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So I've been marathoning The Pretender just because I can lately. And I just got to the christmas episode in the first season, and I just love the part where Miss. Parker opens the present Jarod gave her and sees the rabbit and realizes he remembers her wanting one when she was a child. I just love the relationship between those two characters. They shouldn't like each other or ever get a long. But they do despite everything. I really hope they actually make the third movie and that when they do Miss. Parker and Jarod end up together.

In other news I should probably go to bed. Admittedly I don't have to be to work until 1 and it's only a four hour shift. But sleep is good for me. Plus I really need to try and have a slightly more normal sleep pattern at lest for while I've got this job.
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I always forget how much I hate the end of the second Pretender movie. I want the third movie. Or the script to be leaked, or like a novelization of the script if they never make the third one. Ugh, I must know the answers to all the secrets. Will Jarod and Miss. Parker ever hook up? Or are they actually siblings? Will Mr. Lyle ever not be creepy and turned on by his twin trying to kill/hurt him? What do the scrolls say? Will the Center finally meet its doom? Will Mr. Raines ever really die?

In other news one more day of work, then two days of freedom. \o/

Need to remember to turn on the fan before leaving for work so the roommate doesn't bitch at me again. I didn't today, or barely thought of it as I ran out the door. Evidently it was 80 something in the house when the roommate got home and the dog was panting, it was terrible. She blames it of the fact he's black, which has little effect in a trailer that hardly ever has sunlight in it. It's much more likely caused by the dog being grossly over weight.

So fan on tomorrow.
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Okay that just messed with my head. I just watched the first Pretender/Profiler cross over, on my DVD set. And now I'm watching the Profiler half. And was getting confused. They changed the end of the Pretender episode on the DVD. I know this because I double checked my first run taped version.

I guess I can understand why. But I was a little confused when Profiler started talking about a character they'd caught at the end of the Pretender episode as some one they still hadn't found.
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Well Navy boy has finally gotten around to double checking to make sure its okay for me to move into the apartment. And he's applied for a 6 month extension in the navy. Which means that I know we'll be staying in Claremont at least until next June. Also I wonder if this means he got the promotion he was waiting to hear about. I know he'd said he was probably going to be done with the navy if he didn't get it.

Talked to [ profile] annikasevn for awhile this evening. That was nice haven't talked to her in awhile. We are planning on going to the drive-in on Sat. night. No idea what's playing and I have to work Sunday morning, but I don't care. We will have fun and I'll deal with the sleep deprivation as best I can.

I think I'm supposed to get the dishes washed tonight. So I should probably be doing that rather than half watching LXG with I'm not really sure why I'm watching in the first place. I seem to see it on cable every time I visit Navy boy. Probably cause I couldn't find anything else I wanted to watch more. I may end up starting all over on Pretender episodes even though I just watched season 2 and part of 4. I just seem to be very much in a Pretender mood at the moment.
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Man I had forgotten so much of what happened in the Pretender movies. Well I'm assuming I remember little of the second one, as I hardly remembered anything from the first one. And still there are so many unanswered questions about whats going on. I really really really hope that someday we get that last movie and the get to find out whats really been going on.
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Found my DVD's. With little help from my mother who insisted they where on the coffee table. They were in fact underneath the remotes on an end table. And one of them was in the DVD player. Evidently were it was raining she decided to get them out my room so she could watch the beginning of the season since when I left she was watching the season 2 finally.

Am exhausted and do not want to go to work. I hate working closing then coming in the next morning, unfortunately it happens to me a lot.
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Its kind of interesting to me how people in the SG:A fandom are all up in arms over the morality or lack there of of the characters this season and last. I haven't been all that bothered, its just a show. Then I sat down and watched some Pretender and figured out why I really don't care. I loved the Pretender when I was younger, and well Jarod tortures people, mostly just psychologically although sometimes he sets them up to be tortured by other peopl, pretty much ever episode. And lets not even get into what they did at the Center. They really did torture people, among other things So I'm quite used to liking characters and shows where morality doesn't even matter.
So all the people up in arms, have fun with it. I'll continue loving my shows were people do what they think is right rather then what society tells them is.
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Am watching a Pretender episode with the commentary, and they keep mocking Michael T. Weiss's hair gel usage. It's pretty funny actually. And they started casting a new version of Wizard of Oz and decided that he'd be Toto. And they called Jarod crazy because of what he does to get revenge on people. Which really is true.

I should probably be sleeping, but what every, yay The Pretend.
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Who ever designed the menus on the season 3 pretender DVD's was an idiot. Not because they are hard to use but because they are hard to read. It's got a dark background with images that have points of light but are in general quite dark. And the text is black outlined in yellow outlined in black. Thus its nearly impossible to read. At least on my small TV, but I don't think a bigger screen would make much difference.

Navy boy never came on-line tonight. Oh well. I figure if there was a problem with me visiting he'd contact me. So tomorrow I get up and get going, I'm mostly packed already and I bought gas on my way in to work, and for 2 cents a gallon less then I thought I would so that was nice.

I'm hungry, I guess a snack then bed for me.


Dec. 18th, 2001 10:15 pm
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Finally got to see the newest Pretender movie OMG was it good. I'm sure I drove my grandmother nuts (don't have cable at home had to go visit) I keep telling her what was going on and what it ment to what characters. Its probably a good thing she loves me.

But any how the movie was wonderful, and intreging and all kinds of other good stuff. Any one know when the next movie is due out?


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