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Doing good, rather than finishing the last two chapters of my NaNowriMo novel I've been posting stuff on AO3. Boy did I write a lot of PotC back in the day. Now back to writing. In my defense I was going to work on it last night after work. But the power was out and it was like 45 in the house buy the time it came back on. I was to busy warming up to worry about writing anything.
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So I think I'm going to try and do NaNo again this year. Pretty sure I haven't participated since 2009. But I bought a three ring binder for my loose leaf paper and new pens today. R. didn't understand why I needed new pens when I have pens already. But he just doesn't understand how the right pen is needed. Planning on doing my usual which is writing long hand and then once or twice a day typing up everything. Just typing it would be easier I know, but computers have to many distractions. So long hand it is.
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It's after 6 and I'm still in my pj's I don't think I'm going to bother to get dressed today.

Have actually managed to get some work done on nano today. In part to the discovery of Write or Die. Okay mostly due to that. I've evidently hit the portion of my nano writing that i have to go from by hand to typed. At some point it'll probably go back the other way because I'm just odd like that.

kitty pile!

Nov. 2nd, 2008 01:16 am
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In other less cute news I actually started working on Nano finally. I've got less than 300 words, but it's something right?
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Inspired by and started in this entry in [ profile] wolfshirts.

MCR's Guide to the Galaxy
rating: PG or there abouts.
pairing:Gerard/Frank sort of Bob/Ray, Bob/Patrick
warnings: sort of incest in that Gerard/Frank=Ford/Zaphod
summary: what if you replaced the cast of HHGG with members of MCR and other bands?
notes: this is the first bandom thing I have ever written.

MCR's Guide to the Galaxy )

Scenes that I probably won’t ever write the story to go with... )
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*goes to mindlessly watch TV and work on her roommate's christmas present*
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Okay so I wrote like 6 thousand words on my NaNo since I got home. Only 9 thousand to go. I may get this thing done after all, yay for random new characters and love interests.

I'm trying to stay away from aliens, which is how I managed to get 50 thousand last year, the random introduction of aliens.
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So in an attempt to get my word count back on track for NaNo I just almost blew up my main character, and did the front of the cool looking library in Farmington.

I think also I really need sleep. Am tired. Need to be up in a about 8 and a half hours. Maybe I should sleep.
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I know I shouldn't pick on my roommate to much, but still sometimes the things she says.

One of the cat's has gotten sick on the floor twice today. And each time she finds it she declares that after these animals are gone she's never having more.

When I pointed out she wanted kids she didn't understand what I mean. I said that when I was a kid I puked on the floor, more than once even. She told me she never did. Well I hope when she spawns she gets neat kids like her, and not ones like me. I know I puked on floors, in cars, and in my bed.

Okay new topic. Um...I've got 25 thousands words done on my NaNo. \o/ Do I get bonus points for mentioning a zombie moose?
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I hit 10,000 words. I'm going to bed now.
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You know what I just realized? Thanks to [ profile] annikasevn needing Sun. off I don't get another day off until next Friday. Not cool, not cool at all. At least at the end of it I get two days off in a row and that'll be nice.
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For [ profile] mcee default icon challenge.
read it )
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For those out there on my F-list who watch Heroes, if any of you are so inclined could someone give me a detailedish description of tonights episode, we're getting exactly one station right now and its not one with Heroes on it. Yes I know as of right now it hasn't aired yet, I'm just being prepared. Thanks to anyone who does so. And cookies and ponies.

And now I'm going to type up everything I got written for Nano today. Which was quite a lot, not enough to get me back to where I wanted to be, but a start.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,874 / 50,000
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Heard from Navy boy again. There's a chance he'll be up this come Sunday. He's promised me dinner if he makes it up. By that point it'll have been just a tick over a month since the last time we saw each other. Or had an actual conversation.

I think I need to get an award or something for being like the most understanding girlfriend ever.

In other news I'm trying to type up everything I got written yesterday for NaNo, this is being somewhat hampered by the fact my eye is acting up and it starts watering if I look at the monitor for more than a couple seconds at a time.
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Meh don't want to work today. But I must, need to get through working days today and tomorrow then I have a whole day off to write. Woot.
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Ah work is so fun. Smelly customers, one who had on to much perfume, and another who smelled like they hadn't showered in a very long time. And then A. in electronics kept hitting on me.

Meh. Eye is sort of bothering me less. But not much less. And I got practically nothing done on NaNo today other than type up what I had written so far.
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I just wrote a Supernatural fic, with zombies. Not the smartest thing to do in the middle of the night when the howling wind is causing odd noises.

If I dream about zombies tonight it is all my fault.

Now to try and get some sleep.
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Okay so I got bitten by a plot bunny, a very dark plot bunny that at first only wanted a short little fic-let. Unfortunately it decided that it needed to be developed more. I haven't the energy to continue it at this point.
I think its Dom/Elijah, but at this point there are no names so it could be anyone.
Please please please don't read it if you don't like reading about suicide. And if you do despite my warning don't yell at me about it.

Here itis )
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I wrote this poem today for no aparent reson.

Hurt me
I want it
I need it
I livr for it
If you wont do it
I'll do it myself
Hurt me
It's all I have
It's all I need
It'll make me yours for life
If only you'll hurt me
I'll never leave
Hurt me
It'll take away my pain
It'll let me forget my worries
It'll let me live
It'll stop the tears
It'll keep the heartacke at bay
Hurt me
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Well not real big spolier, just a little one. Ian acctualy made a slite rebelion against Irons. Which is something I predicted (sort of)in something I wrote last night. I watched something like four strait hours of Witchblade, and then decided I want to pretend I was a phsycologist. So I wrote a profile for Ian. Yes I know I'm nuts but its so much fun.
My profile follows:

A Profile of Ian Nottingham

Ian Nottingham is a much more complex person than he first appears.

At first glance he seems to be totally loyal to Kenneth Irons, to be completely submissive to him.

But then with further observation it is obvious that he is not. Ian seems to rebel against Kenneth where Sara Pezzini is concerned. He appears to want to help her learn more, or at lest not impede her, about the herself and the Witchblade, and generally more than Kenneth want him to let her.

In several instances Ian goes against Kenneth’s expressed wishes to help Sarah out. He also seems to spend more time following Sara and watching her back than he is specifically ordered to.

It is quite possible that with only a minimum of effort Sara could convince Ian to switch his alliance entirely to her.
So am I right or what? (Probably or what) *grin*


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