Oct. 5th, 2008

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So Johnny did end up calling me...at 9. Evidently the show got started late because there was no sound guy there oops. And then they didn't actually know where the club they were at was. So I had to call a friend from Auburn to get directions. So I didn't get on the road until almost 9:30. But I didn't do to bad, got there around 10. Jesse and Jordan were outside smoking when I got there so we talked. And Jordan told me he was really drunk. And I also found out that I am now officially in the friend category, not just the fan one. And the next time I see them I'm getting a present. Something I can hang on my wall, and they'll even buy a hanger for it. I am curious I will admit. The next show isn't until the end of the month so the anticipation may kill me by then.

Jordan has my number now too. He evidently wanted to get it last night so he could call and make sure I got home safe. *draws a heart around him* I don't know what to do with these guys. Oh and I've told to make up some business cards to leave on their merch table, evidently people have been asking about my art. So we'll have to see about that too.

Got lots of hugs, and I think Drew was a little sad that no one told him I'd showed up. I'd been there almost an hour before I ran into him. Later in the night I tried on his jacket, narrow shouldered bastard, and then he decided to get the full effect it had to be buttoned. Which with my boobs not so much, so he tried. Thusly I ended up with the guy I first thought hot in that band all but grabbing my boobs in the name of buttoning me into his too small jacket.

Speaking of clothing Jordan tried to give me a shirt. But after I saw him give away four more, and then seeing their bar tab, I put it back. Which was easy because I was being merch girl. What with the being sober and all I was a good choice. Made friends with Jesse's girlfriend really nice girl. Who he's only been dating since May. Which means I've know the band longer, sort of, I first saw them in March, didn't introduce myself but I did bitch about the weather with Drew.

On to the show. Which was pretty good even with Jordan drunk. The sound wasn't great so the fact he sort of just didn't play on one song wasn't noticeable. They played all their stuff they had ready to play live, left stage, got called back to play another song, replayed a song they'd already done, then had a singer from a different band come on stage and he sang and they like improved a song around him. It came out really well actually, Jordan's having stopped playing for the night might have helped, and Drew's back up guitar, since he managed to break two strings during their set.

Jesse was really worried they didn't sound good and me and his girlfriend were like 'i wouldn't worry they liked you so much you ran out songs to play' And that made him feel better.

The whole band now has an invitation to crash at my place the next time they play in the area, because I've got two pull out couches right now, and Sarah's bed and really her whole room. They probably would have taken me up on it tonight but Jesse has work in the morning and his girlfriend has a kid that she couldn't just abandon. The only issue I can see is where to park their trunk and small trailer because my door yard is tiny, but I was looking and I think if the neighbors aren't parked on my lawn they could probably just pull the trunk on to the lawn and get the trailer out of the way. If worked carefully two cars could probably be parked in the yard plus their stuff if this happens after [livejournal.com profile] annikasevn is home and is on a night she's actually staying here.
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Things I forgot to mention in my middle of the night post include Jordan writing 'Soundbender's Number 1 fan' on the back of my t-shirt. Which I'm impressed he managed to do since the back had been signed by everyone before and he was really really drunk. Speaking of my shirt I told Jesse's girlfriend that is she got me a shirt I would make one for her too. Cause I'm awesome like that.

And the closest came to getting hit on all night was by a sober guy, the bassist for the band Loki actually.

I had really been planning on still being asleep at this point. But not one of the cats suddenly developed a loud setting on their vocal cords and work me up.
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At my dad's I can haz internet that works now. Woot.

edit: okay maybe it's my computer. cause this shit still isn't working.

son of an edit: turned computer off, then back on, all is well now.
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I think my Dad has actually gotten his race car running. To bad it's after racing season.
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Photographic proof that I really do hang out with Soundbender. And that they are all really pale when compared to me and my still fading tan. Look that the very drunk Jordan on the end with his cigarette. I seriously kept waiting for him to fall off stage when they played.

In other Soundbender news, their interview from Thursday is going to be rebroadcast tonight. 7pm EST, they'll be on around 9pm. So check them out, www.wcyy.com and you can listen in.

edit: I just realized that while I use their names all the time I've never posted pictures with names so people can attach faces to them. As mentioned the one with the cigarette is Jordan, he's the bassist, next to him is Jesse the singer, then John the drummer, then me, and last but not least Drew lead guitar. John and Drew are brothers, but I don't think they really look much a like.
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I have a probably pregnant cat laying on my arm and shoulder purring in my ear. It would be cute but she's starting to get heavy so not so much once my arm starts going numb, but it is better than the time she was laying on my elbow and it felt like it was going to pop out of joint. I did move at that point.


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