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So it's really snowing out there. Just cleaned probably 4 inches off my car in preperation for my 6am wake up. And because I needed to move my car. Didn't get it in quite the right spot because it was snowing so hard that by the time I got back in the car after re-cleaning the front and rear windshield the back one had collected enough snow again to make backing up fun.

Did another podcast this evening. I believe the 4th one. I'm the guest who never leaves. Although better than the fact that one of the host's brother and sister-in-law came to one and now have decided to take turns showing up. I don't think he intended it to be a reoccurring thing with them, or at least not that reoccurring.

Now I should probably try and throw something together for lunch and get myself to bed. I do need to be up in slightly more than 6 hours. One more morning shift after tomorrow and I go at least a week before my next 7am start.
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In other news one more day of work then 9 glorious days of freedom. I feel bad for T. though because tomorrow is his day off and without me around he can't go anywhere unless it's in walking distance. It'll be the first time since I started working that we can't spend his day off together. :( And the week I go back to work the same thing happens again, his day off is my last day of the week. No cookies work, none.

It is another nice day out and I believe tomorrow is going to be another scorcher. Sadly the a/c is out at work so I shall be cooking.
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Get to work and find out that a) I have to work tomorrow and b) the company is going out of business.

Was it to much to ask for something good to happen today? Well [ profile] annikasevn made it home safely and that's something I guess.

The fun thing about work tomorrow is I have to there at 10, and I got out at 10 tonight. And it's about an hour drive to get there. And I need to do laundry so I have work cloths. Sooo I'm not really getting any sleep tonight.

You fail world, you fail. Although the possible shooting stars where nice, although not so much if it wasn't shooting stars and I was just hallucinating or something.
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Am officaly unemployed. Should probably be more worried about this than I am. At the moment I'm way to tired to care. I sort of feel bad for my grandmother though, she's going to miss having someone to talk to while she's working.

Will start job hunting soon. Probably. But first sleeping, lots of sleeping. And maybe I'll work on a the painting I started months ago. If I can find it again. Or I could work on the sculpture I started. Or I could crochet. I think I need to get the TV in the living room hooked up so I can just sit around at watch movies while being artistic.
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I have come to a decision regarding job hunting. I will do so, but I'm taking a break first. I've pretty much been working non-stop since May of '06. I wasn't at Wal-Mart long enough to get more than 8 hours of personal time and I didn't get vacation time. I started at VIP before I left Wal-Mart and there was only a 3 day break between VIP and the farm. Since then I've never had more than 3 or 4 days off in a row. And I'm not sure if I ever really did get 4 days off together. So I think I'm due to take a mini-vacation. I've got enough money save up to be okay for a month, maybe two if I really streach it. So one week maybe two and I'll really get into the job hunting thing. I'll probably be bored out of my skull by that point anyway.
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The last customer of the day today got really cross with me because she showed up at 4, when we close on Fridays, and I didn't want to let her pick. She showed up so late because my uncle was late changing the message on the machine, so it did say open 12 - 7. However it also said it was Thursday September 18th, so I'm pretty sure that makes it not my fault she's so stupid she doesn't even know what day of the week it is.

In the end I let her pick because we had a whopping 3 customers all day not counting her.
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I finally get to see Soundbender again in 2 days. This makes me very happy. It is admitedly a CD relase part for another band, that I do like, at a venue I am not fond of. I'm hoping that 5 local bands have less of a draw than Puddle of Mudd, because it's wear I saw them, and it was way to packed that night.

Now for a shower so I can go be a busy worker bee or something. Meh. Need to remember to job hunt at some point too.
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I had a rather odd dream that involved Soundbender last night, well Jordan and Johnny anyway. I suspect it is my subconsciousness's way of pitching a fit because we don't get to see them Friday after all. I know it did on their myspace say they had a show tomorrow, because I wrote it on my calender and added it to my myspace one. Only it is gone now so I'm sad. Well not really sad but you know, I wants to see my band and now I've got to wait another week. *pout*

In other news I need to leave for work in 30 min. and I haven't showered it three days or eaten anything today. Um...oops? Fortunatly I work in the great and now slightly chilly outdoors. The unwashed thing will be unnoticed because my hair will be up and I will be hiding in my sweatshirt pretending to be warm.
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Chance of rain tomorrow: 70% I'm going to take a wild guess and say I wont end up working a full day tomorrow.

Which is good cause I should have been in bed like an hour ago.

edit: oh god the cats will be the death of me. I go into my room to sleep and have to keep Trump from following me into my room. I get the door shut, changed for bed, sit down. Then Bella appears from somewhere so I get up and let her out. Now Sophia just apreared, only when I tried to let her out she ran and hid under my bed. Sooo she may be spending the night.
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Hang out with a band one time and suddenly you're everyone's in. The guy that set up the concert I went to on Sat. messaged me on YouTube about getting a copy of one of the vids I shot there on DVD. Just called him back to let him know I could and now he wants me to see if the band is interested in doing a battle of the bands type thing, that has prize money. So hilarious. This is evidently what happens when you hang out at the merch booth all night. I told him I'd pass it on the next time I saw them. I've forgotten pretty much all the bands he said he was trying to get there, but what ever.

Now I need to figure out how to ship a dvd to Kennebunk safely.

In other news I'm really really tired. And don't want to work tomorrow. Especially since I'm going to have to start helping out in the fields again in between customers. Boo hiss. On a happy work note I will be paid for 43 hours last week. I'm sure I worked at least 45 but I always right down less because it's family and I know the money from the farm isn't exactly rolling in.
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It was slow like death at work today. Probably less than 40 customers. Boo hiss. It's probably cause it was rainy all morning then chilly after that. I'm currently thawing out and waiting for my nice warm supper to cook.
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Survived work. Even the weed pulling brush cutting part in the morning. Although the dirt, even though I wore gloves, is pretty well embedded under my nails. Am going to go see the new Mummy movie tonight. Maybe. Was originally going to the 7pm show and now the 9pm even though I have to be to work at 8am.

In other news I am evidently planning an ill advised trip to New Jersey to see Panic play in Nov. While there I will with any luck get to meet [ profile] bluejbird and that will be awesome. It's to bad [ profile] downeybrat fell off the map because she live in Jersey and would thus be a possible option for a place to stay, plus she might actually like Panic and go too. But it's been a year or more since she fell off the internet and that's sort of sad. [ profile] annikasevn is tentatively going with me. And she's knows a person we can stay with in the area. So it will all hopefully work out.

Beyond that I think we're going to get slammed at work tomorrow. It's the weekend of the Wilton Blueberry Festival, and I work at a blueberry farm in Wilton I suspect this will lead to people wanting blueberries.
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So now I've got tomorrow off. The surgury was candled so my aunt and her husband will be around. And he wants to do the money thing. Soo that means I can take the day off. Which puts me down to 4 days this week. But I'll still get almost 30 hours, so it could be worse.

In other news this house smells. A lot. Like I walked through the door and gagged that's how bad it is. One AC is dripping water on a couch and the other is making water run inside the wall when it rains. And yet the roommate, despite several suggestions on how to fix the problems, hasn't done anything. So the couch is getting all gross and mildewy I'd guess. But it's just a horrible stench. And it must be because my nose is so freaking pluged up right now I can hardly breath through it. Plus the underlying smell of dog crap doesn't help anything. I still haven't managed to get the den to not smell bad yet.

Is it August 6th yet? Can I be done with this place? For that matter why am I such a nice person that I agreed to stay that long?
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So I'm really very excited about work tomorrow. Namely that I don't have to be in until noon. Which means I'll be in the shack dealing with customers. Because yes the farm is open for the season, it opened on Sunday. So if anyone happens to be in Wilton ME, or near by, you should totally stop by and pick some berries and say hi.
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I no longer feel like I was hit by a truck. This is a win. Although the arm with the technicolor bruises still hurts. Go figure.

Still only worked a 4 hour day today. This time because of the weather though. It rained last night so the bushes where all wet. Then it started raining again. Slow drippy rain. Then it stopped. But now the bushes were even wetter. And so was I, along with being cold. Plus my underwear where wet. And once your underwear are wet it's time to go home. I feel this is a valid life philosophy when applied to an outside job. Or something.

So I'm home and once again wearing dry clothing. Still waiting to not feel chilly.
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Actually got a whole day of work in today. That was nice, were nice means I had to haul brush up the hill like four times. And it was heavy, and it was hot out. The llama thing is because of the hauling of heavy stuff. I asked my grandmother if I could sit down because my load was to heavy, like a llama. Her responce was then it was a good thing I hadn't waited any longer to haul it up.
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Another hot buggy day in the blueberry fields. The pool is a lovely thing to be able to jump in at the end of the day.

Only working 4 hours tomorrow yay.

Didn't get paid for one day I worked last week. Boo.

Really that's about it for my day. Am listening to Howl for the umpteen billionth time at the moment and catching up on the f-list while considering food.
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I only got rained on a little at work today, that's just awesome. And it was like 2 seconds before I went home so I really didn't care. And I have tomorrow off. \o/

Going to hang out with [ profile] annikasevn, haven't seen her in forever and she is evidently having boy troubles. As I hate the boy in queastion I sort of hope they break up. But don't tell her that it would make her sad face.

re my last post do not worry I am feeling much better than I was last night.
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White finger nail polish with black brown dirt caked around and under the nail isn't the best look in the world. I need to new gloves to wear to work. Or at least clean gloves. Rain + dirt = mud. Which I have to spend over have my time digging grass and weeds out of.
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- Only worked 4 hours today. The heavy damp air turned into misting turned into all out rainning and my grandmother decided she was quiet soggy enough so we went home early.

- I have zombie eye, or as the normal people call it pink eye. I think I've seen at least one zombie movie where the infected have really red blood shot eyes, thus zombie eye. It's only in my left eye for the time being. That eye has been red and irritated off and on for about a month. Sat. it was actually clear and I thought I was all done with what ever had been going on. Got up yesterday and it was all red. Not goopy, just red. Which is never a good look for me because I have blue-green eyes that like to lean towards the green side. So red and blood shot leads to the iris looks really green and thus just freaky.

- I did some thinking while working in the rain. The stuff that guy-who-wishes-he-was-my-boyfriend does that annoys/creeps me out, the calling to tell me he's made it somewhere safe/calling to make sure I made it somewhere safe, telling me to have a nice day, seeing if my weeks going okay, I think the reason it bothers me is because I want to be the one in control of when we have contact. Because as nice a guy as he can be, I'm just not interested and a control freak about somethings. However if I'd gotten similar calls from navy boy back when we were dating I would have been thrilled. Boys they are trouble.

- The roommate is not home yet. She thought she'd be home by now. This makes me sad because I want her home cause I'm lonely, and also so her animals will leave me a lone and flock to her.

- I need to come up with food, I'm hungry. Probably will end up with noodles of some sort, I want something warm, that isn't related to pizza so that really just leaves noodles.


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