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I've been working on the same 28 feet of oil at work for 2 days now. And when I go back on Thursday, guess what I'll be working on? If you guessed oil mod. you'd be right! Ugh. At this point at least all I have to do is put up the new labels. Yesterday and part of today was spent reagranging everything since the guys messed it up. Then I had to reset the shelf caps. Then replace fast tracking. So really labels aren't that bad, but still I feel like this shouldn't have taken quite so long.
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So 4 people were scheduled to work today. 2 of them called out. Leaving, 2 count them 2 people to clean rooms on three floors of a quarter mile hotel. So tired. So very very tired.
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[ profile] escapisms I got your card today, it made me smile. Thank you. I really liked the hug token too.

In other news out of work early. Which frankly I feel everyone in my crew deserved after having to clean up a room that contained a lot of vomit. Yuck.
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Anybody wanna go to work for me? There will be a bus full of kindergarteners arriving in about 45 minutes.
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All I have to say about work at the moment is that it was close to 95 out today with really high humidity and tomorrow is suposed to be worse.
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Okay so it starts raining this fine afternoon. Just a little at first so me and my grandmother keep working. After half an hour and no end in sight, plus thunder, we decide to call it a day. Fine with me I'm pretty much soaked through anyway. Before we make it back to the cars it starts to pour. We were less than 100 feet from the cars actually. But I still to get even soggier. Every article of clothing I was wearing was wet. Ick.

And the storm is evidently moving opposite direction of normal because it hit here just after I got in the house. Farmington was working on flooding. The four lane was flooding, there was standing water on hills. And at one point the rain was so heavy I almost pulled over because the visibility was crap.

Now I am home and in dry cloths and feel a little better. Even if I have to live through the storm again. At least I'm not out in it or driving in it this time.
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Work was the opposite of fun today. We had all three of the H's. Hot, humid and hazy. Plus it was 85 out. I was ever so happy when it was time to go home.

Tomorrow off yay. I've had wet feet at work the last three days so tomorrow I'm hoping on no rain and I'm wearing flip flops all day.

Currently I'm wearing a mini-skirt, a tank top that is to short to meet the skirt and no bra. I am the opposite of styling, but at least I don't feel like melting to much.
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Today looks like it's going to be another wet miserable day in the fields. Meh.

edit: okay so my grandmother called to tell me it's raining over there. But doesn't postpone the day long enough I can get back to sleep. Ugh, will call her at 8:30 and see if we're still aiming for 9.
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Okay I really hope I find a new job soon because all this nature shit is going to kill me. Currently I have a pealing sunburn, an infected but draining bug bite, another bug bite that I'm pretty sure is infected, I found a tick on the back of my thigh when I was shaving my legs (!!not cool!!) and I have more scratches on my arms than can be easily counted. Oh and I spent the first half of the day with random bits of three or four Fall Out Boy songs stuck in my head. I'm not sure if that's better or worse than one line of a MCR song stuck in my head for an entire day.

On the other hand it's better than no income right?

So how was everyone else's Sunday?
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So as to completely ruin the high of the concert yesterday I was fired today. So you know what fuck you VIP. And Terry I hope you run that store into the ground, you are with out a doubt the worst manager I've ever had the displeasure of work for. Fuck you and the boat you sailed in on you asshole.

Tomorrow I'm allowed to wallow. Monday I have to start with the job hunting. Ugh this sucks. If I ever stop crying every two seconds I might actually get up some photos and vids from last night.

Also does anyone know a program you can use to change the format of an mp4 file?
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Work today, well it wasn't all that fun. Lets just say I'm really really happy I've got one more day of work then my day off to go see Panic. *jumps around happily at the thought* Okay back to work. Yeah had one guy tell me he was never going to VIP again because we wouldn't take his check. And then there was the guy who's truck isn't as fixed as it should have been, what with the wheel jerking so hard he almost went off the road, with his kid in the vehicle. And then the woman who's wheel almost fell off because she didn't have her lug nuts re-tightened when she was supposed to.

So by the time 7 rolled around me and Neurotic!Manager were both about ready to pull our hair out. Oh and when Neurotic!Manager called Service!Manager to come back in to look at the truck he evidently got all snippy about it. But what the hell else was the poor guy supposed to do? It's not like he could test drive the truck and leave me in the store by myself. I'm limited on what I can do because I'm not a manager.

People. They do not amuse me.
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Today at work I got in trouble for doing something that I used to get in trouble for not doing. The manager told me to front and face at 4, at 4:30 I went oops need to do call backs. Went and started doing those fully intending to go back to what I had been doing when I was done. I get about half way though call backs and the manager says he wants to talk to me and then proceeds to ask if I know how to front and face or if I just have a problem with doing it. To which I said I knew how to and didn't have a problem with it, just that I wanted to get the call backs done before 5. I would have added that I was going to go back to front and facing when I was done but he kept cutting me off. So yeah, not a happy day at work.
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Customers can just bite me, as can this snow.
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You know those days when the second you get out of bed you know it was a mistake?

Yeah, I'm having one of those days. I got almost no sleep last night between taking forever to fall asleep and waking up for no real reason at 5 something this morning. I got very little sleep between then and 9 when I got up. And when I got up it was to discover that one of my fish was dead, Aragorn. So yeah. I'm tired, I'm sad and I really just want to go back to bed. And I can't because I need to leave for work in about 10 min.
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So yeah spent another day planning with dust and cleaning supplies. Not cool. Also found out I'm only getting 19 hours next week, and it'll probably keep going down. Because Feb. is a bad month for VIP so pay roll is cut way back. Yeah, I need another job.

Talked to the manager about it and said that I got that hours needed to be cut back, but could maybe my 19 hours be in 3 or 4 days rather than 5, so at least I can save a little money on gas. He said he'd see what he could do.

I also found out that he's really worried that Dee or I will get sick, or decided we don't want to work there anymore because he's got no one who can fill in for us. So if I do get another job and me and Dee quit at the same time we may make him cry. Which I think would be fun, but I'm not feeling nice at the moment.
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So no one can say I didn't do anything at work today. Of my four hour shift I spent three hours cleaning shelves. I took everything off the shelves with all the car wash and so on. I wiped off dusty containers, I cleaned the very dirty shelves. I had to go blow my nose every five minutes and spent a fair amount of time on the border of having an asthma attack thanks to cleaning supply fumes and dust in the air. It was the opposite of fun. The only thing anyone can say I didn't do was run my register, which I really didn't, I answerd the phone, and I cleaned and that's about it. I have a head ache thanks to my sinuses being very unhappy, and really I just want to go to bed.
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I had a very very bad day at work. My manager made me cry. My manager with his dim view of woman but excellent ability to pick on the weakest of the herd. I got written up again for being unmotivated, not following directions, and at least one other thing that I can't remember. I'd like to know why he doesn't just talk to people and tell them he thinks they should work a little harder instead of just waiting until it's the point he feels the need to write them up for something. And some of the stuff he talked about freakin' contradicted something he'd told me not that long ago.

I feel like I'm going to cry again, and also I feel other things that are a lot worse than that. And my roommate just left so I can't talk to her. I just, I've been off for a while now, then there was the car thing and now this and I have really bad coping mechanisms. I'm trying to not fall into old patterns, but I'm not sure I can do it.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I will, because I have to I need to money, but I'm really really not going want to do it. At least the store manager won't be in, I'm pretty sure I wont have to deal with him again until Tuesday. That'll be nice.
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So the new schedule went up at work. 21 hours, 21 fucking hours! What the hell does the manager think I'm going to be living on? Hopes and dreams? I get that it's the slow season, and I'm part time, but I'm the only person who's fucking hours have been cut so much. If he cuts my hours again next week we will be having words, but as it is it's 21 hours over 5 days, I have 4 four hour shifts, and I'm not fucking driving in for less than four hours, especially since I wont even get four hours those days because I'm always done closing before I'm scheduled to be out.

I'm seriously freaking out because of this. I'm not even sure I'm be able to pay all my bills. And it's doing nothing for my generally less than stable mental health. And I really do feel like crying, money problems are one of the few things that make me cry. I'm going to start job hunting again I think, I really don't want to, I do like my job and most of my co-workers. But if the hour situation doesn't change soon I'm going to need a new job, or I'm going to have to move back home, and I really don't want to live at home again. They are all noisy morning people over there.

Also I heard Heath Ledger died, that also sucks.

In better news it sounds like Dee maybe going to the Puddle of Mudd concert after all. She mentioned it to her husband back when I got tickets and he didn't show any interest but I guess like yesterday she mentioned it again and he said he really wanted to go. So now she's negotionating with the store manage so she can get that evening off now. Because she is being nice about it and said that if only one of us could have it off it should be me because I already have tickets and asked for it off weeks ago. I hope she can go, it's a really small venue so me and New!Girl should have no problem finding Dee and her husband there.
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So work today started out with one of the mechanics telling me I looked like a little old lady because I have granny glasses in his opinion and my hair looks grayish in the lighting at work. And the service manager also decided it would be fun to pick on my hair color again today. They are both lucky I didn't kill them. I'm cranky and crampy and hurting them seems like a good idea. At a different point today I threatened to cry emo tears until my eyeliner ran down my face. Needless to say I'm glad to be home from work.

It's still cold and clear out. My car didn't really get all that warm until I was about 5 miles from home. Needless to say my fingers are still cold.

I'm hungry and I don't really want to eat any of the food I have. Actually I take that back, I have hot dogs, I forgot that, I think I'll have hot dogs.

My roommate keeps watching scary reality tv, make her stop. Yesterday when I got home she was watching America's Next Top Model. Today she's watching something to do with the Miss. America pageant, or like making over the contestants, something like that. Yesterday I distracted her with Dexter, but we're done watching that now so I need to come up with something else.
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So I spent at least two hour at work today climbing up and down a ladder and moving it around to scan stock, then put up the new labels for everything I scanned. It's a good thing I like Dee or I might be forced to make her get over her heights issue so I don't have to climb the ladders all the time.


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