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Lots of people on my f-list are talking about the season finally of Doctor Who. Were as I am so behind I just finished the last season of Torchwood. It made me cry. I'd start Doctor Who next, I have all the episodes but the last two, but I still haven't watched the end of the last season of SGA so I think I'll do that first what with the new episodes starting Friday.
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Why oh why does Bloodties have to be one at 11 on Friday nights? I'm not allowed to stay up this late. Stupid work, stupid Saturday being my Monday, and the earliest day of my work week. Anyone want to go to work for me? It shouldn't take to long to figure out the weirdness that is the VIP cash register. Mostly all I do Saturdays is blink stupidly anyway.

So SGa, that was a pretty good episode. Wait, what am I talking about? )

I've only been up for just over 12 hours and now I need to go back to sleep. I am sort of tired I guess. I think that means I'm sick though. I slept like 9 hours last night, that's usually a good sign I'm sick, sleeping more than like 6 hours a night.

Why is Bloodties so much more interesting than sleep? Because I have to be up at 7, I can not stay up and watch the whole episode.
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Teyla's expression at the end of the episode? Priceless.

Didn't next weeks episode already happen? Sort of, only this mystery aliment seems to end in less death than the last one.
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I forgot to say anything about SGA earlier. Oops. I liked it. Although... )
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Next weeks episode looks good. And very Ronon focused.
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Kaylee is on SGA again. Different character this time though.

And I'm thinking me having missed some earlier episodes may effect my knowing whats going on.

think thoughts )

Side note, I would so love to win the get in the gate contest. I've been trying for years, it would have been cooler if I'd won when there was two shows to be on. But still, being on SGA would still be fun.

And man are they pushing season 10 of SG1 on DVD.

back to my ramblings. )
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By merely turning on my TV I totally spoiled myself for something on SGA. Because yes I have all of this season, I just have watched it yet. So they... ) That'll teach me not to keep caught up on my shows.
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Am watching McKay and Mrs. Miller. All I have to say is ahahahahah. And poor Rodney.

more )

In other news I had a nice long talk with Navy boy. We are possibly a little, lot sappy sometimes. Things are really going good with us and that makes me really really happy.
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I'd actually written something coherent about it. Then I had to restart my computer and I forgot to save the entry. I'll try again I guess.Common Ground )

Now to clean the degu cage since its nice and sunny out. Well if I can get them out of the cage.
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So I've been re watching season one SGA. Now I know people have been talking about how unethical/boneheaded choices have been made this season. Have they forgotten the first season? Man they were no better then, Suspicion is a prime example of this. They started the show with people making shifty decisions, why would they change now? I mean really. Not that I think anyone will a) read this, or b) care if they do. I just wanted to share my observation.

Robin is having another spastic attack everything evening. The joys of living with a cat.
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First off I hate episodes like this. Like a lot a lot. Second ahahah I recognize one of the locations from the first episode of Dead Zone. More blather )

This season of SGA is really not impressing me much. Although next weeks looks interesting.
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So I finally got to see SGA 305 )
For the most part I liked this episode. Actually for the whole part.

Almost got to talk with Navy boy on-line tonight. But after yahell kicking him off twice in maybe two min. he apparently gave up. Poopy. Wanted to talk. Might just call him after work tomorrow rather than depend on the not at all dependable internet.
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SGA is really letting me down this season. I still haven't managed to watch Misbegotten and the guy who plays Luscious annoys then hell out of me, actually the character makes me want to kill something too, so I'm not even sure how much of Irresitable I'm going to be able to stomach.

edit:so i actually finished it )
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Its kind of interesting to me how people in the SG:A fandom are all up in arms over the morality or lack there of of the characters this season and last. I haven't been all that bothered, its just a show. Then I sat down and watched some Pretender and figured out why I really don't care. I loved the Pretender when I was younger, and well Jarod tortures people, mostly just psychologically although sometimes he sets them up to be tortured by other peopl, pretty much ever episode. And lets not even get into what they did at the Center. They really did torture people, among other things So I'm quite used to liking characters and shows where morality doesn't even matter.
So all the people up in arms, have fun with it. I'll continue loving my shows were people do what they think is right rather then what society tells them is.
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Okay so I'm ready for the next season of SGA like now.

Allies )
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Am watching SG:A, The Tower instead of sleeping. good greif )

Okay it is really windy out. That should making getting to sleep interesting.
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Evidently me reading a lot of SGA fic in one day leads to me having a dream with Rodney McKay in it. Other than him being very McKay like I don't remember much. Last night was actually a dream filled night. There was another one that involved dragons and ships and portals and for some reason KISS. Oh I was riding on a school bus at one point too. Although I think the best one was the one I had right before I got up. It was today only much much warmer. The snow was all melted and we were all going to go to the beach in the Mustang. And I was complaining about hurting myself when I slipped in the snow yesterday. Which I actually did, there is a bruise on the side of my leg which I didn't know until I layed down on my side and went ow.


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