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Meh had to be up early to call the garage about having the car in again. Passenger side window doesn't like to go up or down anymore. Got a hold of the garage, and don't need to bring the car in until 1pm. Maybe I'll try and go back to sleep.
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So I went to bed early for me. But I've only been up for about 30 min. Because the wonderful Sophia woke me up at 4am trying to get into my closet. I yelled at her she stopped I went back to sleep. For 20 min before she did it again. So I picked her up and put her on my bed, where she stayed and was quiet. Unfortunately I back decided it didn't like all the getting up and startling cause of weird noises and promptly put me in excruciating pain. So I lay awake for 2 hours trying to get comfortable. Then the cat decided to go back to attacking my closest door. So she got throw out of my room and I closed the door. Which she fortunately didn't scratch at too much. At some point after 6am I went back to sleep. And slept until almost 1. Oops? Guess I'm not going to Auburn to job hunt today, buy the time I get motivated to move it'll just be time to go to Dad's for He-Man's birthday dinner. That reminds me I should make him a poorly spelled birthday card. That's what he gave me this year, even misspelled my name. So it's only fair. And then I wont get in trouble for not getting him anything. Which is I suspect why I actually got a card from him this year. Birthday's and Christmas are times we pretend we don't have to money to get each other stuff and that we'll get something for each other later. What this really means is we'll just buy ourselves something we want with the money we didn't spend on each other. It works for us.
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Ugh so tired, don't want to be awake. Was actuallty having a dream about sleep because I was tired when my alarm went off. Actually I was in some sort of classroom and sleeping on Ronon from SGA's shoulder. Earlier in the night I had a dream about zombies. Which didn't cause me to wake up scared, because in the dream I was more worried about being late for something than the zombies.
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Ugh I got like no sleep last night. Not because it was warm, although it didn't cool off much, but because it is humid, very very humid. Am not impressed. Also my eye is bothering me probably because of the lack of sleep thing.

Today is going to be a long day. I'm only working 4 days this week, but I still sort of hope it'll rain today I so can go home early. Which means the rain will hold off until it's time to leave.
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So because I'm a winner like that I went back to bed and slept until 11. Oops? Now I'm up and dressed and going to go into town as soon as I can run out to the car between rain showers. My hair is cute I do not want to ruin it. /girlymomment.

In other news Lemur was really cute earlier. She always wants cuddles in the morning, which I can't provide because normally I'm running around getting ready for work. So when I got up at 11 and she was still awake I was like I shall let the chinchilla out and then she will get cuddles. Which was all fine until I decided I wanted a shower and she decided the best way to express her displeasure at me trying to put her back in the cage was by biting my fingers. No this does get cute, really. So I've finally got her in the cage, if perched on my hand. She bits my thumb really hard, I go to bring my hand out to see if she'll let go then. She jumps off my hand, I pull it out and go to she the cage. She runs out of the cage up the door and takes a flying leap at me. Completely trusting I'm going to catch her little furry ass as she didn't actually get a grip on me. It was cute, really. She got more cuddles then back in the cage. With no more bitting even.
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So tired. Stupid cold feet keeping me up. Then odd dreams. Should obviously have not both watched The Other Boleyn Girl and read part of the book in one day.
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Or not. I managed to wake up or be woken up every two hours last night and have been awake since a little after 6. Before which I didn't even manage 6 hours of very interrupted sleep.

And I'm moving slow. Need to leave in like 10 min and I'm not even done breakfast. Although typing isn't helping that.
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Why did I buy a chinchilla? Not that I don't really like Lemur, but still. I would have been fine if the roommate hadn't been with me, or if she hadn't been taking forever to decided if she wanted to buy a fish or not.

Just repeat after me, your bills are paid for the month, you'll be fine.

Ugh I got like no sleep last night. I slept from 1 to 2. And um....6:30 to 7 and like 7:10 until 7:30 when my alarm went off. Today is going to be a really long day isn't it?
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Oh god I so should have been in bed like half an hour ago. I'm tired so I might actually fall right asleep. Although the roommate is watching TV and she's a little deaf so the TV is loud enough that I can hear it in my room, which means it'll keep me from sleeping cause I'm finicky like that. *headdesk*
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So tired. Probably my own fault, well sort of, I can't help the bizarre dreams. But I could have gone to bed earlier. But yeah no I had a dream that Jazz got crushed under snow, like his windshield and on side wind got broken and the roof was caved in. Then someone hit him and scratched up one side really bad. Then I woke up.
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So last night I was all yay I don't have to work tomorrow I can sleep in. And while technically I did get to sleep in, I didn't get to sleep in as late I as I was hoping to. Fat mutt absolutely positively had to go out at 9:30 and woke me up by whining outside my door a lot. After I let him out I can see why he did need to go out, his lead was still wrapped around the pole next to the porch which means he hadn't gone out since the last time I put him out yesterday evening.

I ended up getting like 8 hours of sleep last night, but I'm still tired. Not cool.

edit: and now I have to go rescue fat mutt. it sounds like he's tangled in something at the far end of his run. *headdesk*
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It is agaist my very nature to be awake this early in the morning. Plus it's way to light out. Ugh. I hope I manage to find a different job soon. Because yeah I'm just not cut out for early mornings. Probably because I just don't sleep well when I know I have to get up early.
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I so fail at getting up in the morning. Today I'm going to blame my grandmother. Who called at 8am, which is approximately 4 hours after I actually fell asleep. But the good news is that I do have a job again. I gave to be at the farm no later than 8:30 (half past 8 in my grandmother's words) tomorrow morning to start working for minimum wage. Which you know isn't the best thing in the world but at least I'm have a paycheck coming in. I could have started today but only four hours of sleep didn't seem like a great idea. Plus now I can use today to re-do my resume and send it off to a couple places. And actually finish the T-Mobile application on-line.

In other news it's a gorgous day out. Which I've sadly slept though a good chunk of. But now I'm up. I think I'll shave my legs and wear a skirt today. Which is a 360 from yesterday where I was wearing long jeans and a hoodie every time I left the house.
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Sleeping 4am until 11:30am really isn't enough sleep. Or maybe it would be if I hadn't been woken up by the roommate leaving for work at 6am.

I'm up now and it's raining. Guy from work texted to see if I wanted him to come up to visit. I'm thinking about it.
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Hair cut still looks cute. This is good. Go Mom.

It is another nice but not unseasonably warm out. Should probably remember to take a light jacket with me today.

I'm hoping tonight I actually get so sleep. The last two nights I haven't managed more than 3 consecutive hours and it's starting to catch up with me. The fact that the cats have decided that 5am is the perfect time to try and kill each other isn't helping anything.
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So I went to bed really early for me last night, be for 12:30. I thought this is a good idea I can get like 9 maybe 10 hours of sleep before I have to get up. No such luck. It took forever to fall asleep then I slept in 2 hour intervals. Well 2 two hour intervals before getting woken up by the roommate and laying awake for another hour or so then nodding off for like 20 min at a time.

So my grand plan to get lots of sleep and feel better amounted to nothing.

Although on the random side I had a dream where I was swiming with Bob Bryar. Or we were racing each other maybe. There was a pool with lanes and we were swimming laps anyway.
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I really really hope I'm supposed to be to work at 1 today. As I didn't up until almost 11, and if I'm supposed to be to work at noon I should be like getting ready to leave in 20 min, not reading my f-list. Oh well. I guess tonight I should really try to get to sleep at a decent hour. Which hasn't been working so well for me lately. I did get to sleep before 3am today, but probably not by much.
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So I got up and spent 15 minutes cleaning up the snow in the yard as best I could with what we've got for shovels, as the roommate's uncle never came by again.

I come in the house and the roommates fish tank is in the sink, which means PJ Sparkles finally gave up the ghost and died. And the computer room door is closed which means Sass is in there so Lex can't attack him.

The great cat war continued all night. I got woken up several times by cats hissing and growling followed by the dog barking and the degus squeaking. So pretty much all the good I did myself by going to bed before 1am was undone about two hours after I feel asleep.
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Last night I dreamed about: Zombies, almost drowning in a flood and going to cooking school.

Which is fairly impressive given how little sleep I got.

It always happens when I try to go to bed earlyish. The degus woke me up at 5 and I didn't get back to sleep until after 7, and I woke up again at 8 something. I went to bed early enough I should have gotten 8 hours of sleep before I got up, instead I got maybe 6, 6 very broken up hours of sleep.


Feb. 14th, 2008 09:45 am
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I tried to get a good nights sleep last night, I really did. I went to bed before 1am and everything. Then it all went down hill, it took me an hour and a half to get to sleep and then I got woken up an hour before my alarm went off by snow falling off the roof and never went back to sleep.

Also I was dreaming about Project Runway. Which tells me watching the marathon yesterday clearly wasn't good for my brain.


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