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The roommate just got home and is so pissed that her dog ate her junk food. However she doesn't care that he crapped in the house. That doesn't bother her. When I mention that it is in fact and issue because, a) it's gross and I keep having to clean it up and b) it smells bad. She just tells me to ferebreze. Lets just ignore the fact that I am allergic to febreze. Yes the irony of being allergic to the smell of something that is supposed to improve the smell of your house is not lost on me.

I must just keep reminding myself that my days here are numbered.
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So my brother continued the family tradition of impulse car buying today. He bought a black Miada. Or however it's spelled.

In other news I'm going to kill the dog. Who not only got into the trash, but craped on the floor since the last time the roommate was home. Am not impressed.

Now I'm going to the lake to swim. Hopefully the thunder storms hold off.
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Today the roommate doesn't work, she told me she wasn't going anywhere today. When I got home, early the weather sucks, she wasn't home. However there was trash strewn around and dog crap in the den.

Thanks so much roommate for going out and thus pissing off your dog, that you never see, ensuring that I get to clean after him, again.

Sort of makes me wish I'd just stayed at work, wet coldish weather and irritated eye be damned. Or that I wasn't such a nice person. Cause I'm sure [ profile] annikasevn would have let me come over and hang out, and I could have just stayed there a while and hoped that the roommate got home and cleaned up after her own dog for a change.
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If the roommate's dog is still alive when she gets home Monday it'll be a miracle. I got home today to find dog crap in the den. So he's outside until I feel like letting him in. If he's lucky it'll be before dark.

To follow that up I broke a knife cutting a piece of cheese and managed to slice my hand open in the process. I unrepentantly took one of the roommates neon colored band-aids that have anti-bacterial stuff on them.

Work wasn't to bad. Got a nice new scratch on my wrist and a new bug bite on my elbow, sweat fly I think. Took a quick swim after work. Would have staid longer but neither me or the roommate anticipated how warm it was going to get today so the AC didn't get turned on and I was worried about the furballs cooking. Well other than the dog.
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Well my plan for today had involved staying in my pajama's until I don't know 3 when the roommate gets home from work and gives me a dirty look. Sadly this has been cancled because the roommates dog is the biggest idiot in the world and needs to be rescued from a pole that he could probably figure out how to get un-caught on, as in he just needs to go back the way he came.

Yesterday he was caught on something and I managed to very carefully walk on the snow out to were he was only to have him go, 'oh hi person let me come see you' and get himself unstuck.


Feb. 18th, 2008 05:56 pm
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So the roommates dog was whining. Which is not even a thing to mention any more, that's all he does. So I ignored him. Then I head him puking. So I get up to clean up the mess and throw him outside, only to crack him on the head with the door because he's to stupid to get out of the way when you open the door. I just...there are no words for how much this dog annoys me. He's going to spend sometime outside now so I don't have to deal with him
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Made it to work safely, made it home again too.

Would have gotten to work earlier but the dog decided he needed to go out right before I left. And then he puked. And then he didn't want to come in. And then he got himself tangled. So I got to trudge through snow that was really deep and sink in past my knees and bang my shins on the crusty layer of snow, again they still hurt from last time. And then I got dog vomit on my gloves because he managed to drag his lead though it. So yeah I was less than impressed with him.

But I'm home now and I picked up another shift tomorrow, so I'm going to end up getting 9 hours more than I was scheduled for. Woot, 28 hours is way better than 19.
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So I tried to actually get some sleep last night. It took awhile to get to sleep, but I actually staid that way. Well until almost 6 am when the dog started barking. Then it took me an hour or more to fall back asleep, only to be woken up by the dog barking again. So I got up, the roommate is at work, figuring he needed to go out. He went out for about two second before coming charging back on to the deck. Let him back in. Looked around the living room and realized that one of my plants had been knocked onto the floor for the millionth time. Only this time the plant pot broke. Just the edge, but still. Now I've got to try and glue it back together after work. I'm not with it enough right now to do more than glue myself to it.

My neck hurts, a lot, I must have slept very wrong last night.

I had a lot of dreams last night, I sort of remember pieces from most of them. The thing that sticks with me most vividly is the one where I was walking down a road. Only it had been over grown with grass. And it must have been spring. Because there was sort of golden colored old grass standing up high, but underneath it was green, the most beautiful green grass I've ever seen, the perfect contrast to the gold, or maybe just so green it made the old grass look gold. I think my brain is ready for spring.
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Evidently reading a couple of very long, very good MCR fics then going to bed makes me dream about MCR off and on all night. I don't remember specifics any more, but I'm pretty sure in the last one I was Bob, which is kind of random, but whatever. Then the dog woke me up before I ever figured out where that one was going and I was not impressed.

Also dreamed about running around a haunted school, or if not haunted, very creepy. None of the light switches worked, and people kept going missing. Actually MCR might have been in that one too.

I think this is better than the night before when I dreamed I sort of stalked and an then kidnapped a girl that I was convinced had to be my girlfriend. But I was very polite about it, I was trying to win her over. Which is not to say I didn't chase her when she ran away from our tour of some weird old building.

My subconscious is a bit scary at times I think.

I'm pretty sure I'm no longer horribly sleep deprived. I got almost 8 hours of sleep. I might managed it if the dog hadn't started whining outside of my door exactly half an hour after my roommate let him out. I know this because I woke up then but went right back to sleep after looking at the clock when she let him out.
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And yes I know there is like person on my f-list who knows what that means, it doesn't matter the sentament remains.

I've had one of those days that makes me want nothing more than to cry in the corner and then go back to bed.

So work oh what a wonderful place.

Idiot!Boss decided to make Cute-But-Stupid run register. I know he needs to learn, but please can he just mess up Dee's draw occasionally? So yes Cute-But-Stupid is running my register. I happen to look over and he's cashing someone out, they're typing their pin into the zon, but I think the computer monitor say credit on it (if this sounds weird, it is, VIP has the weirdest system for credit and debit cards), I ask if he made sure he ran it through the computer as debit, he assures me he has. I choose to belive him, right up until the slip prints out and it's a credit slip not a debit slip. I politely tell him he's fucked things up for me, thanks so much, don't do it again or I'm going to kick you in the shins.

I go back to trying to look up parts and let Cute-But-Stupid play with the register.

The day finally ends, I count up my drawer and go out back to cash out. Only to discover that not one, but two cards where run wrong and that my draw is off almost $3. I'm never off that much. So yeah, I know the cash wasn't all Cute-But-Stupid's fault. Everyone working at the counter ran my register. Idiot!Boss, Annoying!Manager, ServiceManager, Drama!Major, Cute-But-Stupid and myself. So that many people making little mistakes it can add up. The card's I'm blaming on Cute-But-Stupid.

Also to tell you how busy it was I had over two thousand in 20's in my draw when I closed tonight.

And I got mauled by a great dane. Well not really, he pawed my arm in a friendly manner and made my hand go numb.

I scraped frost off my windsheild before leaving for work this morning. And now it's raining almost as bad as it was the night of the RJA concert, so bad enough one can't really see.

I know driving in heavy rain is bad. And I know driving when I have a random allergy attack is bad, and tonight I got to experience the sheer terror of having both happen at the same time. I'm not really sure how I got home. What with the itching watering eyes and the rain so heavy you can hardly see though it. I did almost miss my driveway.

Boy am I whiny this evening. Sorry.
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Right now not so much.

And her dog even less than normal.

So I get home from my hellish shift. She's not home, fine, I can deal with that. However when I go inside it reeks of dog poo. And that would be because the dog got diarrhea all over the living room and den floors. I call her, she's at her mom's in the middle of cooking something. I say okay thinking that she'll just finish that up and be right over. I forgot she can't say no to people. In fact I doubt she even mentioned she needed to get going to clean up a mess.

So I waited on the deck and read until it got to dark. Then I give up and try to clean, hoping I wont puke will trying to do so. She finally showed up, when I was almost entirely done. She owes me so big right now it's not even funny. The den is where my degus live. Right now their home smells like dog shit. And when the first cleaning product dries, the floors while be attacked with another one that gives me really bad head aches. So I'm hiding in my room with the door closed since the den is the smelliest room, as well as being next to mine.

And there is a thunder storm right now and I don't even care enough to turn of my computer at the moment.


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