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I am considering bangs as a valid hair style change. Need to do something. T. isn't really into me chopping it off. So I'm thinking that bangs might at least mix it up enough that I can deal. I haven't really had bangs since like second grade. I've sort of had them as part of shorter hair cuts, but not with longer hair since a million years ago. We'll see. The itch to change my hair is growing.
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So I got bored and dyed my hair last night. I'm a red head again )
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A dude just came in the shop wearing a Leathermouth shirt. Would comment but I have nothing intelligent to say as I've listened to none of their stuff.

I bought hair dye so perhaps I really will be a red head after this attempt.
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Tried to dye my hair. It said it was Ginger Spice/light auburn. My hair is a slightly lighter shade of brown. No red in sight, which is what I was going for. Because I really like having red hair, and T. likes the idea too. Well T. actually thinks I should dye my hair bright orange again, but after reminding that I am job hunting decides that red is okay.

Now I just need to find one that will dye my hair red. He help and was all worried it was his fault. I told him not to worry as I was the one who bought hair dye that was on clearance. The plus is that it made my hair really soft.

To bed must get up very early because T. forgot to move some stuff at the shop and we need to get there before the carpet people do so it can be moved. Which means we have to leave here at 7am. Ugh. Then go hang out at his boss's until 3pm when we have apartments to look at. And it's T's b-day but it's not looking like it's going to be a good day for him. And my present of red hair didn't even turn out.
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Went to Mom's this evening to store my summer tires and get a hair cut. And to use her scale. My pants all seem to no longer fit so I wondered what I weighed. The last time I checked months ago I weighed about 145, today when I checked, 130. And that would explain why my pants don't fit. The last time I weighed 130 I was in high school, maybe my freshman year of college. I have no money for new clothing, and once I have money for clothing I'll have money for food and then wont need smaller clothing because I'll be eating more than once or twice a day. But on the other hand, yay I lost weight?

As for the hair cut it is shorter than I've had it in a while, and very cute. My hair is almost all one color now, all the greenish blondish stuff is nearly gone.

2 photos )
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So I got bored...and cut my hair.

all things considered it could have been worse )

So the right side is longer than the left. Oops. But that's okay cause that's the side I usually tuck behind my ear anyway. And in a couple weeks it'll have grown out enough to be trimmed up to the same length, by someone not me.No idea how the back looks because it's evidently just as hard to take a photo of the back of your head as it is to look at it in the mirror.

I'm pretty proud of myself actaully. Although if I hadn't had to end up with one side shorter to get the angle to sort of look the same I would be a lot prouder.
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I got home from work, got in the shower, then a thunder storm hit. And because sometimes a shower is the most important thing in the world I just finished the damn shower. The thunder and lighting didn't get really close until I was doing my hair any way.

Speaking of hair, Mom cut it for me today so the back is actually short enough to spike. Yay! It is spiked right now, but it probably wont make it to the movies tonight, what with the rain and all. Going to see Hancock though, should be fun.

Hope all is well in internet land haven't checked my f-list since Monday.
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So because I'm a winner like that I went back to bed and slept until 11. Oops? Now I'm up and dressed and going to go into town as soon as I can run out to the car between rain showers. My hair is cute I do not want to ruin it. /girlymomment.

In other news Lemur was really cute earlier. She always wants cuddles in the morning, which I can't provide because normally I'm running around getting ready for work. So when I got up at 11 and she was still awake I was like I shall let the chinchilla out and then she will get cuddles. Which was all fine until I decided I wanted a shower and she decided the best way to express her displeasure at me trying to put her back in the cage was by biting my fingers. No this does get cute, really. So I've finally got her in the cage, if perched on my hand. She bits my thumb really hard, I go to bring my hand out to see if she'll let go then. She jumps off my hand, I pull it out and go to she the cage. She runs out of the cage up the door and takes a flying leap at me. Completely trusting I'm going to catch her little furry ass as she didn't actually get a grip on me. It was cute, really. She got more cuddles then back in the cage. With no more bitting even.
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Cause I'm bored I shall share more pictures of my new hair cut. There are so so photos but I actually did my hair after my shower. Just because. It's not like I ever do anything any more that requires me to have nice hair any way might as well do it just for the hell of it.

hair what? )
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I got my mom to cut my hair. I have a summer hair cut woot. The photo doesn't show it well but the back is shot enough to spike. Well the top is a little long, but the rest is spikable and I may end up getting it cut shorter next month before I go to the concert. Speaking of the concert, does anyone have any Drop Kick Murphy's music they might be able to upload for me or something? I should listen to something by them before I see them next month.

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I've been so distracted by Lemur and life in general that I still haven't posted a pic with my new hair. Have no fear I shall remedy that now.

in which i am cleverly disguised as a normal person )
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Hair dyed black, check.
Clothing for interview picked out, check.
Clothing for work laid out, check.

Now if I would just go to bed I'd be all set.

Tomorrow there will probably be some sort of photo of the hair. Tonight I'm to out of it to deal.
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Work was survived with no new injuries or bug bites. Go me. Got out earlier than I thought I would as well. About 3:30 my grandmother looked at me and goes "are you thinking 4 is a good time to go home today, I'm exhausted." To which I say something like "sounds good. I am like a wined up clock, that needs to be wound"

I think we were allowed to be tired we probably got 20 bushes pruned today. 22 more and we'll have the row finished. A couple of them are small so we may actually get it done tomorrow before my interview at 4.

Am going to dye my hair again soon. The orange and the color my skin turns when I tan don't go well. The fact that my grandmother noticed an commented on it cemented this fact. So I bought black hair dye when I went grocery shopping.

Actually my grocery shopping trip ended up being much more pricey than originally anticipated since I just went for bread, milk, and something for breakfast. On top of that I ended up with hair dye, a can of soup, 2 kiwis, sliced cheese, and half a pound of some sort of chicken salad with grapes and almonds in it. The lady in the deli assured me it was good. We shall find out when I get back from walking fat mutt.
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Mystery bruise is still on my arm. My mom thinks it looks like the sort of thing I should be able to remember doing. Oh well. I've only poked it a couple times, which I feel I should be given an award for. The colors make it so eye catching that's it's really hard not to.

In other news baby carrots and lite ranch dressing totally counts as supper right?

In hair news I got Mom to trim it a little. No longer looks like my head is being over taken by an orange mop. Am pleased. Still only sort of looks like photo I wanted it to look like. Am not surprised by this. Is still closer than what happend the last time I paid some one to cut it.
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My hair is freshly orange again. Woot.
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Over all I like it.
It is very orange.

+1 )

My eyebrows are actually about the same color as my hair. Which looks kind of weird, so I'm going to be spending the next however long cleverly drawing them in with brown eyebrow pencil. Eh, you only live once right?
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So my hair is really, really orange now. There will at some point be pictures. Probably. It depends on what happens with my eyebrows. Don't ask.

Now I think I'll go back to trying to finish those signs I should have been working on earlier when I was laying on the couch watching TV.
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Today was a good day. I had way to much soda and five pieces of pizza at work. Plus I got to take the left over pizza, a whole pizza!, home.

Also we've got oil change/tire rotation packages on sale right now. So I had that done, only cost me $20.09, which is more than the sale price, but not bad considering my car doesn't take the bulk oil, and randomly has a 4.6 quart system. So any who Jazz Spencer Smith is all happy for another 6,000 miles or so, oil wise any way.

Went to mom's. She trimed my hair for me. I'm sure no one at work will notice, but it does look different to me. Also I told her the sale and now I'm making her an appointment for Wednesday to have her oil changed and tires rotated. If I was better at driving a stick I'd just bring the car in for her tomorrow. But I'm not, so for now it'll just have to be when she can make it in. I swear this summer, I'm going to learn how to drive a stick if it kills me.

In other news I bought turquoise liquid eyeliner. Consequently I'm now wearing turquoise eyeliner. It looks pretty green to me, but I still like it. It's much more vivid than the purple I bought a couple months ago. Although it doesn't look so hot with the bronze eyeshadow I put on this morning.

All the soda and caffeine is starting to catch up with me, I'm getting twitchy. This should be fun, to much caffeine, plus time change, plus early morning tomorrow. I'm going to have to prop my eyelids open at work.
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I have the best bed head in the world at the moment. I like it so much I'm probably going to try and recreate it at some point. I'm not sure how it'll work out though as the bed head is caused by not washing my hair for three days, putting gel in it to hide the fact I didn't wash it for work yesterday and sleeping with a blanket wrapped around my head to block out the sound of the squeaking degu wheel.

Thing I'm not talking about tonight!!! Should probably make sure I take a shower before then. And maybe do laundry, clean the degu cage for sure though.
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So I really don't understand my hair. The roots, which were brown, are still a nice dark almost black purple. Then my hair goes to a paler reddish purple, the ends however are still a dark blue purple.

Clearly bleaching all my hair so I could get a better purple was the stupidest idea ever. The purple stayed a lot better before I did that.


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