Sep. 10th, 2007

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Okay that is a really really big inconsistancy in Heroes. Another one actully.And this is why watching shows on a weekly basis is sometimes good )
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I think I should have not let the roommate go so nuts with the highlighting my hair thing. Cause yeah, there is a lot of pink in my purple hair. And if I wasn't a little worried that work would freak at me it would be really cool. As it is I wish it was more dark purple and less magenta/pink.
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I took the photo in the bathroom because that's the room with the best lighting. And yet my hair doesn't look nearly as pink in the photo as it does in the light in the room. Which gives me some hope.
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So I'm minding my own business in the kitchen, trying to make lunch. The animals, per the norm, followed to see what I was doing. Lex lay down in the pizza pan on the oven, just curled up and watched me make a sandwich.

Animals, they are so cute.
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So work was, well work. I went from working four 4 1/2 hour shifts and one 5 1/2 hour shift this week to three 4 1/2 hour shifts, a 7 hour shift and a 10 hour shift. *head/desk*

But on an easily amused note today at work they were moving tires. The following is what was said at one point:
Annoying!Manager: Want to catch?
Cop!Manager: Sure, I'll be on bottom.

I'd like to note that all the managers at my store are male. My mind went dirty places. And it wasn't too bleach worthy since it was the two semi-attractive managers as well.

My brother will be here soon for Top Gear. We are way way to giddy about it.
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So after two episodes of Top Gear me and He-Man went out for a spin in his car. Because the tires he has right now are the same size, well a little wider, than the tires I'd have on the Civic if I put 17's on it. I wanted to see how they feel before I decided what size wheels I wanted to get. So we took it on some rough road, and then came time to hit RT 2 again.

It should be stated that my brother drives a BMW. A BMW that has been souped up for racing.


He squealed the tires and through the ass end around pulling out on to RT 2. And then he squaked them pulling on to our road, and the did another small burn out pulling on to RT 2 again.

What fun, but I think not so much for people living around those intersections.

Me and He-Man, we have good fun.
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So I heard weird noises from the vicinity of my bed. Cat related noises. Like possibly vomiting. There was a cat on my bed, Lex, and he ran for it when he saw me. So I got a flashlight and checked under the bed since I didn't see anything on it. All I found was a ripped open condom wrapper, and a condom. The last occupant of my room had condoms stashed all over the place. And evidently Lex found one and ripped it open.

Although me and the roommate though we'd found all the condoms and got ride of them because we got sick of Lex running out of my room with them in his mouth. Although he was leaving them in the wrapper at that point.


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