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I opened one box this set. But so far I've sorted out 3 boxes of green commons, 4 of blue and I just brought 4 of black up. Maybe soon I can switch to uncommons, they go a lot fast because theres like 10 different cards instead of 20.

In other news omg are my allergies kicking my butt today. I need to keep taking decongestants on top of my allergy medication or my eyeballs feel like they're going to pop of out my head from the pressure. Or just my head feels like it's going to explode. Either way is no fun.
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I strongly dislike this time of year. Mostly due to all the pungent flowers that are sold around easter. I had someone come through my register in automotives with some and it resulted in me having an allergy/asthma attack about 2 hours into my day. Which resulted in me spending the other 6 hours of my shift hyper sensitive to everything strongly scented. And in fact my hand lotion is bothering me and it's one I use all the time with out issue. Ugh.
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So my grandmother called yesterday and called off work because it was going to be to rainy. It's well over 70 out and bright and sunny. Way to go Gram. Although it's very humid and the pollen count is high so I'm fine with not working. One of my eyes has been bothering me for awhile. I though maybe it was just cause I hadn't been getting enough sleep. But I slept plenty last night and it looks like hell today so I'm guessing it's actually an allergy problem since my head is all clogged up as well.
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It's sunny, and warm, again, for two whole days in a row. \0/

In other news my last paycheck from VIP was smaller than I thought it would be. Meaning it's not actually enough to cover my next car payment. Crap.

Also the bug bite on my arm, that was just a red spot yesterday. Is now an itchy swollen red dot with like pink all round it, so sort of welt like. Yes let me prove how allergic I am to everything. The bite on my hip while not itchy is swollen, plus much larger like the bug bit me more than once. Plus just in general more pink around it than the itchy one which is just faintly pink. Meh.

My neck has turned a lovely purple red in places. I hates sunburns so much.

In boy news it's really to bad that I'm not interested in the hub driver guy. He called to let me know his plane had landed safely (he's going to a friends graduation at the moment) and then he called me again to say he made it to Virgina because he landed somewhere else and had to drive. Which is you know really nice of him, but at the same time I don't really care. I mean yeah good for not dying but still don't need to let me know every time you successfully don't die doing something plenty of people don't die doing everyday.

edit: what gives today then win is the fact the general store had Moxie. I love Moxie. Which is a true way to tell how Maine someone is, they a) know what Moxie is and b) love it.
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So no one can say I didn't do anything at work today. Of my four hour shift I spent three hours cleaning shelves. I took everything off the shelves with all the car wash and so on. I wiped off dusty containers, I cleaned the very dirty shelves. I had to go blow my nose every five minutes and spent a fair amount of time on the border of having an asthma attack thanks to cleaning supply fumes and dust in the air. It was the opposite of fun. The only thing anyone can say I didn't do was run my register, which I really didn't, I answerd the phone, and I cleaned and that's about it. I have a head ache thanks to my sinuses being very unhappy, and really I just want to go to bed.
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It was pretty busy at work. I didn't get freight done. But I was greatly entertained by a customer saying it was nice of them to let me be goth at work. Which was sort of like what? I don't think of myself as goth, or even of my look as goth. But I do have hair that looks blue and black in the lights at work. And black and gray dangley earrings, plus three silver hoops. But only a small amount of purple eyeliner. I'm pretty sure I've looked more 'goth' on other days with black eyeliner and slightly to pale foundation. I wonder is the skull and cross bone belt or flame shoes where part of his decision that I must be goth.

Other than that nothing fun at work. My drawer was off, but it was me, and it wasn't really off, something was just run through wrong.

And then on my drive home I had a really really bad allergy attack. I probably should have pulled over. Both my eyes were burning and stinging and watering so bad that I could hardly keep them open or see. Combine that with rain and fog and twisty roads and who knows how I didn't kill myself.

Am so glad I have tomorrow off. Even if I do have to be sociable with the family.
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Stupid rain still hasn't let up. I'm not going to bother to do my hair today I guess. It would melt if I did, what with the shortish walk from house to car, and the longer walk from car to work. No spiky hair for me today :(

Also having bad allergies really sucks. It makes it very hard for me to tell when I'm getting sick. As in I don't realize until my neck feels all funny like it might be starting to swell. Which I think means I'm not well. The other clue is that I've started sleeping a lot more than normal. Not that I feel all that bad, or no worse than normal. Which is why the whole allergies thing sucks. I've felt off for so long that it's become the norm.

Two more days of work. Two more, and then I can do nothing for two days.
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Morning bad, very very bad. Not that it's really all that early right now. I just slept like crap last night. A combination of this cold/allergies thing I've been dealing with for weeks and having to get up and go pee at 6am. Plus weird dreams. Which really isn't all the unsual for me. Although I think at some point Nicolas Cage and Jared Leto showed up. Probably because I watched Lord of War right before bed, but still odd, famous people like never show up in my dreams.
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This evening I sewed up the holes in the couch and vacuumed the living room.

And she's still not home. But if she's not home soon I wont get to see her reaction. I need to sleep soon. Working in the morning.

Although I'm kind of regretting the whole cleaning thing now, my allergies have hit with avengence.
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Survived work through sheer force of will. Allergies/cold is really kicking my ass today. My eyes were watery and blood shot all evening. Plus a runny nose. I got almost 9 hours of sleep last night and I'm dead tired. It sucks.


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