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Told roommate I will be moving out. Went better than anticipated. Will be staying into the beginning of next month so I can take care of her animals whiles she's on vacation. Yes I am a very nicer person. Also if she's not around I do not have to clean up her dirty dishes or deal with her having the TV on to loud while I'm trying to sleep.
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So I've once again got a wicked bad headache, although not quite as bad as yesterday. Unfortunately for me one of the roommate's friends is over and they are all loud and giggly. Which is like sharp little knifes in my head. Plus said friend is wearing some sort of perfume that isn't helping anything. So I'm hiding in my room with the fan going and listening to music to drown them out, which you know not always the best idea for a headache, but it hurts less than they do.
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- Only worked 4 hours today. The heavy damp air turned into misting turned into all out rainning and my grandmother decided she was quiet soggy enough so we went home early.

- I have zombie eye, or as the normal people call it pink eye. I think I've seen at least one zombie movie where the infected have really red blood shot eyes, thus zombie eye. It's only in my left eye for the time being. That eye has been red and irritated off and on for about a month. Sat. it was actually clear and I thought I was all done with what ever had been going on. Got up yesterday and it was all red. Not goopy, just red. Which is never a good look for me because I have blue-green eyes that like to lean towards the green side. So red and blood shot leads to the iris looks really green and thus just freaky.

- I did some thinking while working in the rain. The stuff that guy-who-wishes-he-was-my-boyfriend does that annoys/creeps me out, the calling to tell me he's made it somewhere safe/calling to make sure I made it somewhere safe, telling me to have a nice day, seeing if my weeks going okay, I think the reason it bothers me is because I want to be the one in control of when we have contact. Because as nice a guy as he can be, I'm just not interested and a control freak about somethings. However if I'd gotten similar calls from navy boy back when we were dating I would have been thrilled. Boys they are trouble.

- The roommate is not home yet. She thought she'd be home by now. This makes me sad because I want her home cause I'm lonely, and also so her animals will leave me a lone and flock to her.

- I need to come up with food, I'm hungry. Probably will end up with noodles of some sort, I want something warm, that isn't related to pizza so that really just leaves noodles.
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It so funny, well sort of, the roommate hates insects of all kinds and she keeps finding ticks in the house. Either crawling on her or on her dog. More than me and this point and I work outside in a tick filled field. And ever time she freaks out. Today she found one that had bitten her dog and after she called her mom over to help she made her mom check her back for ticks.

I know ticks aren't funny, but her reactions so are. If someone should get to freak out it should be me since I've been bitten twice since I started working at the farm.

Speaking of ticks, correct me if I'm wrong, but they just bite you, drink their fill and then drop off right? Because that's what I've always thought and had been told. But the roommate and her mother and both convinced their burrow into you and then either attack your heart or your brain. Which is just wrong, wrong, wrong, right? They both looked at me like I was crazy when I said, no they just drink blood then drop off.

In none tick related news, um...I got nothing really. Oh I know, I sort of wish I had a loud show at a dive bar to go to again this Friday. I had a lot of fun last week.
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I love how don't turn the volume up to high on the TV I'm going to bed translates to wait until her door is closed then turn it up again. *headdesk*

In other roommate news she's already freaking out about how we're going to be able to afford heating oil next winter. I've got an idea, don't buy so much soda that'll save some money, don't buy new movies all time and cancel the cable. These ideas would not go over well if I actually suggested them. Me I'm already deciding to cut out soda. And not buying any unnecessary things. Although this is partly because my aunt still hasn't paid me and who knows if I'll get offered a T-Mobile job and if I do, do I really want to take it?
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My roommate just dropped her cellphone in the toilet. I'm trying not to laugh because now it's not working. And she killed her last cellphone by dropping it in a puddle. But still, she dropped her cellphone in the toilet, that's funny.

In other news I have a bug bite on the back of my neck, right on the nob of my spine. It's itchy. And close to the part that's pealing, since only one side is pealing because I'm so talated as to have burned one side of my neck worse than the other. I suspect sleep will not be easy tonight. But on the plus no more ticks!
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I always forget how much I hate the end of the second Pretender movie. I want the third movie. Or the script to be leaked, or like a novelization of the script if they never make the third one. Ugh, I must know the answers to all the secrets. Will Jarod and Miss. Parker ever hook up? Or are they actually siblings? Will Mr. Lyle ever not be creepy and turned on by his twin trying to kill/hurt him? What do the scrolls say? Will the Center finally meet its doom? Will Mr. Raines ever really die?

In other news one more day of work, then two days of freedom. \o/

Need to remember to turn on the fan before leaving for work so the roommate doesn't bitch at me again. I didn't today, or barely thought of it as I ran out the door. Evidently it was 80 something in the house when the roommate got home and the dog was panting, it was terrible. She blames it of the fact he's black, which has little effect in a trailer that hardly ever has sunlight in it. It's much more likely caused by the dog being grossly over weight.

So fan on tomorrow.
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The sun is shining brightly, must mean I need to go to work soon. The roommate has been house bound for less than 24 hours and already bitching about it. If she was complaining about her eye that would be one thing, but I can't go anywhere I'm stuck at home, I'm going to be so bored. Dude a) give your eye some time to heal, b) you haven't even been home 24 hours yet, c) you're the one complaining you never get any time off and when you do people drag you off to do stuff.

The girl will never be happy. At least I have work 2 of the three days she's out of work. That may keep me from killing her.
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So today my roommate proved the world how dangerous curling irons are. Or perhaps how dangerous they are with a cat in the mix. She was curling her hair this afternoon and Lex jumped on the counter, I'm guessing landed on the power cord, pulled it out of her hands and it landed on her eye. Not the area around her eye, actually on her eye. She burned her cornea, but evidently for this kind of injury she got pretty lucky. So any positive healthy eye thoughts anyone wants to send our way would be great.
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So I ticked my roommate off. I asked for the remote while she was up, so I could watch TV. She was, I thought, going to bed because she has to work bright and early. So I find a show I want to watch and settle in. Then she comes back into the living room, sits down, finds out I'd decided to watch CSI and asks if I'll change it to The Girls Next Door, which I'm not a big fan off. I said something about wasn't she going to bed anywhere, no not yet she responds. When CSI was over she asked once again if we could watch The Girls Next Door because there was, she thought, another episode on. There wasn't and she went to bed in a huff. Um...oops? Sorry that I didn't want to watch your show when I was the one picking the show. I let her watch her shows all the time. When I want to watch my weird movies I ask first. Is it wrong of my to want to watch a show I like over a show she likes when I'm the one with the remote and she's supposedly going to bed because she has to be to work at 6:30 in the morning.
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In an attepmt to make my world more spring like I have painted my nails lime green. I'm not sure if it works or not. Plus I've already messed them up. Oh well.

The roommate needs to come home soon. I want to do my laundry and both machines are full of her laundry. Sometimes I will switch her laundry over for her. But today I do not feel like it. So I will just bug her about it when she gets home.
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I'm a little worried. According the the calender where the roommate writes down her schedule she got out of work over an hour ago and she's not home yet. And I can't imagine that she went and did something after work. I'm giving her another 10 min. then I'm trying her cell.
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Project Runway )

Purple hair yay )

In news sort of related to my hair my roommate called me vain. Because I like to look at what ever new thing I've done to my hair a lot when I change it. Yep that's me, vain. With my love of sweatshirts with cats and tendency to not shower. And in general lack of make-up. *shakes head* I do not understand the girl. Oh well.

Also it is snowing, again. Boo hiss. I take comfort in the fact that if I do call in tomorrow I wont be losing any hours from what I was scheduled for. And because I'm not the closing cashier there is a chance if it continues to be really bad I'll get sent home. The morning will be interesting because the roommate and I both have to be at work at the same time. And we're getting up at the same time and she's claimed the bathroom first so she can shower. So I'm thinking I'm going to end up going to work with bed head, bad breath, and sweaty from digging my car out of the snow. It'll be great, or not.
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If I have to listen to the roommate bitch about her hair not staying brown one more time I might scream. Or remind her that I'm the one who bleached out their hair in order to dye it purple only to have the dye pretty much all wash out in like 2 weeks leaving me with a sad head of purple/blond/brown-at-the-roots hair.
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I eventually, with much sighing from the roommate, got control of the TV. Actually when I told her I wanted to watch Life After People she huffed at me and made some comment about of course I wanted to watch it because it made me feel smart.

Evidently semi-educational TV is over her head. And her mom's as her mom stopped by this evening and had the same sort of reaction when I pointed out a preview for it.

It seems so weird to me that they both reacted that way. My mom would have loved it, and so would my brother and step-dad. In my family we like watching TV that can teach us stuff. My roommate's family, evidently, not so much.

So I thought it was a pretty good show. Although, flying cats, if the roommate hadn't gone to bed already I would have laughed my head off. And when the buildings all collapsed I said to myself "What about the flying cats?" In a sad tone of voice.

Now I'm trying to think of what a flying cat would look like.
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I feel bad for the roommate. Someone offered to switch shifts with her so she'd have today off, because of the snow storm. She said no, because then we'd have to cancel our plans on Wednesday. I'd heard the snow wasn't supposed to start until tonight. I was wrong, it's snowing out pretty heavily out and there is practically no traffic going by. And now the poor roommate has to go to work.

I'm very glad I'm not working today. I would have had to be at work two hours ago. I probably would have called in, or left early.

Also the snow seems to be going at a pretty heavy diagonal that occasionally changes directions.
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I was think about things today, like why I'm so eh about christmas. I'm pretty sure it's because from about 10 on I had 4 or 5 separate christmases every year. It doesn't take long to get old. Plus my mom didn't have a lot of money for presents. So we only set up a big tree every other year and then when we got older not at all, we'd just put up the little ceramic tree. Me getting two presents under/next to the tree was a big deal with Mom. I got little things from Mom's family, and stuff I didn't really care about from my dad's and stepmother's family's. It just stopped being fun.

Now my roommate came from a similar background, divorced parents, poor, and she went completely the other way. Goes all out for christmas breaks the bank on presents for her whole family. Thinks I'm a weirdo for not caring all that much. Seemed astounded that we were only giving each other one present. Personally I give everyone one present. If I want to eat, and I really do, I have to be careful with my money, so that means one small present for everyone I get something for.

Today I realized I still need to get something for my mom. She gave me like 3 thousand dollars towards my student loans for christmas this year. (She's not so poor anymore.)
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I do not get my roommate she slept until like 10:30 this morning and she's already going back to bed. I slept that late too, but I wont be in bed for at least another hour.

In other news someone please tell me I don't actually want to stay blond. It's really not a great color for me, yet it's growing on me. *headdesk*
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I know I shouldn't pick on my roommate to much, but still sometimes the things she says.

One of the cat's has gotten sick on the floor twice today. And each time she finds it she declares that after these animals are gone she's never having more.

When I pointed out she wanted kids she didn't understand what I mean. I said that when I was a kid I puked on the floor, more than once even. She told me she never did. Well I hope when she spawns she gets neat kids like her, and not ones like me. I know I puked on floors, in cars, and in my bed.

Okay new topic. Um...I've got 25 thousands words done on my NaNo. \o/ Do I get bonus points for mentioning a zombie moose?
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Oh work was fun today, or not.

I crashed off my lunch time caffeine about 4 and just started giggling and forgetting how to speak and the parts guy told me I should do drugs, then he told me and anyone that would listen that I was on to many drugs. This be Mr. Drama!Major. I take nothing he says seriously or personally.

I'm pretty sure I really didn't get enough sleep last night. Weeee or something, it must be Monday, well Saturday to the rest of the world, but my Monday.

And I hate my roommate a little because she didn't have to be to work until 5:30 this evening.


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