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Well other than a flood watch and expected high winds I don't think Sandy is really going to affect me here. And really wind and rain has been pretty common this fall anyway, it's just ramped up a level for the next day or so. Might lose power, might not. I'm close enough to downtown that I'm on the main power grid for the area anyway so even if it doesn't go out I don't imagine it will be long. And the governer has already called in power crews fro Canada and surrounding states. So I'm thinking the state is pretty well set for power outages and dealing with them in a timely manner.
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So I ordered another air conditioner for the apartment because it has been like 11 billion degrees out forever at this point. It's shipped. But it's in Los Angeles right now. What good does that do me? It's needs to be in Maine already, not in a town that could hold the population of Maine.

Okay fine I just ordered it Sunday. But it's 84 in my apartment right now. My little AC can only do so much. Especially since T. didn't turn it on today.

Going to drink ice tea until I no longer feel like melting.
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It's over 90 (33) in the shade right now. Do not want. It's almost 80 in my apartment and that feels nice. I like my summer days to be in the 80's and no higher.
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The weather is so fun around here right now. I got woken up by a thunder clap at 12:45 that was so loud and somehow did and didn't fit with the dream I was having that it scared the crap out of me. Then 15 min. later the skyies opened. Like no rain, down pour. Consequently I slept like crap the rest of the night.

Had another storm start just as I was getting up. It almost sounds far enough away now that I dare to plug my laptop in.
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So it's really snowing out there. Just cleaned probably 4 inches off my car in preperation for my 6am wake up. And because I needed to move my car. Didn't get it in quite the right spot because it was snowing so hard that by the time I got back in the car after re-cleaning the front and rear windshield the back one had collected enough snow again to make backing up fun.

Did another podcast this evening. I believe the 4th one. I'm the guest who never leaves. Although better than the fact that one of the host's brother and sister-in-law came to one and now have decided to take turns showing up. I don't think he intended it to be a reoccurring thing with them, or at least not that reoccurring.

Now I should probably try and throw something together for lunch and get myself to bed. I do need to be up in slightly more than 6 hours. One more morning shift after tomorrow and I go at least a week before my next 7am start.
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I am officially ready for summer now. And glad I have today off. Snowing right now, lots and lots. I got out of the driveway to get to they shop, but I'm not sure how getting back in will go. Poorly probably.

It's also messing shit up at the shop. Namely that the new set of Magic cards is coming out this weekend. So we're supposed to be getting a little over 10 grand in merchandise in that we pre-sold to customers on Ebay. If all was right in the world it all would be arriving tomorrow. If we're lucky the smaller half of the order will be in tomorrow. The other half will maybe be in Friday, but more likely Monday because it's still in Missouri because of the weather. So that cuts our time to open sort and ship product in half almost. The latest we said we'd ship is the 11th. Which should have given us a week, but we're probably not getting it. And if the order comes in Monday I'm going to have to call out of work to help get shit down, well I don't have to, but as the business owner I'd feel like a dick if I wasn't around to help. So it's going to be a stressful couple days, or week really.
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So no one told me we were getting a huge snow storm today, well not until I was at my mothers already. It took me an hour to get from New Sharon back to Farmington, well nearly an hour. Now I'm at the shop for like two seconds to check some stuff on-line then back to the apartment. Well if I can get back out of the parking lot that is, I have no idea how I got in, my car is lower than the top of the snow so I sort of plowed my way in. Hopefully I'll manage to plow my way back out in a couple of minutes.
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The worst thing about snow storms, is finishing shoveling the driveway then going inside for a cup of coffee and to grab a couple things, then just as you're about to leave the snow plow goes back by necessitating the re-shoveling of the last four feet of the driveway so you can get out.

Not that it's ever happened to me or anything. Ugh, so tired. And when I redid the end of the driveway I managed to hook left so it was like driving through a maze backwards to get out.

And it's still snowing out, so unless the magic plowing fairy comes by while I'm gone I'm probably not going to be able to get into the driveway tonight. Making T. deal with that I think. I did it all this morning because he threw out is back on the 24th and is whiny about it. Lets ignore the fact he's just experiencing life as me. Right now he's helping the landlady clean up out in front of the shop. Which looks like a hell of a lot less work than I put it already.
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Got to love the every couple years flooding of downtown Farmington. Can I tell you how much fun it wasn't trying to get from my apartment to my business this morning? McDonalds, Giffords, and Cumberland Farms are all in danger of flooding and not getting any business today.
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Glee, I just sold something on Etsy, making it the second thing I've ever sold, but still, glee.

In other news there is freezing rain outside today. And it is slippery. I told T. to be careful walking out the garage, and he was, right up until he decided th pavement wasn't slippery so that meant nothing could possibly be slippery and then he stepped on the quite clearly iced over cement border on the driveway and down he went. Boys. If he'd even looked he could have been able to tell it was a bad idea.
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What is up with the dreary weather? It is not cool that it is like that today. I'm not working today there for it should be all sunshine and kittens out or something.

In other news there really isn't any other news, oh wait there is news. Soundbend has a show in Skowhegan on Sunday. And I know I wont work Monday because I have to go to court, so I can totally go see them, I haven't been to one of there shows since New Year's Eve. And I miss the big bunch of dorks a lot.
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Lovely lovely day today. Got out of work today early. Woot. Sitting in the shop wish I had somewhere to swim and catch some rays. My lovely skin condition is acting up and getting some sun would really calm it down.
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Saw Terminator Salvation with T. last night. Quite enjoy it. There really wasn't anything I didn't like about it. Then when it got out we discovered we had just enough time for me to run to the ATM for money and go see Star Trek again, so we did. And I think I liked it better the second time around, and I caught some stuff I missed the first time around. All and all a most excellent evening.

Today is all crappy and rainy and I don't want to do anything, so I really haven't.
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It's still 91 (33c) out!?! o_0
Do not want.
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This is looking out over the porch at the back of the house. Please to keep in mind where the snow is lower there was maybe 5 ichnes of snow before the storm started.

This is out the front window towards the road. Which has long past from sight.

And it's still snowing just a little.
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Still cold here in the frozen north. Still haven't gotten the water in my house fixed. I know the water line into the house has been turned off so I would like to know where all the water leaking out of the gage and the other busted pipe is coming from. Seriously I have to empty the bucket under the gage like every 20 min or it over flows. Where is it all coming from? There can't be that much water in the pipes in this house. Seriously.

Also surprisingly awake for someone who had to get up every hour all night long. Well every hour from like 5:30 to 9:30 before that I wasn't even bothering to try and sleep. Really wish this weather would break, but it doesn't look like it will soon so I've got days of this ahead of me quite possibly. Being able to flush the toilet would make it more bearable. Will have to call [ profile] annikasevn soon to hassle her more. Water department person needs to come fix the gage and a plummer sort needs to look at the other bit.
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No running water, not that I'm all that surprised about it. says it's still -12 out right now with a high today of 0. Yeah I'm not going to have water for a couple days I think.
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The high temp for today is 6F/-14C I may have running water now, but that doesn't mean I will later. It's supposed to be down to -11F/-24C tonight. No cookies world, none at all.
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Oh trying to keep the house warm when most of your fire wood is composed of large dampish pieces of wood is not easy. Also I burned my knuckle on the stove.

Tomorrow I need to go to Jay and get a job application. And call Soundbender's manager back. And figure out if T. and I are actually going to the movies or if I should just bring the lap top and a movie and we can vegetate is his room for awhile or something. But not to long or late because it's supposed to be -15 tomorrow night around here so I will need to be home to try and keep the house warm...okay the chances of me having running water on Friday are pretty much nonresistant but a girl can dream.

In other weather news it is currently 31 out...the high for tomorrow is 11. I'm sooo ready for warmer weather.
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There is a kitten sleeping on my feet and the wood stove is going. It's a wonderful way to spend a cold evening. To bad I need to get up and poke the wood stove again thus disturbing the sleeping kitten.


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