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I seem to be actually sick and not just allergy riddled. This I gather from the fact the allergy medication I took earlier didn't do anything. At least I have a short shift today. Ugh. Do not want.
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So evidently everything was hurty because I was sick and didn't even know. I was complaining last night and T. felt my forehead and said I felt really warm. However my temp. seems to have gone back to normal at some point during the night because I woke up with only a little bit of back pain which is fairly normal for me, and a very mild almost gone headache. My throat is a little sore though, but not bad. I'm thinking it's an improvement.

Last night I was in another magic tournament. Came in 4th. If I hadn't gotten mana screwed on my last round I would have been top 2, possibly first. But frankly I don't think I could have beat the guy that won.
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So I seem to have caught a cold or something. Probably at the concert. I only just realized I was sick today though. A combination of a sore throat, suddenly sleeping through the night, and seeming to need more than my normal 6ish hours of sleep. So the goal for tonight is to actually go to bed before midnight. Then maybe I wont spend tomorrow napping propped up by blueberry bushes. Which is only sort of an exaggeration. I didn't actually fall asleep, but it was close.
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For a supposedly rainy day it is gorgeous out. I'm thinking I will spend as much time outside as possible today. Still not going to the race though. If I was going I should have left already. Oh well, I still don't really have $40 to waste getting into the pits let alone money for gas to get there.

In other news the bug bite on my wrist is actually looking better. I'm not sure if it's because of the stuff my aunt put on it yesterday after I showed her how bad it was or if it's the Benadryl spray I bought or because of both of them. Either way, I'm happy that I no longer have a swollen red welt on my wrist. It's still swollen and a little reddish, but not anywhere near the level it was yesterday. Now I just need to do something about the one on the inside of my left wrist, it's rubbing while I type.

Also it's the return of the skanky tank tops of summer.
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Okay so I have bug bites on both wrists in almost exactly the same place. I am an itchy unhappy person. One of them is a mosquito bite and will probably be fine in another day. The other one however is a black fly bite, it's already getting all swollen around the bite, will probably be like that tomorrow, the day after it'll get all red, and then the original bite will be invisible and then eventually the grossness that made my aunt think the other one was poison ivy.

In happier news I went and saw Prince Caspian with the roommate and Dee. Speaking of Prince Caspian, yes please, I'll take one to go. In less shallow news I quite enjoyed the movie.

edit: all I want to do is sleep. but my roommate is the loudest person in the world on the phone. also she just put the dog out and he's barking. I love the girl, don't get me wrong, but I'm not sure how much more of this, Gail has early mornings and her roommate has no manors when Gail wants to sleep. she's lucky like nothing sound wise carries to her end of the trailer so when she has to go to bed early it doesn't matter if I'm quiet, which I am, so she never even thinks of it. must remember, Sun. and Mon. off. These are happy things. Roommate also having an early morning would be a happy thing cause then she'd at least go to bed and not keep me up.
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Okay I have decided that the worst part of the farm thing isn't the hours. It's the bugs. I finally get one bug bite to go away. Well by go away I mean it was infected and had come to a head so I poked it with a pin and now it's draining. And now I've got another one on my other arm. And I know it's a bug bit not poison ivy like my aunt will try and tell me in two days when it looks all gross, because I slapped a bug off in the same spot and because in the middle of the red itchy welt you can still see where it bit me.

Now I'm going to eat my oatmeal and stumble off to Wilton. And sorry if that was over share with how I got rid of the bug bite.

Also the sunburn on my neck is starting to itch. Which means it's probably going to start peeling soon. Lovely.
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So when I left for work it was just cloudy out. Part way there it started to snow, then switched to rain. And I was like okay I can deal with rain. Then a couple hours after I got to work it started to snow, quiet heavily in fact. By the time I got out of work it had switched back to rain. Thus my car was covered in an inch an a half of heavy wet snow. And the roads where all gross and slushy because the towns and state where all evidently hoping really hard that they wouldn't need to get the plows out again.

In non-weather related news the store manager has influenza A, and is thusly quarantined for two days. A week or two ago the service manager's wife was quarantined with the same thing. So we think the service manager must have been carrying it and just didn't get it himself. Now I'm worried where I just came down with something. But I don't think my symptoms match so I'm probably safe. I did however warn the roommate and call my Mom and let them know I might be a plague carrier. Evidently my step-dad didn't think the word plague was something I'd use so I had to repeat myself like 5 times. I feel I have done my duty telling people while I don't have it I could be carrying it and what to watch out for.

I'm not sure if my cold thing is getting better or not. My throat doesn't hurt anymore so I count that as a win.
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Despite the lack of a hacking cough today I actually feel worse than I did yesterday. Not cool body, not cool.
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Still feeling sick like death. But not coughing as much as I was. Which is good because this whole thing started with a very minor cough on Friday and progressed to a wet hacking cough by the time I got out of work yesterday. So I'm probably going to Easter dinner this evening. Mom's side of the family isn't full of frail elderly people that I should stay away from because I'm sick.

In other news Happy Easter? Hope you get lots of chocolate if that's your thing.

Also I'm still loving the orange hair. It really is quite glorious even if my boss thinks I'm nuts and customers occasionally think I lost a bet.
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So no one can say I didn't do anything at work today. Of my four hour shift I spent three hours cleaning shelves. I took everything off the shelves with all the car wash and so on. I wiped off dusty containers, I cleaned the very dirty shelves. I had to go blow my nose every five minutes and spent a fair amount of time on the border of having an asthma attack thanks to cleaning supply fumes and dust in the air. It was the opposite of fun. The only thing anyone can say I didn't do was run my register, which I really didn't, I answerd the phone, and I cleaned and that's about it. I have a head ache thanks to my sinuses being very unhappy, and really I just want to go to bed.
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My i-pod wont turn off, I'm confused. And annoyed. And a little worried.

In other random news I made the most hard parts sales today. Mostly by pretty much making all the hard part sales. I sold a started and some tie-rod ends. Work was slow like a dead thing. Which I've perhaps already mentioned. Oh well.

I'm tired, I woke up every couple of hours all night long because I was so hot I couldn't sleep anymore. And the roommate turned the heat down like two hours before the first time I did it so I'm suspecting it's a I'm sicker than I thought thing.
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I'm pretty sure I'm bordering on having either bronchitics or an upper respiratory infection. Partly because I keep getting coughing fits and my cough is starting to take on that lovely rattle that can mean nothing good. And partly because it's 72 in my room and I've got my hoodie zipped up all the way with the hood up because I'm cold.
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Stupid rain still hasn't let up. I'm not going to bother to do my hair today I guess. It would melt if I did, what with the shortish walk from house to car, and the longer walk from car to work. No spiky hair for me today :(

Also having bad allergies really sucks. It makes it very hard for me to tell when I'm getting sick. As in I don't realize until my neck feels all funny like it might be starting to swell. Which I think means I'm not well. The other clue is that I've started sleeping a lot more than normal. Not that I feel all that bad, or no worse than normal. Which is why the whole allergies thing sucks. I've felt off for so long that it's become the norm.

Two more days of work. Two more, and then I can do nothing for two days.
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I hate being sick. I hate being sick at school. At least I'm good and looking really pathetic and sicker then I am. My color theory teacher let me out of class early. Which was nice it gave me an early start on pocrastinating on my homework.

And in other news I love my friend Megan she gave me soup and vitamines cause I'm so sick. She is a very nice person.

My attention spand is like in the negative numbers today and I can't concentrat on any thing. Not sure if thats cause I'm sick or cause I didn't get enough sleep last night. I managed to set my clock a head an hour so I got up way to early today.
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I am a bad student right now. well sort of. I have been sick for like a week and if i was smart i would have gone home last weekend. but i didnt. so i just went home early this week. i am feeling mush better but i didnt want to go to my lab class tomorrow any way. so i came home. i can be sick and now slee here much better then i can at school. mostly because there wont be any random drunk people here. last night i went into the common room to get a glass of water and one of the guys in there was very drunk and decided to start ryming my name. not what one wants to hear at 1am when they really just want to sleep

and to top it all off my stuid keyboard is on the fritz again.
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I hate being sick. I hate it with a passion. I've been sick like really sick since last week when I got back to college. If I was smart I would have gone home last weekend. But I'm not that smart so I didn't go home and that resulted in my mom nearly driving down here and picking me up because I sounded so bad over the phone. I think I'm goin home tomorrow because i get done with classes at 2:30 and the only class I have on Friday in a physics lab that the teacher told me it was okay to miss. So now I just need to call my mom again and see if she's picking me up or if I'm trying to drive back. I don't think I should drive, I some how dout that random sever coughing fits, extrem tierdness, and gernral loopyness caused by cold medicine would make that three hour drive home very fun at all. In fact that would probably make it rather dangerous. I really don't want to be seperated from my car, but in this instance i think its for the best.
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Note to self: Don't read a bunch of Nsync/Backsteet fiction, then watch a tape of Sync, then go to bed. Not a good idea. I had a dream that some how involved every member of nsync, and one or of the boys. Which would have been okay, but nothing interesting was happening between any of them, oh well.

Still sick, don't want to go to karate in half an hour. My head hurts, I keep sneezing and my nose is stuffed up. If I was normal, I'd probably skip class, but I'm not normal, so I better get ready for class.


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