Nov. 30th, 2008

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Well my uncle told me he was stopping by today to get the trash. However he's usually here by now. Oh well. If he doesn't show up then I don't have to deal with him hassling me about my car.
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Trying to give the kittens solid food. So of course the moms are eating it all even though they have plenty of food in the other room.
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So the kitten I want to keep, which is actually the one my brothers gf fell in love with it has more personality than my original favorite, just took off after the mom's into the kitchen. And Sophia proceeded to freak out and haul the poor kitten back into the living room. Litter box training may be difficult if they wont let the kittens go that far. I did put a kitten sized box of litter near the dresser so they may still get it. It's about where I had to clean up a kitten accident earlier so I figured that was as good a spot as any.
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I'm admitting defeat on NaNo this year. I got just over 20000 words done. Which considering I spent a good chunk of the month job hunting, then panicking about if I'd have to move, and then crashed my car it just didn't put me in a writing frame of mind. I'm going to try and finish the story at some point, but it wont be for awhile.
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It's snowing out again. The good news is that I don't need to go anywhere until Tuesday. Although I should go out tomorrow and get stuff done.
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You know you need to go shopping when you're reduced to eating the dilly beans you where given by the guy who makes them over the summer. I'd only eaten one before this and wasn't really sure I was a fan. But you know it's sort of like eating pickles, only it's green beans.
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so this guy i've been talking to on a dating site? I totaly went to high school, we were friends and everything.


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