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I had a dream last night that involved going to an MCR concert and at some point making out with Gerard Way. Which I guess is better than the dream about camping or the dream about getting up on stage and singing with an acapella group.

In other news I picked a good day to take off. It's raining. Which means I wouldn't have worked anyway. Also means Dad's race is probably going to rain out. Which is to bad, but I'd already said I wasn't even going to try and go because it looked to much like rain. Speaking of Dad and racing he's still driving for the PASS, I think, car team. And their up to 11th in points which is pretty cool. Especially since they finally took the car to the place Dad has his cars set up. And it turns out the car was set up for dirt track racing. Which is very very different from how it should have been set up for the paved track racing it's been doing. This making the fact Dad's done well enough to have them in 11th even more amazing, also the fact that frequently the cars been getting lap times close to that or faster than that of the race leaders. Now Dad's worried he wont be able to drive it set up right because he's gotten used to it being all screwy.
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Turns out we do get FOX at work. So I got to see the green flag fly then I had to close my drawer. Now I am happily watching curled up with my computer. And there was just a wreck. But not a bad one. So thats good.
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Saturday is the second time I've worked all day for [ profile] annikasevn, and for the second time Dad contacts me at the last minute to say he's racing Saturday. *headdesk*

Cause really I'd much rather be at the track than at work. Not cool, not cool at all.
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Yay race. Although I wish I'd remembered that it was on, I've been home since 6:30. But getting to see the end is always good.

Although having to explain stuff to the roommate every two seconds takes some of the joy out of it. She is not a race kinda person.
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I was all yay it's a Sunday and I don't work until late, I can watch the race. Now I would like to know why there is so much pre-race crap. I still have an hour and a half to kill until the race actually stars. Not cool. I want racing. I haven't been to any races this year. No short track, nothing. Dad keeps chickening out on his races and what we me having dumped navy boy I won't be going to any NEXTEL Cup races unless I want to shell out the money for it.

But still I wants my racing.

edit: and to make it just a tick worse, I was at this race last year. It was a billion degrees out and I still hadn't recovered from 6 Flags and kept falling asleep. I wish I was there right now, it's not a billion degrees out, I bet its nice at the track.
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Yay there is a race on my TV. I haven't actually seen part of a NEXTEL Cup race this season. I still have Dad's tape of the 500, I just haven't watched it yet.

And my roommate's not home so I can watch guilt free.

Cool beans

Jun. 29th, 2006 04:39 pm
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Navy boy just called. To see if I wanted to go in the pits at the Bush race on 15th. So not only am I'm going to see another NEXTEL cup race if all works out well and his boss gets the passes I'm going in the pits at a Bush race. Which is wicked cool. I've been in the pits at a ton of races, but never at any race that is at all associated with NASCAR.

I'm going to need a vacation from my vacation. We're going to 6 Flags on the 14th, the Bush race the 15th, and the NEXTEL race the 16th. I have the 17th off for a travel day, but I'm really really hoping I work late in the day on the 18th so I can just veg the 17th and go home then. With my luck it'll be a random day shift though. I hate working days.
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Listening to a Talladega race on the radio just isn't the same as watching it.
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Am safe and sound in NH. We even managed to get here without being pulled over, go us.

The psycho cat is sort of being good right now. She's jumped onto the back of the computer chair twice and into a big box a couple times, but she has learned the word no, which means my braid is so far unmolested.

Navy boy had to go into work for awhile today, boo. This is usually his day off, and the only day we would have gotten to spend all day just the two of us. Cause next weeked we'll be at the races with my dad and step-mother and as they don't know he's my boyfriend, its not quite the same.

I'm hungry. Probably cause I haven't eatten anything since supper last night. I should probably do something about that.

I think I'm going to try and use a different icon with every post. I have so many and never use them.
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Big surprise my dad wanted me to drive him around today, but he didn't give me any gas money.

Sounds like things are probably a go for me spending next week at Navy boys. Dad just needs to make sure there's going to be room for me to catch a ride back to Maine. And in the racing front I'd thought it was a given I'd be going to the practice this week, but I'm not. Dad's new truck is only a regular cab and his wife and his crew chief want to go, which means I'm not. They better not be expecting me to play spotter on the 30th with out any practice. Well probably my step-mother will be going and she can be the spotter and leave me free to do whatever, probably hang out with Navy boy in the stands, the tracks not that big I'm sure I could get back to the pits no problem from the front stretch if they need me.
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Well I got to race yesterday. My car ran good, it was a little tight, but I managed to deal with it. I improved my lap time a full second from my first practice to my feature race. I even managed to not get lap once in either my qualifying race or my feature race. I almost made it though with out getting in a wreck. I spun once, not my fault someone lost a radiator and about five cars spun, I didn't hit anyone. Then coming out of the first turn on the last lap, a couple of cars got together one hit the wall and the other spun. I almost made it though that. Unfortunately the one who spun was a rather squirrelly driver, very unpredictable. Drove down the track right in front of me. I hit him broad side, hard. But before I hit I saw the seen from days of thunder where the guy hits the wall in pit lane, right before he hit he says "Oh, this is gonna hurt." That flashed in my head then boom I hit the guy, and yes it hurt. I bit my tough and snapped my head forward hard, I have never been gladder that I wear a neck support when I race. Even with it I managed to get whip-lash. I have no idea how some of those fools can do the every week. I hurts a lot more to be the one doing the broad siding then it does to be the one broad sided. I hope to never repeat that experience. When I hit the shifter on my car broke, I almost had to be towed in 'cause I had a hard time getting the damn thing in gear. Then when I went in the pits I tried to down shift and it just made a grinding noise. The hood has been pushed back two inches at lest and the front bumper is ruined. I think its a good thing that was my last race for the season and that I have another car for next year.
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This is very sad, I'm going on vacation fo two weeks and wont be on my computer. I think I'm going to cry. That and I'm going to be away from my music, not good.
Atlest college has internet and I'll have my computer. I wish I had m lap top already, then atleast my music could go too.
On a happy note I may race tomorrow I haven't made up my mind yet though.
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I got to see the Oxford 250 today. For those of you not from Maine or New England that is the biggest race in Maine and one of the highest paying short track races in the US. The guy won won got enough money to pay my college tuition for two years! I'm definetly racing the wrong class of car, I think I could win like 200 bucks for winning with my car, probably not even that much. Any who it was a lot of fun. Except now I have a sun burn and I was wearing sun screen, well I was on my shoulders and thier buned, my face is too. This is so not fun.
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Saturday I got to race, my car was going really well and I drew 4th for starting position. All was well. Then some dip didn't slow down for the yellow flag in practis and ripped a hole in my only right front tire when he hit me. That also managed to knock something lose in the electical system. Then my car stald and would stop and I ended up blocking pit road, lots of people not really happy about that, someone pushed me in though. Oh well I didn't continue to race but I did bring the car home in one peice so that was good.

This bites

Jun. 2nd, 2001 08:11 am
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It raining out, that means I don't get to race today. It also mean I wont have another chance to race for two weeks. I graduate next weekend and because of all indiots I go to school with we're graduating Sat. night, which means I can't race becouse graduation starts and hour sfter racing does, I'm so not happy about this.
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Today was my last offical day of high school. I'm so happy its not even funny, well okay it is. I don't have to take any finals. Mon. I need to go in to hand in my portfolio for photography and two projects for my art class. But art is fun so thats no problem.
I'm free, I'm free, I need to find a job, but I'm free from the tyrany of my high school, its another week until graduation, which really doesn't make any sceance to me at all, but thats okay.
I still done with school, and that makes me in the best mood ever.
And to top that off I'm racing tomorrow if it doesn't rain, and it'll be the longest race I''ve ever been in!
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I was going to race today, but I didn't. My dad felt sick and since he's the one that holls my car around for me I couldn't that made me very unhappy.
There was a nice rain storm earlier this evening. I think it was a good thing. The ground was really dry. But its still hot and icky out. Some days I hate warm weather.
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I got to race my car today, I'm so happy. Sure I finished last, but I wasn't in a single wreck. Thats a new thing for me I've never managed to not get wrecked before. The only bad stuff that happend was the shifter got messed up and I lost revers and coulg hardly get it in first. That and it was really cold cause of the wind, but I still managed to get a sun burn. I look like I'm doing an impression of rudolifo the red noised raindeer.
Well not that I've shared with the world I think I'll go to bed. I had to get up earlier today than I do t go to school


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