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It's raining again. Getting sick of it. I know R's dad is. It's to wet to hay, I don't even think he's gotten one crop in this year, not that any of the farms around here are having much luck haying this year. It stops raining just long enough for things to start to dry out, them boom rain. No cookies.

In other news my Dad finally bothered to e-mail me about my step-grandmother. And because I wasn't thinking I was going to make it to the remembrance gathering, he's decided I'm a horrible person and that my step-grandmother shouldn't have waisted money buying me christmas presents? Yeah I don't get it either. I will be going, He-Man really wants to go but wasn't sure if he'd be welcome, and now that I doubt I'm welcome either, I was like lets just go, for like half an hour, then I wont miss work. But we'll show up and pay our respects, but not for so long that my step-mother have time to flip out to badly.

Really I'm only going to support He-Man. I wasn't close to her, which despite what my dad thinks I don't blame on her, I'm just not good at remaining close with people. I can count my close friends on one hand, well one finger if one doesn't count R.

In other news I'm moved in with R. for a given value of moved in. Most of my clothes are here, and my bed, and that's about it. Once my uncle gets the office/closet done I'll be able to get most of the rest of my stuff moved over. Some is probably going to go into storage at my mom's house in Madison. What with her putting the house I grew up in on the market. Her new job is really truly out in the sticks of Maine, instead of just well off the beaten path where that house is.


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