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We're having yet another snow storm. And people can be stupid. I was almost back to my apartment, stopped to make the turn and the guy behind me wasn't paying attention and swiped my rear bumper and ended himself in someone's front yard. He's okay, and I'm okay. My car needs a new rear bumper and his probably needs more than that. Ugh.
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So it's really snowing out there. Just cleaned probably 4 inches off my car in preperation for my 6am wake up. And because I needed to move my car. Didn't get it in quite the right spot because it was snowing so hard that by the time I got back in the car after re-cleaning the front and rear windshield the back one had collected enough snow again to make backing up fun.

Did another podcast this evening. I believe the 4th one. I'm the guest who never leaves. Although better than the fact that one of the host's brother and sister-in-law came to one and now have decided to take turns showing up. I don't think he intended it to be a reoccurring thing with them, or at least not that reoccurring.

Now I should probably try and throw something together for lunch and get myself to bed. I do need to be up in slightly more than 6 hours. One more morning shift after tomorrow and I go at least a week before my next 7am start.
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I am officially ready for summer now. And glad I have today off. Snowing right now, lots and lots. I got out of the driveway to get to they shop, but I'm not sure how getting back in will go. Poorly probably.

It's also messing shit up at the shop. Namely that the new set of Magic cards is coming out this weekend. So we're supposed to be getting a little over 10 grand in merchandise in that we pre-sold to customers on Ebay. If all was right in the world it all would be arriving tomorrow. If we're lucky the smaller half of the order will be in tomorrow. The other half will maybe be in Friday, but more likely Monday because it's still in Missouri because of the weather. So that cuts our time to open sort and ship product in half almost. The latest we said we'd ship is the 11th. Which should have given us a week, but we're probably not getting it. And if the order comes in Monday I'm going to have to call out of work to help get shit down, well I don't have to, but as the business owner I'd feel like a dick if I wasn't around to help. So it's going to be a stressful couple days, or week really.
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So no one told me we were getting a huge snow storm today, well not until I was at my mothers already. It took me an hour to get from New Sharon back to Farmington, well nearly an hour. Now I'm at the shop for like two seconds to check some stuff on-line then back to the apartment. Well if I can get back out of the parking lot that is, I have no idea how I got in, my car is lower than the top of the snow so I sort of plowed my way in. Hopefully I'll manage to plow my way back out in a couple of minutes.
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The worst thing about snow storms, is finishing shoveling the driveway then going inside for a cup of coffee and to grab a couple things, then just as you're about to leave the snow plow goes back by necessitating the re-shoveling of the last four feet of the driveway so you can get out.

Not that it's ever happened to me or anything. Ugh, so tired. And when I redid the end of the driveway I managed to hook left so it was like driving through a maze backwards to get out.

And it's still snowing out, so unless the magic plowing fairy comes by while I'm gone I'm probably not going to be able to get into the driveway tonight. Making T. deal with that I think. I did it all this morning because he threw out is back on the 24th and is whiny about it. Lets ignore the fact he's just experiencing life as me. Right now he's helping the landlady clean up out in front of the shop. Which looks like a hell of a lot less work than I put it already.
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So the camera I usually use is in Brazil, and I don't have batteries for my good camera, which leaves the crappy one for me to use as that one's got a built in rechargeable battery.

There for have some really crappy photos of all the snow at the end of my driveway. And my house and car.
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This is looking out over the porch at the back of the house. Please to keep in mind where the snow is lower there was maybe 5 ichnes of snow before the storm started.

This is out the front window towards the road. Which has long past from sight.

And it's still snowing just a little.
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I think the weather lies to me. Last night it said 1-2 inches of snow today, already got that much. I just checked and now it says 1-3. Bah, it's still snowing out pretty hard right now, we'll probably get more than 3. Although with it being so freaking cold out one would think it wouldn't snow at all, and one would be wrong.
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Snow has been shoveled, the fire is very nearly burning. I'm ready for a nap.
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So it snowed last night. Actually it's still snowing. Figures, my first day of work and it's all gross out. The roads haven't been plowed and it looks like it's been awhile since they last put down sand. This could be an interesting drive. Or you know not.

edit: snow plow just went past my place. at least I know one road will be okay ish on my drive.
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Why, why is it snowing again? I do not approve of this crap. I want spring and warmer weather not cold and wind and snow.
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Customers can just bite me, as can this snow.
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Okay I lied, thats the word of next Sunday. The words of today were vex and spurn. Me and Drama!Major started a game that involves using rarely used words as much as possible. It started yesterday after I used mock in a sentence. Works been slow and I think it's beginning to show.

I got to drive to Waterville and back today. 'Cause the VIP there had a part we needed. So I got to go on a road trip.

After work I went into Farmington with the roommate. Because I didn't want to wear shoes I wore toe socks and flip-flops. A major fashion don't I know, but I miss sandles and flip-flops and it was snowing again this morning, which is just not cool.
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Figures. I get more hours for once, and then we get snow storm number three thousand of the year. At least it seems to be a little one. But still I don't want to have to clean my car off yet again.
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They let me go home 2 hours early because of the snow. An hour later I'm finally in the house. It didn't actually take that long for me to get home. I just had issues once I got here. The roommates uncle, predictably, hasn't plowed yet. So I decided rather than get stuck in the end of the driveway I would pull over, put on my flashers, and then shovel. So I did, then I over shot the whole I dug and got stuck on the snow banking. After digging myself out of that I managed to get in the driveway, and then get nearly stuck when I tried to back over where I normally park. At that point I said fuck it, got the car in there as straight as possible, called the roommate and told her I was parked over further than normal, couldn't get over farther, sorry, please don't hit me when you back in.

Oh when I left work my boss told me to call when I got home and let them know what the roads where like. Which seemed to me like a way of checking to make sure I got home safe. I was going to be polite and not mention it since he clearly didn't want it to seem like he was worried/checking up on me. So Drama!Major mentioned it for me. Which made my boss nearly blush and say something about not wanting me to know that was why he was doing it. I rolled my eyes and said it wasn't a problem.

It's sort of nice to know the people you work with care enough to worry if you make it home safely.
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So I got up and spent 15 minutes cleaning up the snow in the yard as best I could with what we've got for shovels, as the roommate's uncle never came by again.

I come in the house and the roommates fish tank is in the sink, which means PJ Sparkles finally gave up the ghost and died. And the computer room door is closed which means Sass is in there so Lex can't attack him.

The great cat war continued all night. I got woken up several times by cats hissing and growling followed by the dog barking and the degus squeaking. So pretty much all the good I did myself by going to bed before 1am was undone about two hours after I feel asleep.
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So it's snowing, a lot. Poor roommate had to go to work. And she's supposed to go to her other job this evening. I'm thinking she probably wont be going. She was talking about not going last night. Although knowing her, work will call and be come it early, everyone's called out. And then she'll be stuck going.

So tickets for HCT date near me are on pre-sale now. And not too expensive, so now I just have to see if Dee wants to get tickets for the floor or tickets with seating. She'll be at work in about 20 min. and then I can call and ask. Well I could call now, I do have her cell phone number and her house number, but I did tell her I'd call at work, so I'll be good and wait.
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It's snowing again. I didn't know it was supposed to snow today. I knew that it was supposed to snow tomorrow, but not today. At least I don't have to work. Which means no driving anywhere and no getting stuck in the driveway. My car goes no where, unless the roommate's uncle comes by to plow.
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Work was pretty good today. Then I got home and promtly got stuck in the end of the driveway again. The roommates uncle never came by again and she'd never think to shovel out the end a little so I might be able to get in. Which is to bad, because after an 8 hour day on about 4 hours of sleep the last thing I want to do is spend 15 min. digging my car out of a snow banking. I left a pile of snow in the middle of the end of the driveway and told her if she had a problem with it she could move it herself. I do way more shoveling around here than she does so I don't feel bad about it.


Feb. 6th, 2008 10:45 am
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It's snowing again. Meh. At least the driveway got cleaned out yesterday. Well my side did. So that sort of limits how much shoveling I'm going to have to do before work.

Can I just go back to bed?


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