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It's raining again. Getting sick of it. I know R's dad is. It's to wet to hay, I don't even think he's gotten one crop in this year, not that any of the farms around here are having much luck haying this year. It stops raining just long enough for things to start to dry out, them boom rain. No cookies.

In other news my Dad finally bothered to e-mail me about my step-grandmother. And because I wasn't thinking I was going to make it to the remembrance gathering, he's decided I'm a horrible person and that my step-grandmother shouldn't have waisted money buying me christmas presents? Yeah I don't get it either. I will be going, He-Man really wants to go but wasn't sure if he'd be welcome, and now that I doubt I'm welcome either, I was like lets just go, for like half an hour, then I wont miss work. But we'll show up and pay our respects, but not for so long that my step-mother have time to flip out to badly.

Really I'm only going to support He-Man. I wasn't close to her, which despite what my dad thinks I don't blame on her, I'm just not good at remaining close with people. I can count my close friends on one hand, well one finger if one doesn't count R.

In other news I'm moved in with R. for a given value of moved in. Most of my clothes are here, and my bed, and that's about it. Once my uncle gets the office/closet done I'll be able to get most of the rest of my stuff moved over. Some is probably going to go into storage at my mom's house in Madison. What with her putting the house I grew up in on the market. Her new job is really truly out in the sticks of Maine, instead of just well off the beaten path where that house is.
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So I moved. On Sunday. And unpacked, on Sunday. Then worked two 8 hour days at work and now I feel like I could sleep for a week. The new apartment is lovely and open and sunny. And freaking huge. I have one room that only has a lawn chair, a saucer chair and a cabinet in it because I have no other furniture with which to fill the space. The kitchen/dinning room looks empty to. But my mom and step-dad are bring me a table and chairs after dinner on Thursday. And the landlady has a couch we can have. Will probably put that in the main living room area and move the futon to the mostly empty room. Really need to get at least one more area rug to try and cut down on how much the place echos.

The front of the apartment has floor to ceiling windows that look out at a little park, and a busy intersection, but whatever.
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I declare myself officially packed. Okay my bathroom stuff isn't, but I'll need that tomorrow to take a shower. But everything else is packed. At this point mostly in Wal-Mart bags cause I'm classy like that.
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Moving is nearing completion. The furniture I had over here other than my nightstand is gone. So mostly all I have left is my shoes, my clothing, posters on the walls, my TV and whatever other random stuff is left about. Like my guitar. The viola and the amp and the keyboard have already made the move.

So my mom has seen the new house and actually approves of it. And she likes the color my room got painted. It ended up being a little greener than I wanted because I wanted just a hint of green, but it's not bad and once/if the trim gets painted to match better it'll look really nice.

In other news people picked 1456.2 pounds of blueberries today. 0_o On an average day we sell about 600 pounds. The no rain thing really brought them out of the wood work. When I showed up 10 min. before we opened there were 4 cars in the yard and 8 waiting in the road and it never really slowed down until 5.

Am still tired and stressed and probably going to have to stay here a night longer than I was planning.
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Okay so this show just gets better and better and better. H. has informed me that she can't speed up time so I can see the next episode. Damn her, just a little.

More with the ramble )

I still find it amazing that I'm able to follow all the little plot lines and not get annoyed at them all.

Also my fish has been named, Cirdan. Mom helped me pick from my top three of Cirdan, Eomer, and Vain.

Have decided to officially start moving in with H. on Friday. Need to start packing, and also vacuum the room really, really well as its still coated in dog hair thanks to the last occupants dog. Also I need to like staple the carpet back down or something cause the dog also ripped part of it up.
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Me + mornings = no love. I currently feel ready to pass out on my key board. I'm sure if I actually worked more mornings it wouldn't be a big deal, but this going from nights to days with no break thing sucks. Plus I just work way way more nights than days.

Still no word from Navy boy. Grrr only because I really need to find out if I'm moving or not.
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Survived work, yay or something. Have found out my last day is not the 18th like I thought it would be am working at least one week beyond that.

Navy boy claimed when I spoke to him earlier that he will know for sure one way or the other if I can move in or not today. So now I have to hurry up and wait for him to be on-line. Other wise I'll have to wait until tomorrow when he'll supposedly be up in Maine again.

No one at work got mad at me for not being at the meeting I was supposed to be at yesterday. Evidently the note left on the schedule saying I would be out of state worked.
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Its just so interesting being me. I was practiacally a sleep infront of my computer at ten. But when I went to bed at midnight I couldn't go to sleep. I tosed and turned and became very awake. So I got up and started packing in half an hour I managed to pacl all the cloths I'm bringing back to college with me and a bunch of other random stuff I'm going to need while I'm there. I'm not sure weather to be proud of myself or sad that basically my life can be packed in half and hour. I want to go back to bed and sleep but I'm still running on the wierded tierd thing that got me paking in the first place. At lest with all this packing done I wont feel bad about sleeping really really really late tomorrow becaue now I have very little left to pack. Wich is good seeings how I'm leaving to go back about nine Tuesday morning.

In other rondom news I got the check for one of my scholarships the other day. The one I though would be small because its from the town I live in. It was nearlly ten times more then I though it would be. I figured one or two hundred dollas tops. Then town I'm from is rather small. But it was over a thousand not much over but still thats very good. Money's a little tighter this year then it was last and with me not managing to get a job over break. So that was definetly a huge help. Then as my mom reminded me rather unkindly at lest one of the other people who reseved that scholarship too gets to spend it one whatever they like because they have a full scholarship to the school they were attending. Its just so nice of her to point out that if my grades were better I could have gotten something like that too.
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I thought I was going to be able to bring some of my music with me, my brother was going to let me use his mp3 player, but its dead damnit. So now I can't have at lest some of my music. Maybe I'll go blow all my money before vacation starts and buy the sound track to fast and furious, that would make me feel better I think.


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