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"Are the numbers supposed to start glowing or something?" Ahahah I love the baseball math geek on this weeks Numb3rs. Plus the show just made fun of itself. Cause it the beginning when ever Charlie used to make a math connection he sow glowy numbers.
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Numb3rs )

I have noticed there has been a lot more shooting and death and stuff this season.
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Okay what is up with the disappearing, reappearing opening credits on Numb3rs? Spastic TV people.

And what is this people from Smallville guest star on CBS shows week? This weeks Numb3rs )

I know it might make me a not so nice person, but I'll still saying the guy who burned to death in Bangor under unknown circumstances is a case of spontaneous human combustion. It's not like the news is giving a better explanation.

And what is this about LJ downtime? I know not what is happening. I'm so far out of the loop I can't even see it, like normal.
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What his bucket, the guy who plays Lex's dad on Smallville is going to be on Numb3rs next week, as a psychic. I may not survive.

And what is it lets dig up old cases and bring in retired people week on CBS? Numb3rs )
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My mom has announced that if she's ever one Survivor she hopes it like the up coming one so she can spend all her time on exile island and not deal with the other people.

And now Num3rs )
Is it just me or is Don in the episodes less now? Also whats with the new credits, or lack there of?
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Well thats kind of suck, the leader of one of the local Indian tribal councils died yesterday. Despite my heritage I've never had anything to do with any of the Indian tribes in Maine, but its still to bad. Death is bad in general when its in an accident.

So Num3rs )
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numb3rs )

So Navy boy came over this evening and we hung out for less than 2 hours. That boy confuses me so much sometimes. And I once again forgot to give him back his DVD's, oops.
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I totally called the bad guy in Numb3rs tonight. Then again it wasn't that hard it was the same person as in other shows I've seen on similar topics.

The rest of the show )

My step-dad caught part of the show. His only comment was that it was weird to watch a doctor run around with a gun.
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Okay the subject has nothing to do with anything. My step-dad said that early today and it made me laugh

Mom stayed up to watch Numb3rs tonight because it had to do with archeology, actually that made the part of me that is fascinated by archeology all kinds of happy. I used to go on digs with my grandmother when I was little. I even found a piece of fire cracked rock once. They tried to get me to keep it but I wouldn't take it.

So yeah Numb3rs )

Okay mostly this episode I just really liked the archeology stuff. What can I say I'm a big geek sometimes.
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Scott Cohen was on Numb3rs ) tonight


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