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I have watch 5.75 episodes of Teen Wolf today. I am now caught up with season 2. If it ends up in my dreams Derek better be shirtless. But even with out that it would be better with a dream with a cameo by the manager from work who thought I was a pot head, which is what my brain decided to give me right before my alarm went off this morning.
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One good thing about my recently becoming obsessed with Sherlock. I dug out my viola and played for a little while this even. I am woefully out of practice, but at least it staid in tune. I really need new tunning pegs, or a new viola but both are too expensive. However one thing that will help is cutting my nails. Not that my nails are that long, but they are long enough to interfere with my playing. So I think I'll cut them off and plan on trying to play every day or so. Well if T.'s not around. He's been writing a song and tends to be taking up the music room with his guitar playing. And frankly a viola can not drown out an electric guitar.
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So I signed up for netflix yesterday since I can use it on the wii. Yesterday I started watching BBC Sherlock. And today I discovered that netflix has Top Gear...T is never gaining control of it again. Not that I haven't seen every episode 2 or 3 or 4 times. I loves Top Gear.
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Bones how can you be so cruel to me? Not that I didn't enjoy the hell out of the episode, but the end, ouch. Ugh. Now the long wait for next season. Seeing Zach again was cool, and )
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I now have every single episode of Top Gear. Mwahaha...Top Gear in it's current format that is.
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So I finally finished watching the last season of Doctor Who. Did like the writer read a bunch of fan fic before writing that or what? Seriously )

I feel the amazing part is that I managed to remand un-spoiled as to what happened all this time.
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Just got caught up on Bones. Some good episodes since they cam back from break. I especially liked that )
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So I just watched this weeks Criminal Minds )

In other news why is it every time I start to get the living room nice and warm I managed to do something stupid like not take the wood drying on the stove off so it ends up nearly catching on fire. Not joking, there was smoke and hot coals and now one of the windows is open to air out the smoke, also letting all my nice heat out.
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So I finally watched last weeks Bones )
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I know I've said this before, but the end of Forever Knight is such a freaking cop out.
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Oh new Knight Rider staying true to old Knight Rider with your hokey sped up footage to make your car chases seem faster.
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I've been watching Fringe on-line and I just realized that it's theme music is really similar to Nightstalker's theme music.
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So I'm catching up with Heroes on-line ... )
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Ugh, Bones this week.

in which I babble )

There were a lot of good momments. Which I can't talk about because I must go to work. More later.
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Lots of people on my f-list are talking about the season finally of Doctor Who. Were as I am so behind I just finished the last season of Torchwood. It made me cry. I'd start Doctor Who next, I have all the episodes but the last two, but I still haven't watched the end of the last season of SGA so I think I'll do that first what with the new episodes starting Friday.
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note to self: do not watch the whole of Rose Red while primarily home alone, you idiot. You have an over active imagination and a roommate who thinks the trailer is haunted. These things do not mix well.
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I'm pretty sure I've been right past the place the Ghost Hunters are investigating right now. Manchester NH was about 30 min from where I went to college and I've been all over that town.
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Bones season finally )

I spent most of the show with Lemur sitting on my shoulder. I didn't intend to keep her out so long, but she seemed pretty happy hanging out there and didn't even mind the dog. Who had to sit half in my lap so he could sniff her. I really shouldn't have spent the money, but she's so cute! How could I resist?
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Tonights Bones was excellent. However I do not approve of the evil evil cliffhanger ending. Also I want Booth/Bones/Sweets fic, does this make me a bad person?
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So I've been marathoning The Pretender just because I can lately. And I just got to the christmas episode in the first season, and I just love the part where Miss. Parker opens the present Jarod gave her and sees the rabbit and realizes he remembers her wanting one when she was a child. I just love the relationship between those two characters. They shouldn't like each other or ever get a long. But they do despite everything. I really hope they actually make the third movie and that when they do Miss. Parker and Jarod end up together.

In other news I should probably go to bed. Admittedly I don't have to be to work until 1 and it's only a four hour shift. But sleep is good for me. Plus I really need to try and have a slightly more normal sleep pattern at lest for while I've got this job.


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