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I think I set some sort of bargain shopper record yesterday. I left with 50$ I could spend. I needed to perhaps try and find a dress for the wedding I'm in the summer. I came home with 13$ left, after buying food twice, a dress, shoes, and a calender. I spent less than 30$ total on my outfit for the wedding. Everything was on sale, the the bride to be approved everything. All I have to do is put wider straps on the dress and I am golden.
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Once again I'm stealing VIP's internets. Okay so they don't really care but I like to say I'm stealing it. Hopefully I will have internet at home by Tuesday. That would be very very nice.

Went to the New Balance tent sale today. Bought shoes, two pairs. Spent just under $63. Which is pretty good for New Balance stuff. I didn't really need two new pairs of sneakers, but if I can find them that fit I figured I might as well buy them, they'll last me for years.
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So Wanted was really quite good. The me and [ profile] annikasevn went out and proved once again why we should never go to stores together. Although really I didn't do to bad, I spent less than $20 and got new shoes, two pairs of sock, one which was for [ profile] annikasevn, and a happy bunny sleep shirt. The shoes have skulls and cross bones on them and I love them very much.

Ate to much candy at the movie and will do so again tomorrow night. Also my mother is an evil person who gave me and energy drink and now I'm never going to get to sleep tonight. I drank the whole thing before the movie and by the time we were at the theater I was all giggly and twitchy and really haven't improved much since then. Also if I didn't always fix my typos this post would be very hard to understand.
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I'm so glad today was a half day at work, it's getting pretty hot outside. Went grocery shopping spent a lot of money. Mostly because it was my turn to by toilet paper and paper towels. But I once again have some food so that's a plus. And silver nail polish, that's always nice to. Impulse buyer? Me? Never.
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Being the mature and responsible adult I am, I bought Batman fruit snacks when I went grocery shopping. And now I'm eating donuts for supper.

So my hair, just about gave the store manager a heart attack when he saw me. Oops? He some how missed that I was dying my hair orange, and everyone else evidently thought I was joking. Oh well.

In other news I'm dragging the roommate to Rumors in Skowvegas next week to go see some local bands play, well I think they're Maine bands, TOS plays them but that's a bout it I think. She keeps complaining that I go to concerts without her, this time she can't complain. Dee might be tagging along, she likes some of the bands too. Plus it's like 2 seconds from her house.

I need to make a new icon of me with the new hair.

Also this snow crap needs to stop. Like a lot. The weather gets a giant fail today.

edit: icon with orange hair now!
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Today was a good day. I had way to much soda and five pieces of pizza at work. Plus I got to take the left over pizza, a whole pizza!, home.

Also we've got oil change/tire rotation packages on sale right now. So I had that done, only cost me $20.09, which is more than the sale price, but not bad considering my car doesn't take the bulk oil, and randomly has a 4.6 quart system. So any who Jazz Spencer Smith is all happy for another 6,000 miles or so, oil wise any way.

Went to mom's. She trimed my hair for me. I'm sure no one at work will notice, but it does look different to me. Also I told her the sale and now I'm making her an appointment for Wednesday to have her oil changed and tires rotated. If I was better at driving a stick I'd just bring the car in for her tomorrow. But I'm not, so for now it'll just have to be when she can make it in. I swear this summer, I'm going to learn how to drive a stick if it kills me.

In other news I bought turquoise liquid eyeliner. Consequently I'm now wearing turquoise eyeliner. It looks pretty green to me, but I still like it. It's much more vivid than the purple I bought a couple months ago. Although it doesn't look so hot with the bronze eyeshadow I put on this morning.

All the soda and caffeine is starting to catch up with me, I'm getting twitchy. This should be fun, to much caffeine, plus time change, plus early morning tomorrow. I'm going to have to prop my eyelids open at work.
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In good news I only bought two things that weren't on my list when I went grocery shopping, and they were both on sale. I got a new belt, and some vanilla chai sented deoderat. Not that I remember to wear deodorant half the time, I've had my current one since college I think.

In so-so news I finally got my Christmas present from my Uncle. It's a very nice Timex, but it's analog, and I'm (wo)man enough to admit I can't analog watches, or clocks, to save my life.

In bad news my Grandmother's heart is failing and she was in the emergency room Monday night.
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So I went into town with the roommate. It was clearly a mistake as I am now in posesion of a new stereo with 5 CD changer and I-Pod dock. Not that there is anything wrong with my current stereo other than in being huge and old. But the new one, it was on clearance for $99 marked down from $130. So I was bad and bought it. Now I have to clean off the old one and the top of my dresser before I can even think about getting the new on in my room.
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Here are two of them.

I'm thinking of taking this mug into work. A couple of the managers have mugs so they can drink tea at work. I like tea, I have tea, I just need tea and a mug at work and then I'm all set. I have mugs yes, but a purple one that says Reality! Is overrated! is so much better than anything I own.

Also they had things on sale. So I bought a skirt. A bright blue skirt with ruffles, sort of, and bead work. I have no idea when or where I would wear it. But I have it should the urge arise.

my skirt let me show it to you )

And now my room smells like Liquid Sunshine. This is a vast improvement to the way it normally smells.
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Jazz (Spencer Smith) is now back in tip top shape. Woot. Sadly the pet store was not hiring and they didn't even have an application I could fill out. I cheered myself up by going to the art supply store next door. I was good I just bought one tube of paint in a color I needed and some liquin. Then I went to mom's and got my pad of canvas paper and picked up a couple of my paintings that I'd wanted to hang in my room, but didn't have. Now I'm going to do nothing. If i get ambisious I might do dishes. The degu cage I'm leaving for tomorrow.
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Meh, I actually have to leave the house soon, need to get Jazz inspected so I'm legal for another year of driving. If he doesn't pass I will pitch some sort of fit, if only in my own head. I'm not actually worried though, because frankly I've had Jazz less than a year and he has less than 10 thousand miles on him and I'm very careful with him.

Yes I've decided my car is a boy. A sort of sleek, stylish and possibly slightly girly boy, but a boy none the less.

My plans for tomorrow involve not leaving the house, and possibly not my room or bed, other than for food and bathroom runs. I'm thinking ps2 until my eyes bleed. Today I must be adult like and go shopping so I have some foods. Well I've got foods, I'm just out of junk food.
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I am a walking fashion disaster. Just so the world knows. My boss laughed at me when I walked into work to get my pay check. He's evidently not a fan of my striped hat. And my roommate keeps laughing at my new shirt. Which is probably not undeserved, but I like it any way. It's black t-shirt with fake sleeves in black and gray zebra strip that goes to the elbow on the front is a big hot pink heart with a bright blue arrow through it, the heart says love hurts. All in all it's very 80's I'll admit, but it caught my attention so I had to buy it. I also got a black hoodie and some silver fabric paint. Now I just need to figure out what I'm putting on it. It's my way of helping myself get over the fact my black hoodie with all the silver skulls and cross bones shrunk so much when I washed it.

In other news I once again have food. And that's always a good thing.
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That was a long but fun day. Ended with dropping off my step-mother's birthday present and dealing with people freaking out about a little bit of snow.

I spent way way to much money. And for once bought no electronics.

For the list, by store.

Hot Topic: MCR black and white striped fingerless gloves, argyle knee socks with skull and cross bones, earring that are cats that look like they are hanging through your ears.

Spencer's: Canvas MCR messenger bag. (In my defense I really did need a new messenger bag, my old one is held together with safety pins)

Payless: Black and white patterned slip on sneakers.

Build-a-Bear: A koala bear. That I named Monty. When you squeeze his foot he says "No one suspects the Spanish Inquisition" I made my own sound, and did a really bad accent. He's wearing a little pair of black jeans with a chain, a black t-shirt with the planets on it and he has a red guitar. He's Monty, the rock start koala bear who quotes Monty Python.

Calender Club: A Skelanimals calender. Is so cute. Cause dead animals do need love too.

Deb: A black zippered hooded sweatshirt with silver skulls and cross bones. And a cute black vest with a lace back.

The only bit of that I can't even vaguely justify is Monty. Going shopping with friends is bad. Also I think I need to readjust the seat in my car, my right leg is sore after all the driving I did today.

edit: the socks are for sizes 9-11, I wear a 6, oops. Oh well. If they are way to huge on my I can give them to the roommate.
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A hundred and something dollars poorer I have gas in the car and food for me, and things to wrap presents with, and new sheets.

Sadly my paycheck hadn't arrived yet so it's a good thing I did have money in my checking account.

Aardvark and Snowball said I look terrible with blond hair, and one of the tire changers thought it looked nice. I'm going purple tonight. For sure.
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I bought body wash that smells like chocolate. I'm going to get hungry every time I take a shower aren't I?

When I went to get my paycheck Neurotic!Manager didn't even know it was Thursday. Poor guy.

It was nuts in Wal-Mart. Christmas shopping in the middle of the day is my guess. I would avoid the place, but they have the ice tea I like.

Now I think I'll make the scarf I'm giving Aardvark (New!Girl) for christmas and watch Bourne Ultamatum since the roommate brought it home for me and all.
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Me and the roommate should just not be allowed to go shopping together. Also Liquid Sunshine is now of the list of places we are not allowed to go. But she's got new shoes, and I've got hair dye and an ear cuff. And a pair of shoes or two I really want. One pair was on sale, and had color changing flames on the sides, but they just weren't comfortable enough for me to justify spending 40$ on. And they had these Doc Martians that I'm in love with, but they are over 100$. So not cool.

Also I bought Hot Fuzz and Ghost Rider used at Movie Gallery. And they were half off, so 15$ got me both of them.
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I have no food. Well very little at this point frozen pizza and noddles I need milk for, I'm cooking the other ones.

I haven't had a chance to go shopping in over a week. Tomorrow I shop. The bill I shutter to think of.

Today I bought things I shouldn't have. Like a new case for my i-pod, and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. And The Triangle. In my defense the most expensive thing was the i-pod case. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang was only $4.88.
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Survived work. Barely. My break was like an hour and a half in so the rest of the shift dragged like whoa. After work I shopped, and now other than for H. all my christmas shopping is done. And I got more cloths for work, 2 navy blue shirts and one pair of khaki pants. Probably really need to track down at least one more shirt as I only have 3 navy blue ones and one of them is short sleeved.

My head hurts and my mouth feels a bit on fire, which is really my fault for putting so much salsa on my nachos.
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I call the shopping trip a success. I got a skirt at Old Navy, I know for me thats out of character, but it was a 40$ skirt and I got it for less than 20$. Plus I like how their clothing is cut. The skirt is an 8. I could pull a 10 on over my pants, belt and cell phone. And I got new shoes, H. got the same ones only in a different size. How different? Well mine would probably fit inside her's, she wear an 11, I got a 5.

But still new stuff. Am wearing the skirt right now. The shoes will wait until tomorrow or Wen.
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The shirt saga continues. Whilst my new tank-top has a built in bar, I have big boobs. So it doesn't do much good. And its got spaghetti straps so I really need a strapless bra to go under it. I have one, but its padded. And I don't need padding. So I should probably at some point try and find an unpadded strapless bra in my size, then I can wear this shirt and feel less like one of those people I mock at work.

Have heard from Navy boy. He's at his parents. But probably wont be here until 1. Which leaves me wondering if we're really going to have time to go out to lunch and still manage to get tickets to Superman. I guess his parents told him they wanted him to stay there this morning so they could spend time with him, but they've got other people over. And I'm in just the right kind of mood today to think they just don't want him to spend time with me. They are the ones who told him there was bad weather coming so he should stay in Portland. (There was no bad weather) It's probably not really the case but I'm in a the worlds out to get me sort of mood.

Maybe I should hunt some wild caffeine. Or not so wild. I did try to get a little more sleep, it just didn't work, at all.


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