Aug. 18th, 2007

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I lose at being an adult today. First I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep instead of getting up and taking a shower. Then I forgot about my waffles in the toaster oven and burned them, then let them go cold. That's how long I forgot them.

In other news my brain tried to make me feel better about not showering. In a dream I suspect was inspired by Eureka previews, I had a talking house that had an automated shower so all I had to do was stand on a convare thing and I was washed and dressed with out having to think about it.

My roommate it still sleeping, which means I probably wont see her before I go to work. I haven't actually seen her since Thursday. She went to work very early yesterday and went out last night before I got home and didn't come back until after I'd gone to bed. I was a little surprised since I'd figured if she was still awake when I got home she'd be doing well. But the one boy she's completely stupid for evidently wanted to go out last night, so out they went.

Also where has my warm sunny weather gone? It's in the 60's in my room and very dreary out. Not cool. August is still summer, or at least summer like, or it should be in my book anyway.
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Well I have discovered the one people food Lex will eat, black olives. This is the cat who wont even eat sandwich meat, but he eats black olives.

Don't ask me I don't understand either.
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It is unseasonably cold when the roommate and I end up digging out extra blankets in August. It's not so cold that the furnace has kicked on yet, but the night is still young.

And it's still way to chilly in my room, even with the window closed.


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