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So hi there people who still happen to be kicking around these parts. I'm still alive. I just send most of my time on tumblr now. I'm the-gail on there.

Life has been good. I'm nearly out from under all the stuff with the business I had. It's sold and I'm very nearly done with taking care of the mess from the lease I had for a credit card terminal.

My birthday was yesterday, had fun. Went and saw the new Captain America movie and out out to eat.

Now some photos of me and of cool things I've recently acquired. Because why not.

Photos of me! And things! )
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So the camera I usually use is in Brazil, and I don't have batteries for my good camera, which leaves the crappy one for me to use as that one's got a built in rechargeable battery.

There for have some really crappy photos of all the snow at the end of my driveway. And my house and car.
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I took this photo yesterday morning. I think it's wicked cute. T. playing guitar with his kitten watching. He didn't want me to post it because he think his hair looks to crazy, but he's gone to work and wont be back until tomorrow so I feel I can get away with it.
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I want to keep this one.
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Went to Mom's this evening to store my summer tires and get a hair cut. And to use her scale. My pants all seem to no longer fit so I wondered what I weighed. The last time I checked months ago I weighed about 145, today when I checked, 130. And that would explain why my pants don't fit. The last time I weighed 130 I was in high school, maybe my freshman year of college. I have no money for new clothing, and once I have money for clothing I'll have money for food and then wont need smaller clothing because I'll be eating more than once or twice a day. But on the other hand, yay I lost weight?

As for the hair cut it is shorter than I've had it in a while, and very cute. My hair is almost all one color now, all the greenish blondish stuff is nearly gone.

2 photos )
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Aww look at the sleepy kittens.

kitty pile!

Nov. 2nd, 2008 01:16 am
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In other less cute news I actually started working on Nano finally. I've got less than 300 words, but it's something right?
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Man eating plants!!! It eats a strict diet of vegetarians.

Called Jordan re tomorrow. Predictably he was in a car with Jesse going to band practice so that meant he couldn't tell me. Instead we pretended I'd called about Sat. He's calling me back later, hopefully.
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I worked on the drawing I posted a couple days, just a little bit more.
I thought the guitar need a little more detail. And now I have it.

Party is tomorrow I guess. Haven't heard from Jordan yet though. Was going to call him tonight, may still do so, but I've got to drive my grandmother to Salem tonight for some meeting. Or discussion. Something to do with her running for office anyway. It starts at 6:30 and who knows how long it'll run so I may end up sneaking out to call. Because really if Jordan remembers to call me about it, it'll be tomorrow night, two seconds from when the party starts, or after it's started. And with how long it'll take me to get there, that's not so much of a good idea.
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Soo yeah Bella is about ready to pop. Then there will be little furry kittens, lots and lots of little furry kittens judging on her size. And Sophia is a much smaller cat. But she's already starting to look like a smaller furry balloon as well.
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Photographic proof that I really do hang out with Soundbender. And that they are all really pale when compared to me and my still fading tan. Look that the very drunk Jordan on the end with his cigarette. I seriously kept waiting for him to fall off stage when they played.

In other Soundbender news, their interview from Thursday is going to be rebroadcast tonight. 7pm EST, they'll be on around 9pm. So check them out, and you can listen in.

edit: I just realized that while I use their names all the time I've never posted pictures with names so people can attach faces to them. As mentioned the one with the cigarette is Jordan, he's the bassist, next to him is Jesse the singer, then John the drummer, then me, and last but not least Drew lead guitar. John and Drew are brothers, but I don't think they really look much a like.
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Rockband *wants a snack*
Lemur *has found her trwu wuv*

Seriously she followed Rockband around all evening trying to lay on top of her. Yes I know it looks like humping, but it really wasn't. She just wanted to lay on Rockband and cuddle. It was hilarious. Rockband seems traumatized by the whole thing. She mostly just sitting in the corner of the cage, not moving. Should probably take Lemur out for awhile so she gets a break from the spazy that is my first chinchin.
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The people I went with... )

This is 2/4 of Civet )

If I'd taken any pictures of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones their photos would be here. Instead I will reiterate my amusement at their plaid suits, shirts, hats, shoes, and ties. I still am not sure how the crowd managed to be rougher during their set then during the Dropkick's. I think they played around an hour.

Photos mostly taken by not me of the Dropkick Murphys )

Look, that's me on stage really with bonus bruise photo )

I'm so tired right now it's not even funny. However once again the roommate has a friend over and they are watching a movie at levels that will make sleep impossible. I guess it's a good thing I don't have to be to work until 9 am tomorrow right?
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Chinchilla in a box!

Again with the don't ask me, it's her new favorite way to sleep.
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Cat goes wha?

Don't even ask me he was just laying on my bed so I took a photo and it came out looking like this.
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Lemur has evidently decided that the hammock is good for more than just hiding under. Right before I took the photo she was laying on her back in it, it was hillarious.
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In other news I got two rejection letters in then mail today. On the plus side both places said they'd keep my resume on file for varying amounts of time in case something else came up. Oh well. I wasn't really expecting to get the graphic design one, I just don't have enough experience. And the receptionist one, well I've got no experience in that at all.
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Work rained out today. Well sort of, we only left 30 min. early. But it was raining. And coldish. And then my grandmother said oh look lightening, and then the sky went boom and we decided going home was good.

Now for something else entirely. Pictures of my chinchilla. Lemur seems to be settling in nicely and doesn't mind when the dog has to smell her absolutely every time she's out of the cage and anywhere near him. I think the degus are jealous though. But I did take them out yesterday.

Lemur the chinchilla )

I need to make an icon of Lemur so I don't end up using the degu icon when I talk about her.
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First things we saw when we got there where the bus and the car they're giving away. Dee says I'm going to win the car and then drive the car. She wont believe me when I say I'm just going to cannibalize it for parts for Jazz if I win it.bus and car )

Not as bad as I expected: Phantom Planet )

Also not to bad: The Hush Sound )

Kind of rocked a lot: Motion City Soundtrack )

How do they even exist? Panic at the Disco )

All pictures and vids where taken by me. So please don't use with out letting me know.


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