Sep. 12th, 2008

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Sleeping in the living room last night pretty much failed. I probably got a little sleep. But I gave up at a little before 5 and went up to my room. And then proceeded to have Sophia keep me up first by scratching on the outside of my door, then the inside. Today gets a giant fail and it hasn't even started yet. Plus it's still cold.
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i have a fire going in the wood stove, a warm lap top on my lap and a purring cat. if said cat wasn't laying half on my neck half on my chest life would really be perfect.

in other news tomorrow I may be getting a new to me chinchilla cage, it is a 6 level monstrosity and is only $100, which is the only reason I'm buy another cage, cause that sucker would be a whole hell of a lot more if I bought it new. now to just hope the girl gets back to me about it, it's in portland and the invisible roommate will heading that way tomorrow.


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