car's engine wouldn't even stay up to temperature if I turned on the heat on my drive to work this morning.

And that ladies gentlemen, and everyone else is why I always dress as though I'm going to have to hike 10 miles through the frozen tundra when I drive to work, that and if i end up in a ditch/snow bank I wont freeze before I get] my car out.
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Had to deal with a snowy drive to work today. And then it was so slow I wished I'd just stayed home. Only did 2 jobs between 7am and 4pm. Then we had 5 jobs come in in about 30 minutes. At least we weren't bored then.

Tonight/tomorrow I get to deal with cold temperatures. Not super cold, but irritatingly cold all the same.

While standing around trying to look busy today I very slowly started writing some Venom fanfic. Never mind that I have a half finished Osiris Child fic I should work on.
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The HDC hell blanket is nearing completing. Well in that I only have about 30 more rows to do length wise before I do a border down the sides on ten rows each.

I bought a fancy touch screen stylus the other day, but I may return it. The fine tip works well, when it works. Trying to add fine details it either produces no marks at all or they go somewhere wildly different from were I was aiming.

I did however manage to make two little doodles with it on my phone and one on my larger tablet. I should maybe try a diferent program, and possibly one more touch screen device before making my determination.
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I did end up going to work in Sunday's horrible weather. But only because my boss came and picked me up. My car is still 3/4 burried in a snow drift. I dug out the hatch yesterday to get out the cat little I'd bought and never brought into the house.

Today I will go and get the car cleaned off the rest of the way. For no other reason than I will need it to get to work tomorrow. I should have do it yesterday but it was very cold yesterday. Like if you're outside more than 20 minutes your face will freeze off cold. So I stayed my ass inside.

I have things I could be doing today. Working on HDC hell which is about 50 to 70 rows from done length wise. Or working on the piece of fan art the sister in law requested of Eddie Brock at the beginning of Venom drinking coffee in bed wearing Hello Kitty pj's. I did manage a sketch of it on lunch Sunday. But I'm think I want to go digital for the finished piece, so that means digging out the other computer.

I'll do something eventually. Even if it's just fold the laundry I washed yesterday. Can't spend the whole day curled on the couch in the sun like a cat... or can i?
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I'm just done with today. It wasn't a bad day, I'm just tired. I got home from work, poked tumblr with a stick a little, ate supper. Then just sort of dozed on the couch for a good hour or so. And I could still just go to sleep right this instance. Although I'm sure by the time I get up and get ready for bed I'm be wide wake again.

Because that's how I roll.

Getting to work tomorrow could be fun. Snow starting tonight and ending some time tomorrow morning, but not early morning. Which means possibly an plowed road with several inches of snow for me and Vader to try and navigate. As long as the snow banking at the end of the road isn't horrendous he'll probably make it out.

Sunday is predicted to be much worse, snow starting Saturday night late and not ending until Monday. However I have a plan to get to work that day. Namely my boss with the big pickup who doesn't normally work Sunday's is scheduled in. And where he lives his drive in, while it's not his normal route, can take him past my road. And as we are working the same shift that day he's just going to pick me up. And if we're late well he'd better excuse it, he's going to be the one driving.
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Had a fairly productive couple of days off. Laundry was washed and mostly put away. Cooked for leftovers both days. Vacuumed.

And worked HDC hell as I'm calling my current crochet project.

Read a book. I've been reading a lot since the start of the year, which is both good and bad as it tends to mean I read a book rather than sleeping.

Things I haven't done are use my new laptop which is one of those touch screen fold in half use it like a tablet jobs. The screen just looks so nice and clean I'm afraid to touch it. Today I at least pulled it out and updated it.

Haven't done that on my primary computer yet. Mostly because I'm terrified something will do terribly wrong and I'll loose all the things even though I back it up weekly.
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We've finally entered that time of year where I like my job a little less. It's about -10 (-23c) out right now. And when I get to work it won't be much warmer, and I'll still have to go outside to get information off customer's vehicles.

Don't worry, I have warm clothing and extra hat and mittens stashed everywhere.
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Hours of boredom because no one is coming in and you work in a service area so while they send home people everywhere else you get to stand around twiddling your thumbs. (Or in the case of today finish a book)

That's then followed by the terror of driving home in whatever sort of mess the roads have become in the 8 plus hours since you drove in to work.

Good times.
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As I'm not fussy about my hair I went over and let my mom trim it as she saw fit today.

When I was getting ready to leave she told me it might look a little butch until it grew out a little more. In response, I just gestured at myself. I was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans all purchased in the men's department and told her I wasn't too worried about it.


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