Jun. 4th, 2008

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So this morning I go to feed the fur balls. Predictably, the degus are spazing out and running around rattling the cage door until I feed them.

Less normal is the fact that Lemur is awake, and sitting by her food dish. Which is nearly empty. So I put food in the dish. But that's not what's awesome. She then climbed up my arm and out of the cage. All on her own, no me trying to coax her out. And that's really cool, I've only had her just over two weeks and she's already decided that hanging out on her person is cool. Last night actually she didn't want to go back in the cage and I ended up having her out for half an hour or more.
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Ahahaha chinchilla face just found a pair of my roommates earrings. I'm sitting on the chair watching TV with Lemur running around on me and the chair. I glance over as she makes several frantic jumps from the back of the chair to my shoulder and back, and notice there was something in her mouth. The roommate had evidently left a pair of hoop earrings, hooked together, on the back of the chair. And Lemur found them and was running around holding them. Luckily she let go when I grabbed them from her.

She's now in her cage again because after that Lex got a little to frisky with the trying to get her and managed hit her hard enough to make her squeak. I liked it better when he was so afraid of her he ran away when she moved towards him.
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Things I have done today: Not much.

I read a considerable chunk of The Other Boleyn Girl. I did a painting of a blueberry bush branch. I watched 5 episodes of Bones, although that was mostly while painting. And I watched 3 movies with the roommate. I was reading though most of those though. Also I played with Lemur. Which I don't always get to do as much as I'd like.

All in all it's been a good day off.

In other news it's been over a month since VIP fired me. I am soldering on. Working at the farm hasn't killed me yet. Sadly I don't really have anything else that looks good either. Still haven't heard back from the store I applied to the other day.
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'Vigilante' gets revenge on metal shop thieves

Ahahah that took place like 20 min. from here. I had friends in that town when I was younger.


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