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Finally made it to Fast 6. Other than a couple things that where pretty obvious I really liked it, stupid and improbable stunts and all. First off, I knew as soon as Braga told Brian that Shaw had someone on the inside it was the chick with Hobb's. She's was the only unknown quantity in the bunch. Clearly Giselle was going to die, it was the only way that Han was going to be in the right mind set for Tokyo Drift. And oh look Shaw threated to hurt Dom's family if he didn't back off, so yep there goes Mia being kidnapped. Things that I loved: How they finally tied Tokyo Drift in to the greater arc that's going on with the movies now and neatly introduced Jason Statham's character. The opening credits. Dom and Brian (and Mia) are a family now.

The old cars where cool, although really they picked a Dodge Charger Daytona for Dom? Really? A car so poorly made that the nose didn't even fit right straight from the factory. Unless it was actually a Plymouth Superbird, which at least the nose fit on. But as his car is the Charger, well the one from the end of the last movie and the beginning of this one is a Challenger, it's probably the Charger Daytona.

Over all I have so much squee for this movie. Hope to go see it again with R. on Friday. Sorry for the car rant at the end there.


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