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This is the photo I printed out for my aunt from todays photos. I had several I really liked, but this one was my favorite.

In other news [ profile] annikasevn does exist and it sounds like her trip home wasn't any better than her trip out. She's here, but her lugage isn't. So she's got to try and deal with that tomorrow. We're still one for the concert tomorrow though, and the boys are coming too. Which is less than ideal because one of them has a crush on me and I really really don't like him.
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Actually it's a series of photos I took with my cheap digital camera while out walking the roommates dog on a rainy day in Oct. I think they came out pretty cool. So I'm sharing with the world. Then maybe sleep.

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A Walk In the Rain, By G.E. Norris )

I will admit I like some of them more than others, but over all I like them all lots. Um...maybe I should go to bed before I get anymore twitchy.
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That should actually be amended to animals going omg it's hot pic spam.

last weeks hot animals... )

today's hot animals... )

And to finish it off, my way to beat the heat...

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We don't have an ice cube tray so I've been using the cooler core from my water bottle. It looks weird, but it works. Looks kind of gross in pink grapefruit juice though.
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Isn't she pretty and shinny? Still need a name though.

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A wind blown tree in Kilfenora.

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Okay just a little one. Only four pics. But they are quite recent, from today. I'm going to miss the little furry buggers when they're gone.
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So it is a beautiful clear night out. Perfect for my moon light photography. Now I remember being told my step-dad has a tripod, and that it was stored in the room in the basement. So I went and looked in that room. I didn't find the tripod. However I did find, a box of cassets I was looking for in December, a duffel bag I forgot I owned, my brothers bee bee pistol which I had been looking for, and my brothers hunting bow which I'm still to weak to use. So while I didn't find the tripod which sucks, cause I had a great idea that I needed it for, I can now listen to my twisted christmas tape, even if it its really out of season, and if I get ambitious I can go shoot things it the field. And by things I mean the target. And bottles. And that could be fun, I used to be a pretty good shot.
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Okay I really need to stop with the taking pictures of moon light and shadow. Its cold out. My hands are numb, and as I'm to lazy to try and find the tripod the pictures all look very similar because there are only so many things you can take a picture of with the camera balance on the posts next to the deck stairs.

And really really windy so I kept freaking out that the camera would blow off and break. And that would be bad.
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This was a happy accident. Also know as I forgot to turn off the flash and it was a 16 second exposure so I moved the camera around.

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Don't quite have the white balance set right on this one. But I remembered to turn on the noise reductions so it looks better then others. Sadly at this point the batteries died. Or possibly froze, it's a little chilly outside right now.


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