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Finally made it to Fast 6. Other than a couple things that where pretty obvious I really liked it, stupid and improbable stunts and all. Let me tell you about it )

Over all I have so much squee for this movie. Hope to go see it again with R. on Friday. Sorry for the car rant at the end there.
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So the new Star Trek movie, that was amazing was it not?Thoughts ) In conclusion when can I see the movie again? Also the audience I was with was great. Everyone was sort of talking amongst themselves the whole movie. And there where about 6 of us who where laughing at stuff no one else seemed to get, so those of us I would say where the long time Star Trek fans.

Not into work until 2, so I'm re-watching the first one again, just because. Next up after that the Fast & Furious franchise.
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Back from seeing the new Batman movie. I liked it but I don't think I liked it as much as the other two. But I will be going to see it again. And the end,ugh, it was both perfect and irritating because you know it'll never go anywhere. I want another one that picks up exactly where this one ended.

I would right more but I have to be up far to soon for work. Maybe tomorrow I'll right a better review.
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So today, well yesterday now, was a busy day. Me and the guys were going to go up to Bangor and hit the casino, a pub and maybe a comic book shop. However me and the guys became me and a guy. So we decided to go to the casino in Oxford instead. Save Bangor for when everyone could make it. I only played a Star Wars themed game. Won no money. Was entertained any way.

Then I came home and got ready for movie number one of the day Magic Mike. Went with a girl I'm friends with at work. I don't think either of us could actually go see real live strippers based on our reactions, we'd be red and hiding. It was about what I expect. Lots of mostly naked men with a little bit of plot thrown in for good measure. Don't regret going to see it and have tentative plans for doing some other sort of girls night out.

Movie number two: The Amazing Spiderman. Not bad had fun. Managed to nearly make my friend belly laugh in the middle of a touching moment with a well timed comment about love bugs bitting. I'm tentatively interested in seeing where they'll go with the next one. I know the last group of Spiderman movies I only really liked the first one and never bothered to watch the third. I'm very glad I didn't see it in 3D because there were a couple scenes that just about made me motion sick as it was. I would say it's worth seeing if you like Spiderman and comic book movies. I'm not going to say how close it is or isn't because I'm not uber familiar with the source material.
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Back from Prometheus. It was good but it didn't quite live up to the hype. It was a little heavy handed in places, and focused on stuff it didn't need to at times. And it had a bad case of FORESHADOWING a couple times. The first half was excellent, the second was a little rushed. But part of me still wants to see what happens next. Also need to re-watch Alien and Aliens.

I will say Micheal Fassbender gave the best performance of the movie. He was a tad thin for my tastes though. But most of the actors/actresses sort of had that super thin thing going on.

After the movie the group I was with basically came up with everything one could do to make the movie a lot better. It really would have only taken a couple tweaks and it would have been amazing.
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Saw Snow White and Huntsman it wasn't as good as it could have been. The casting wasn't great. Well that and we referred to Chris Hemsworth as Thor the whole movie. And made jokes no one else thought were funny. A necrophilia comment/joke, by me, was the spit take comment of the evening. Which may be why no one outside our little group found us amusing. Oh well.

Speaking of movies, have last weeks movie review of MIB 3.
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No, really that movie was freaking awesome. It didn't need to be in 3D but thats the only thing bad I have to say about it.

I will be reading the books starting about now. I've been meaning to, but I was reading some other stuff, which will now be shelved in favor of reading all of the Barsoom books.

I am actually disappointed that the chances of second one being made are very slim as I doubt this one will bring in enough money for them to make anymore.

The trailers really don't give the movie credit and that is really unfortunate. Its not just special effects and fighting there is a plot and a good one at that. I had no complaints about the acting or the dialog and I fully intend to buy it as soon as it's out of DVD.

And if the theater does non-3D showings later in its run I may go catch it again.
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Went to see This Means War. By myself because no one wanted to see it with me. I actually really enjoyed it. It's not like its a masterpiece but it was good fun. And funny. Which was almost unfortunate because evidently no one else seeing it thought so. So I was laughing quietly because I would have felt awkward laughing as loud as I would have liked to in such a very quiet theater.

now for some thoughts )

I guess I would say if it looks interesting to you, go see it. It's a fun movie. You'll get a laugh or twelve out of it. Shirtless Chris Pine. Wet Tom Hardy. Reese Witherspoon mostly naked.
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Just came back from the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Loved it. Everyone should go see it. Was only predictable if you've read all the stories and have good recall of them. So I sort of called the end, well at least the general idea of the end, about 20 min. when I thought about which plot was being followed. And I'm going to be giggling for days over large portions of the movie.

Things that made me giggle and everything else I loved... )

Okay not so much a review as a squee filled selection of the bits I like more than all the other bites even though I liked them too and don't want them to feel left out. While I know I have some sort of Sherlock related icon on my computer I don't seem to have one uploaded. So in honor of my car coming home from the garage I will use an icon of Jazz.

Fast Five

May. 14th, 2011 03:31 pm
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So I just saw Fast Five and now I want to go drive stupid fast in my car. Which is a fairly typically reaction for me. I enjoyed the movie, but thought it need more car stuff and less gun fights. Also its probably good )

So yes the movie was fun now I want to drive to fast. Or borrow Mom's car. She has a car like the one Mia drives at the beginning. Only with a wide body kit and a far cooler black paint job. The NSX's really look a lot better with the wide body kits actually.
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So I finally saw Fast and Furious. And it was awesome. Acting and dialog wise it was better than the first one. But the car stunts had to much computer animation. Or where in some cases just animation. I really liked how it ignored the second movie and excepted the third, as it should. But it does make me want fic, lots and lots of fic. Because... )
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Every time I watch The Brave One I am struck by what a great movie it is. I almost feel like I shouldn't like it, but I do. I can't watch it often, but it's still got the same punch on the third viewing as it did on the first. Terrance Howard and Jodie Foster have amazing chemistry in it. Just watching them form their friendship with just a hint of attraction that really is doomed from the beginning. And just, I don't know if I can really express what it is about this movie that makes me want to watch it again and again even when I know I can't deal with watching it that often.

I've probably babbled about it before, and chances are I'll do it again. I, it's just one of those movies that can get to you, or at least me, no matter how many times you see it.

In other news I hope the weather isn't to bad tomorrow because I supposed to be seeing T. again. I know I just saw him yesterday and it's stupid be all upsetish that I might not get to see him tomorrow but what can you do? Part of it is new relationship related and the other part is I've just spent so much time alone lately and then I have a person around, a person I get a long with really well and when they aren't around anymore suddenly being alone is a lot harder than it had been.
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So I'm catching up with Heroes on-line ... )
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Saw Babylon AD. Um...not sure what I thought of it. Although that could be because I'm so tired I can hardly see straight. Felt sort of disjointed though.
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So yes recently back from seeing Dark Knight., I really liked that, a lot. I think what really helped was the great crowed in the theater. There were moments when everyone )

So yeah I really enjoyed the movie. And will possibly go see it again sometime. When I've got 2 and a half hours to kill. I think it was good that it was a longer movie.
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10,000 BC was just as bad as I thought it would be. And ridiculously historically inaccurate as I thought it was, and as the article in the archeology magazine I read.
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Back from the new Indiana Jones, and first off let me just say I wish I made a bet with the roommate over who the woman in the previews was. Cause I totally called it. Secondly )

In other news it's really to bad that I just don't like the guy I went with. He's sweet, he's nice, he got me a shot glass while he was in Virgina and he's paying for my ticket to the Drop Kick Murphy's concert we're going to in July. But I just don't like him as more than a friend. The roommate says I should give it time.

Oh god I'm so tired. That thing in the movie, that makes me laugh, a lot, still. Forever and ever and ever.
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Just watched Hybrid on Sci-fi. It was better than anticipated. Possibly because for just over half of it me and the roommate where adding our own voice overs, then she went to bed. We also renamed the main characters Matt/Wolf Boy and Pashmina, which we felt were much better than Aaron and Lydia.

I sort of feel like I should go to bed it's all quiet in the house. But I don't have to be to work until noon so I don't really see the point in sleeping yet.
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So Beowulf. I don't regret spending 5$ to see it, but I wouldn't pay more than that to own it either. I did however like that... )

Wrong movie, but it is Beowulf icon.

I think I'm adjusting to this cold crap though. I stood in the parking lot outside wal-mart talking to [ profile] annikasevn for over half an hour, and it was 22(F) out. And the only reason we stopped is because she is a skinny little person and gets cold a lot quicker than I do.
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Heroes, why do you go so fast every week? And now I babble )

So yes I'm liking this season thus far. The show hasn't lost it's momentum in the least. And the TV guide commercial that said the next episode was in 7 days (unless you can bend time) that made me very happy.


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