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I think I turned into a pod person or something. I don't leave until thursday, but I just packed like all of my stuff up. I didn't even start packing to leave for college untill like two days before. To leave I start three days early. Guess I want to go home.

Finished writing my english final today, took my physics final, got a meeting with my drawing teacher tonight, hand in english paper tomorrow and meet with english teacher on thursday. Then I go home.
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Little schools suck. I got to eat rolls and pasta with butter and salt and pepper for supper. Because the person cooking today didn't make enough sauce. And yesterday they didn't make enough food period.

My bestfriend is trying to get me to move to Canada with her, cause she going to school out there. I bet that school has food.
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this is so not fair everyone, and i do mean everyone, on campus tonight is either drunk or has been drinking. no body told me what was goin' on. So now I'm stuck in a dorm with like 35 inebriated or slightly inebriated people.

on a happy note I watch an SNL re-run with Nsync on it.
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This school is just so much fun. I leave for like 40 min, I come back someone has toilet papered the inside of the dorm. There is toilet paper running up the stairs through the hall, down the other flight of stairs then through the downstairs hall. I rally don't want to know what was running though the perpetrators mind, or their blood stream for that matter.

Oh Blah...

Nov. 25th, 2001 08:12 am
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Get to go back to school today. Oh joy won't that be fun. I get to deal with all the holiday traffic. Everyone's going to be going the same way as me. Everyone wants to get out of Maine. That means traffic will be slow and in places bumper to bumper for miles on end. I hate bad traffic. I like it when I can get on the interstate and do about 75 to 80 the whole way to school or to home. I don't think that'll happen today. And to top it all off I have a really bad cold, like I can't even think strait with this cold. I don't want to go to school, really I don't need to go to class tomorrow I can go back tomorrow, with no problem at all. (don't I wish)
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Day two of actual college classes. I'm bord I don't have class untill 4, which isn't a bad thing.

I don't have a room mate yet cause mine changed her mind at the last minet about going to college, like she was here with all her stuff and then left, she lives like 4 hours away, my parent would kill me if I did something like that.

I've started to make friends with people, mostly guys at this piont, or should I say one guy, whatever.

I stayed up way to late like every night I've been here except the first night I was here. Last night I draged myself into my room at like 3 and then got up less then 4 hours latter for no good reason. It probably a good thing I don't have a room mate at the momment and when I do get one I hope they don't mind the fact that I'm a night owl.

I think I better stop writing now, got homework to do. (second day of classes and I'm already doing the stuff, evil, evil I tell you)

I did it!!!

Jun. 9th, 2001 10:35 pm
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Its offical I'm a high school graduate, I've got my diploma and their not getting it back! I don't think its really sunk in yet. Maybe it will after the party I'm going to tomorrow, maybe not. All I can say for sure is that I'm so glad I'm do with that school, I never liked it and I never will.
Graduation presents are great, I got a tv/vcr, and lots of money, most of it with a put it towards college lable, but my dad gave me a hundred to spend on what ever I want, so I'm pretty happy.
I'm so wound up right now its doughtful I'll get much sleep tonight, oh well.
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Today was my last offical day of high school. I'm so happy its not even funny, well okay it is. I don't have to take any finals. Mon. I need to go in to hand in my portfolio for photography and two projects for my art class. But art is fun so thats no problem.
I'm free, I'm free, I need to find a job, but I'm free from the tyrany of my high school, its another week until graduation, which really doesn't make any sceance to me at all, but thats okay.
I still done with school, and that makes me in the best mood ever.
And to top that off I'm racing tomorrow if it doesn't rain, and it'll be the longest race I''ve ever been in!
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Two more weeks and I'm done with high school, three weeks and I graduate. I'm so happy. June first is my last day. Unfortunatly I have a big chemisrty project to do between now and Thur. which is not happiness. But the rest is wonderful.
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corpse. There's going to be one of those in the play I'm in, or at lest thats what the directer said before she realized what she said. Right now there is no corpse. Just a spot that everyone pretends is a corpse. The play is very dumb, its called "Of Widows and Vegetables" I'm a tap dancing widow. I have no will of my own, an evil guy married me and then druged me to get my money. (Not good drugs either, I just stand around and look stupid) Me and the other druged widow have decided to become drunk widows and see how long it takes for the directer to notice. Maybe I shouldn't do that I need to pass play production in order to graduat, and I want out of the stupid high school as soon asd possible.
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I think the student teacher in my play production class needs to be dragged into the street and shot, well at lest ingured. I'm trying to write a stupid paper on the stupid director's I have for the stupid play (Street Car Named Desire, okay the play not that bad) I don't even have a good concept over the underlying whatever of the play. I suposed to have 4 pages, think 1 1/2 is close enough. I didn't think so either. There is only so much bullshiting one can do. I'm to tierd to do good bullshiting right now. I don't think the stupid paper is ever going to be done, at lest right now its just a rough, very rough draft. No quotes though that requires even more work. I don't have that kind of time. This is going to drive me even more nuts than I already am. Why did I take this stupid class? Oh thats right I didn't really want it the stupid gudence people stuck me init and I can't drop if I plan on graduation with my class.
Okay I feel marginaly better now (very marginally) I think I'll go try to acomplish something again.
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First day abck to school after vacation. I don't like school and I still have way to much homework. I managed to studiously avoid all school work during vaction. I also didn't manage to work on my Sentilnel fic thats been sitting aroung forever. I did magage to write on last night for Hitchicker's Guide to the Galaxly. I don't have it on my site yet. I'm not sure if I should subjagate others into reading it. My spure of the moment Outer Limits story is up though (if you want to read it its here: ) I supose if I put that up I can put up my hitchicker one, but I have to think on it more.
I think I hear some ignored homework calling my name I better go answer it. *sigh*
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Well I got to see the most recent episode of X-files today. Yeah, well yeah Krychek's (did I spell that right?) in it so that's a good thing.
On the topic of Krychek my Krychek wallpaper winked at me a minet ago. I think I need to sleep.
I'm so tierd right now its not even funny. I hate the time change, I hate school too.
One of my teachers gave the class an assinment that requires access to a photocopier. Don't think so, and I'm not hand righting 40 something pages of script for the demented class. I got my mommy to write me a note saying the teachers nuts that makes me happy.
But alas I still have a boat load of homework left, but I feel better-ish now. Thank you various and a sort beings for listening to the raving of a crazy sleep deprived person.
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One more day of school done, one less to go through. I can hardly beleive that I'm going to be out of high school in less than three months. It seems sometime like I hardly started school. I guess sometimes life just goes by fast. I think thats all my deep insite for today.
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At school once again. Blah. Keybording is so boring.
Well my brit. lit. class was funish. We got an assinment to write a paper using a persona, the paper has to be about using a shocking method to fix some problem. EX: Poor countrys eatting and selling there kids for profit and food, and population controll. My idea so far: Promoting homosexual relationships as a method of population control. Any one got an idea, let me know.


Mar. 15th, 2001 11:54 am
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Well I'm at school, I shouldn't be writing in this, but I bored. Keybording is bad enough when the teacher is here and when its a sub its even worse. I think this class equates to hell. But I'm not sure. I think I'm done writing now. I should go back to pretending that I'm doing what I'm suposed to be doing.


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