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Had a good time last night. SB played two new songs and the guys where all happy to see me. And I got photos of Jesse with a WCYY sticker stuck on his ass, what is amusing about this is that Jordan did it and Jesse didn't notice until someone told him right before their set. It was great to catch up with everyone, it's been over 6 months since I saw them. John and his girlfriend are engaged and getting married in August. Jesse is living with his girlfriend now. Drew is dating 18 year olds, and Jordan's girlfriend doesn't think they are ever going to get married because he keeps putting it off. They are also a giant bunch of gossipy girls. Might try and see them next week in NH as I will be on vacation as of the end of work Thursday.

In not happy stuff court date tomorrow to contest the speeding ticket I got in January. Not looking forward to that at all. *hides*

Also it was another crazy busy day at work only with just 3 people working instead of 5.
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What is up with the dreary weather? It is not cool that it is like that today. I'm not working today there for it should be all sunshine and kittens out or something.

In other news there really isn't any other news, oh wait there is news. Soundbend has a show in Skowhegan on Sunday. And I know I wont work Monday because I have to go to court, so I can totally go see them, I haven't been to one of there shows since New Year's Eve. And I miss the big bunch of dorks a lot.
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Grr argh. I'm trying to burn a DVD of Soundbender's stuff to send to their manager. Only my stupid DVD burning program wont work. It'll get like half way done and then just cancel itself. Am not impressed. Can anyone recommend a free DVD burning program? Is there such a thing? This one used to work, but it's been awhile. Or maybe it just really hates MP4 files.
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Happy New Year!

I had a good time tonight even though [ profile] annikasevn wasn't able to make it. It was just me and T. and the concert. Which was nice actually. He was charmed by the Soundbender boys, especially John who bought him a beer about 2 seconds after meeting him.

The guys where bummed that [ profile] annikasevn couldn't make it and this resulted in John giving me the bass drum head he'd intended to give to [ profile] annikasevn. So I now have that signed by the whole band.

And I bought the new CD which isn't offically out until the 5th. Got that signed by everyone as well. John wrote-' Gail you are the best love ya!!' and then signed his name and then acted like he was blushing and embarrassed when I read it and said awww.

All in all it was a good night, all the bands where actually pretty good tonight. Got to kiss my T. at midnight and all is well in my world. Well I've got a cold and my throat hurts because of it and screaming at the show, and my ears are ringing, but I don't care about the bad stuff right now. Am listening to my new CD and drinking tea, although as soon as the tea is gone I will be going to bed as T. is already there. Need to have him back to his house at 10am, no cookies to that.
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I'm thinking I may not go to the Soundbender show tomorrow night. For one I still don't know if there are tickets available still or not. And the band hasn't gotten back to me. I haven't called Jordan since Sunday I'll admit, but I did leave him two messages and I've sent the band two messages and a comment. And the weather may not be good tomorrow either. At least not down here, looks like it'll be fine up in Orono, but I'd still ended up having to drive home in snow once I got close to home.

So I think I may call Jordan tomorrow, one last attempt, but I'll probably just say break a leg say hi to everyone. I Soundbender lots and lots, but I'm not really sure I want to drive up there and pay 21$ for a ticket. Yeah I'd get to see Theory of a Deadman, but really I'd be there to hang out with Soundbender, who I can hang out with for free. I haven't in a while I'll admit. But if I called and said I'd be in the area I'm sure I could get at least one of them to hang out with me.

So I'm going to be smart and stay home I think. Which means I probably wont see them again until the end of December. Which sucks, but I'm one of those people who never sees friends anyway. I'm a really bad friend when it comes to keeping in contact with or seeing friends.
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Oh Soundbender, I mean Blood Shaft, how you amuse me. This right here is why I was dressed like a crazy '80s escapee on Halloween.

I've managed to complete all but two things on my to do list today. Not bad since I didn't really get moving until almost 2 this afternoon.
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And once again the Soundbender guys reminded me why I love them so. They dressed up as a hair band. And went by a different name, which I've forgotten. But it was hilarious and Jordan managed to head bang his wig off in less that a song.

Tomorrow I will be going '80s to match them. The only reason I'm going is cause I can catch a ride with John. Poor guy has to work 7:30 to 5. I need to call him just after 5 to make sure we're still on, and to remind him where he's meeting me. Of course I pretty much need to be on the road at 5 to meet him in Augusta when he thinks he'll be through. So it's going to be pretty fucking close. We'll probably just about get there in time for them to play, but thats better than not making it at all.

In good news it only took me an hour to get home. Possibly less even. Go me.
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So my wild and wacky weekend. It started with Drew calling me because Jordan forgot to text me his number. Way to go Jordan. Although I'm not really sure why Jordan didn't just give Drew my number in the first place. Silly boys.

I made it to the party with out an trouble or getting lost. Wasn't even the last one to arrive, go me. It was sort of weird for me being there because I really only knew 4 people. Well 6, I'd talked to Jesse's and John's gfs before. But I was good, I talked to other people too. Even talked to Drew's gf who is the reason I slept and Jordan and Jesse's the first time because she didn't want me sleeping over. So not sure if she was just being nice or if she's decided I'm not to bad after all. Even got a hug when she was leaving, which I totally wasn't expecting. Talked to people who's names I no longer remember. Danced with a big group of people shoe horned into the living room. The kitchen was for talking and food, the beer pong room was for beer pong (yes they really have a room in their apartment designated as the beer pong room) and a group people decided the living room would be the dance party room. There stereo was in there anyway.

Ended up staying there rather than driving home. Not that I drank a whole lot, 3 whole drinks. I'd been planning on one, which was ruined about two seconds after I was convinced to have a drink, by Jordan saying everyone should do a jello shot and then going around the room feeding them to everyone. At least I ended up with a drink of my very own. Since at first John decided I should be drinking and handed me his already open beer. No thanks. As for sleeping arrangements I didn't move fast enough to get the futon to myself. Well the guy sort of passed out on it before everyone else staying had calmed down enough to sleep. Once I was assured he was a good guy, by everyone left including Jordan I decided I wasn't going to sleep in a chair. However he'd sort of passed out in the middle of the futon leaving me with just the edge to sleep on. And he woke up enough to talk to me and tell me he was a good guy, and he wouldn't try anything. But that he liked to cuddle, so he's was just going to cuddle with me before we fell asleep so I wouldn't wake up all freaked out. Leading to me sleeping with his arm across my waist most of the night. But there were no straying hands so he got to live.

We all sort of crashed around 3, and then Jordan's gf had to leave for work or something just before 8. Which woke me up, and by like 8:20 everyone else was awake and Jesse's gf was running around taking photos of those of us sleeping out in the living room/beer pong room, and jumping on unsuspecting people. Then we all quieted down until like 9 because the guy in the next room kept asking about food, were was a good place to get breakfast he wanted to eat. So we all got up and went out. All 8 of us.

Then when we got back to the apartment we cleaned. Because the place was trashed, and smelled of beer more than normal. Jesse mopped the kitchen floor and everything. Very cheerfully. Because everyone else had helped planned the party and come to the party and in some cases helped clean up before the party so it was only fair if he mopped. The rest of the apartment was cleaned up pretty quickly because there was like 2 or 3 people to a room. So empties were collected and rinsed, trash was picked up and floors were swept. There were 3 trash bags full of empties. Frankly I'm not sure how the whole thing didn't end with the upstairs neighbors calling the cops or at least coming downstairs to complain. It was pretty damn loud. But fun.

After everyone else trickled off to home or work I just stuck around because I didn't see the point in driving home just to be there like 2 seconds before turning around to leave again and met back up with the people I'd just left. Have now seen their practice space. There was much, not serious, discussion about if it was okay I knew were they practiced/recorded. It was ended by one of them saying I was on the inside so it didn't matter anyway. From there we headed out. Drew road with me to make sure I didn't get lost. John as it turns out is a very inconsistent driver, and while I never lost him, I can see how it would be pretty easy. It was kind of neat getting to talk to Drew for the drive though, he's the one I've talked to the least over all. He apologized about his gf not letting me sleep over and then asked if she'd been nice to me at the party. Which was cute.

The show went well, the sound was a lot better than the last time they played Club Texas. They just played stuff from the new album which is going to be released at the end of November. Woot. Well I've got the pre-release, but the actually album has two more songs and the hidden track isn't hidden, and I think the order has been changed. Plus the songs have been remixed. I know because I got to listen to one when we driving around before leaving Bangor. I got hit on by the most persistent drunk guy thus far. He seemed nice enough but while I was willing to talk about the band I wasn't about to tell him all about me. And I need to get really boring glasses because what caught his attention was my glasses, and this is not the first time my glasses have caught the attention of a drunk guy. Then the fact I was with the band. And he decided my glasses were just unbelievable. And declared me to cute for my own good. And kept trying to buy me a drink or give me his phone number. And I kept turning him down. Told band boys one of them was going to be playing my bf from now on since people always assume I'm dating one of them anyway. Drew said that they would all fight over me. Jesse asked why I didn't just say I had a bf at home, and then saw my point when I mentioned how people always think I must be dating one of them. We left early because people were tired and Jesse had work in the morning. Then I managed to get fake- humped by Jesse and John because they both tried to hug me at the saw time and John said something about three way, and next thing I know I'm being humped. I think it means I've been excepted. They all seem to do that to each other all the time. Well other than John and Drew, being brothers and all that might be a little odd.

So it was a good weekend. Then I came home and slept for 8 hours with out waking up. Which beat the night before where I woke up a lot/didn't sleep. Although I guess I must have slept because my futon buddy didn't think I moved at all and was wondering if he should check if I was still breathing at one point.

Okay so now I need to work on a cover letter. And probably put wood in the fire.
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I left at 7pm on Friday. I got home at 1 am on Sunday.

I'm tired, I need a shower.

Last night I got to sleep on a futon with a guy I'd just met. He decided we should cuddle. He was polite about it, hands stayed in acceptable areas.

Didn't bother going home in the morning.

Went to show. Got hit on by very persistent, if polite, drunk guy.

Have decided to make the band members take turns being my pretend boyfriend.

Got humped by half the band when trying to say bye.

Decided to keep a spare change on slothing in my car so I don't have to go buy new clothing so as to not look like I slept in my cloths.

Now to sleep because I got up at 8 am after going to bed at 3 am and can't see or type straight. More to follow after much sleep.
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I haven't been home in 21 hours, but I'm alive.

Ended up being really really early for the show last night. Oops. This is what happens when you forget the band is your friends and you can call and ask questions like, when does the show start?

Instead I just called when I got lost. Then I was given Jordan's number because he lived close and could come keep me company.

When he and Drew showed up I was asked to be the new merch girl! Which duh, I said yes. Evidently their last merch girl's boyfriend didn't like her doing it, I told them not to worry with me, no boyfriend. This means that when they go to Portland or farther south than that I'll met up with them in like Augusta and ride the rest of the way down with them, thus saving me a little gas. And I'm also guessing no more worrying about getting in, well I never really worried, bet I wont have to pay now.the rest of my evening, which even includes cops... )

So all I need to write something with a tittle like 'From fan to friend and merch girl in 3 easy steps'

Tired so tired. Never made it to Auburn. Oops. Still need to shower. And you know change out of the clothing I've been wearing for over 24 hours.

edit: for the Supernatural fans out there you'll get why this made me giggle, Jordan told me that he and Jesse called their old apartment the J2 apartment.
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Photographic proof that I really do hang out with Soundbender. And that they are all really pale when compared to me and my still fading tan. Look that the very drunk Jordan on the end with his cigarette. I seriously kept waiting for him to fall off stage when they played.

In other Soundbender news, their interview from Thursday is going to be rebroadcast tonight. 7pm EST, they'll be on around 9pm. So check them out, and you can listen in.

edit: I just realized that while I use their names all the time I've never posted pictures with names so people can attach faces to them. As mentioned the one with the cigarette is Jordan, he's the bassist, next to him is Jesse the singer, then John the drummer, then me, and last but not least Drew lead guitar. John and Drew are brothers, but I don't think they really look much a like.
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Things I forgot to mention in my middle of the night post include Jordan writing 'Soundbender's Number 1 fan' on the back of my t-shirt. Which I'm impressed he managed to do since the back had been signed by everyone before and he was really really drunk. Speaking of my shirt I told Jesse's girlfriend that is she got me a shirt I would make one for her too. Cause I'm awesome like that.

And the closest came to getting hit on all night was by a sober guy, the bassist for the band Loki actually.

I had really been planning on still being asleep at this point. But not one of the cats suddenly developed a loud setting on their vocal cords and work me up.
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So Johnny did end up calling 9. Evidently the show got started late because there was no sound guy there oops. And then they didn't actually know where the club they were at was. So I had to call a friend from Auburn to get directions. So I didn't get on the road until almost 9:30. But I didn't do to bad, got there around 10. Jesse and Jordan were outside smoking when I got there so we talked. And Jordan told me he was really drunk. And I also found out that I am now officially in the friend category, not just the fan one. And the next time I see them I'm getting a present. Something I can hang on my wall, and they'll even buy a hanger for it. I am curious I will admit. The next show isn't until the end of the month so the anticipation may kill me by then.

Jordan has my number now too. He evidently wanted to get it last night so he could call and make sure I got home safe. *draws a heart around him* I don't know what to do with these guys. Oh and I've told to make up some business cards to leave on their merch table, evidently people have been asking about my art. So we'll have to see about that too.

Got lots of hugs, and I think Drew was a little sad that no one told him I'd showed up. I'd been there almost an hour before I ran into him. Later in the night I tried on his jacket, narrow shouldered bastard, and then he decided to get the full effect it had to be buttoned. Which with my boobs not so much, so he tried. Thusly I ended up with the guy I first thought hot in that band all but grabbing my boobs in the name of buttoning me into his too small jacket.

Speaking of clothing Jordan tried to give me a shirt. But after I saw him give away four more, and then seeing their bar tab, I put it back. Which was easy because I was being merch girl. What with the being sober and all I was a good choice. Made friends with Jesse's girlfriend really nice girl. Who he's only been dating since May. Which means I've know the band longer, sort of, I first saw them in March, didn't introduce myself but I did bitch about the weather with Drew.

On to the show. Which was pretty good even with Jordan drunk. The sound wasn't great so the fact he sort of just didn't play on one song wasn't noticeable. They played all their stuff they had ready to play live, left stage, got called back to play another song, replayed a song they'd already done, then had a singer from a different band come on stage and he sang and they like improved a song around him. It came out really well actually, Jordan's having stopped playing for the night might have helped, and Drew's back up guitar, since he managed to break two strings during their set.

Jesse was really worried they didn't sound good and me and his girlfriend were like 'i wouldn't worry they liked you so much you ran out songs to play' And that made him feel better.

The whole band now has an invitation to crash at my place the next time they play in the area, because I've got two pull out couches right now, and Sarah's bed and really her whole room. They probably would have taken me up on it tonight but Jesse has work in the morning and his girlfriend has a kid that she couldn't just abandon. The only issue I can see is where to park their trunk and small trailer because my door yard is tiny, but I was looking and I think if the neighbors aren't parked on my lawn they could probably just pull the trunk on to the lawn and get the trailer out of the way. If worked carefully two cars could probably be parked in the yard plus their stuff if this happens after [ profile] annikasevn is home and is on a night she's actually staying here.
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Soundbender was as kick ass as always. Even with a smaller than normal stage due to Ashes Divide's equipment being set up a head of time.

I gave everyone their copies of the drawings I done of everyone. And collected hugs. Well Johnny hugged me before I'd given his to him. Everyone else hugged me after. I pretty much ignored the opening bands because I was hanging out with the Soundbender dudes up in the drinking area. Met another one of the girlfriends.

Watched their excellent as always set. Took photos and vids.

After their set was over I got hit on by some random drunkish guy. Who I later found out gave me a fake name. Because as it turns out he's friends with Soundbender's singer and evidently know for being an ass.

Someone thought I was Drew's girlfriend for no apparent reason, or just anyone in the bands because I drive so far to see them.

Sort of hung out with the guys from Ashes Divide, as in they were talking to Soundbender guys that I was still hanging around with after the show. Eventually left around 1, because long drive home. Got more good bye hugs. Lots of Jordan hugs cause he gets huggy when he's tipsy. Got extra Jesse hugs to actually, [ profile] annikasevn will be jealous.

Was thank profusely for showing up and treasured that I wasn't a creepy fan. Because I do sort of worry that I come off that way what with the driving all over the state to see them and the taking photos and videos and making drawings of them thing. But no they love me for it.

Speaking of them loving me. Johnny thinks the whole invite only thing tomorrow, er later today, is stupid. Also he's pretty sure he can get me in. He just needs to make a call. And he'll call me tomorrow and let me know. So yes someone in Soundbender has my number. Now as long as Johnny remembers my name so he can find the number in his phone we'll be all set. He kept calling me Sarah all night. Evidently they aren't getting paid for the show so they think they should be able to have people come. Or at least that's what Johnny thinks. We'll see how it all turns out.

In other news I made my 2 hour drive home in more like 1 hour and 30 something minutes. Oops? And I saw 3 cats, 2 foxes, 2 skunks, and 1 rabbit on my drive home. And I hit none of them even though one of the foxes ran across the interstate in front of me.
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Well I've finally gotten the house to the point where I no longer feel like I'll freeze.However I'm leaving in about half and hour. And who knows when I'll be back. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning. Or maybe not until tomorrow. If I can find a couch to sleep on. [ profile] annikasevn, who I talked to today finally, seems to think I should try and get the band to sneak me in to the show tomorrow. Or tell them I'm the merch girl or something. I on the other hand am not forward enough to ever suggest that. The whole sleeping on a couch thing probably wont ever be mentioned.

I really wish the chinchilla's hadn't been so rowdy last night. Despite being in bed by 2 I didn't get to sleep until after 3 because they kept rattling the cage and jumping around and being really really noisy. I did sleep until almost 11 which almost made up for it.
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Soundbender was all cute on the radio. Drew wasn't there again, and they were all we don't need him he messes up the name thing. The rest of the band has J names.

Tomorrow can't be soon enough. If for no other reason than that other than brief family interaction I've had no human contact in over a week. And even Gail I-don't-leave-the-house needs people occasionally.
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My band, well Soundbender the band I stalk with love and artwork, will be on the radio live tonight and tomorrow night. For anyone in the area they'll be on 105TOS at 6pm tonight for Homegrown. Check them out.

For the rest of the world tomorrow night 8pm EST they will be on WCYY, which you can stream live off the web at So if you've got the time and even the slightest hit on interest in finding out more about this band I've been talking about for months now is your chance.

*adjusts pimp hat*
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Okay so as anyone who pays attention to my post of late knows I've been babbling about Soundbender, a local band, a lot. I've also been listening to them a lot. I didn't realize quite how much until just now. I was listening to them on I-Tunes, then for the hell of it I figured I'd check the play count on their stuff versus my top 25 most played list.

One more listen and they'll start knocking MCR off the list. 0_o I didn't know I'd to them quite that much. Admittedly they still have a ways to go to knock 30STM off though.

In other news the chinchillas are still trying to take the top off their cage. Have rigged the corner they already kill the latch on with their toy that normally hangs in the middle of the cage. It's metal, I figured having that looped though the top and one side was better than nothing.

edit: on my i-pod soundbender has already invaded my top 25. must be all that listening to them while at work.
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First a list to the stuff that happened I thought was pretty freaking cool.

  • Jesse, the signer stopped and talked to us to several minutes when we first showed up, even though he'd been on his way to the bathroom

  • Drew (lead guitar) may or may not have squealed in with happiness when he saw I was there.

  • The three band members we saw before their set made sure to tell us they were up next so we knew we hadn't missed their set even though we were late.

  • Two band members made sure to tell us they had a new show just added to their schedule.

  • My named was shouted at me like a cheer when Jordan (bassist) saw me after the show. Then I was informed he and Jesse had hung one of the t-shirts I'd made them on their wall of fame in their apartment.

  • Johnny (drummer) dragged us out on to the floor to watch the last band play and then proceeded to mock my height, in a friendly way.

  • They actually let us help them haul equipment this time, probably cause there were a lot of stairs involved.

  • Johnny invited us to got out to Denny's with them after the show. So we went.

  • We were invited to go to one of their practices sometime.

I'm going to say it was a pretty good night.

more in depth babble, mention of the other bands I saw )

Crap I need to get a move on I'm supposed to be at work in 10 min and I'm not even dressed yet.
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Fun was had with Soundbender. Got lost on the way there, made it just in time for their set. Home way later that anticipated. More after I get sleep somewhere other than curled up in the front seat of [ profile] annikasevn's car shivering.


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