Sep. 18th, 2007

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I'm on the last episode of Heroes. I decided I might as well finish it, because this way I just have to wait a week, just like I would if it was airing on TV.

Welcome to my logic. Plus this way I can loan it to D. and she'll have time to watch it before the new season starts.
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So what if I've seen 'How to Stop an Exploding Man' twice already, it still makes me teary. Also is it next Monday yet?
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Because when I do inevitably someone call the house. In this case to see if I'll come into work 2 hours early. Which yay money, but at the same time, I'd really like to still be asleep right now.

Although I should have seen this coming it is Tuesday, which is a big freight day, the full time cashier is still sickish and in the middle of a couple other projects around the store.

In none work news Lex climbed on my nightstand this morning and for unknown reasons stuck his paw in the glass of water I keep on it at nights. He's just a funny cat, I keep telling the roommate that eventually he's going to like take a shower or swim or something like that.
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For any MCR fans on the ol' flist, Frank Iero (sp?) is going to be on LA Ink next week.

In other news I'm quite tired. The roommate has gone to bed just now so I have no one to entertain me.

Also I got the splinter out of the top of my foot finally. Okay so I haven't tried since Sunday. But it got a little infected so it came out pretty easy. Well I think it all came out, two pieces came out so I'm hoping thats all of it. The roommate couldn't see any more, but the spot it came out of is pretty red and irritated at the moment.


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