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Carrying 5 ten week old kittens is not an easy task. But my room is now, as far as I can tell, kitten free. Now to bed with me I have to be up before 9.


Jan. 18th, 2009 05:59 pm
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Ewok kitten just yacked up food on the living room floor and now her and Rosa are eating it. Oh wait she yacked it up again and is now eating it again. And Rocky is trying to help too.

On one hands that's pretty gross. On the other hand it leaves less of a mess for me to clean up?
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There is a kitten sleeping on my feet and the wood stove is going. It's a wonderful way to spend a cold evening. To bad I need to get up and poke the wood stove again thus disturbing the sleeping kitten.
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Sweeping is a good way to keep a fairly impressive number of kittens entertained. However then you have to deal with The Lone Kitten's frequent and often high speed attacks on the broom.
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Um...I think Sophia is running around with a mouse, but I'm not sure. She could have just lost her mind. She just ran downstairs, skidded across the living room floor ran behind the couch, then out back back into the hall where she skidded into the wall before taking back off upstairs.

Oh wait she just came back down moving slower. No mouse in the mouth, although no her and Bella are behind the couch I'm sitting on.
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I feel all accomplished and stuff. The litter box has been cleaned, the chinchilla and degu cages have been cleaned. The ash tray on the wood stove has been emptied and I hauled in fire wood. \o/

Although the chinchillas made a break for it when I was trying to get them back in their cage. I chased them both around the living room. Fortunately the cats were scared of them. And Rockband tried to jump into the TV screen. Which was pretty funny. And at the same time, crap now I've got to catch her again. Landing on the floor seems to stun her just enough she's then easy to recapture.

It's actually pretty nice out today so I have a couple windows open letting the wind blow threw.

Now I should probably fill out that Wal-Mart application. Or put some more stuff up on etsy. I'm probably more likely to bond with my couch for a while. And maybe eat something. I'm sort of hungry.
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So the chinchillas chewed a hole in their water bottle, I noticed it earlier today, and have finally got the hole sealed. Now they are making weird noises at each other and fighting over who gets to drink. Which makes me feel like a bad chinchilla mom because it's possible it was empty for a day or so before I noticed based on the level of fighting over the water. Or they could just be that obnoxious.
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The first time I ever went to a concert was last October. Since then I've been to 13 concerts, 8 of them have involved Soundbender, and 4 of them have involved bands people outside of the state of Maine have heard of. It's fun going to big concerts but I think on the whole I like the ones for local bands better. This is probably heavily influenced by the whole being adopted by Soundbender thing, but whatever. Loki likes me too.

In other news I talked to [ profile] annikasevn yesterday and she was all the house out here is awesome and it's really not that bad. And I was like no no no, you're not supposed to be all yay it's nice you're supposed to be ditching the boy-thing because he's an asshole. Which evidently is something she's not thinking about right now because she's stuck out there until November at least and if she thinks about she'll get all worked up and the boy-thing will know something is wrong blah blah blah. But I guess she probably really will come home because things he does that she used to find cute annoy her now, plus she realizes what an ass he is, and knows I will kick her ass if she stays. And she misses Soundbender. Really I think thats the major reason she's coming back. It would be funny if it wasn't sad. At least it's not like the band doesn't like her. They keep asking me where she is, and they did all tell her not to go. Because I asked them to, but I'm sure they wouldn't have said it if they didn't mean it. They love all their fans especially the ones who have because friends.

I need to clean the litter box still. Ugh. And the chinchilla cage, well I don't have any shavings, but I can at least clean the poops of the platforms.

This is my fall icon.
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I just realized I missed Squeaker's birthday this year. Bad degu mommy, no cookie. She turned 3 on September 23. I have blocked her birth from my brain because it was a lot grosser than gerbil birth.

This means that Hepheastion is 4, well just over 4. So they are moving into the last half of their lives. This sort of makes me a little sad. And also makes me think I really need to play with them more than I do. I feel bad about it. If their claws weren't so sharp it probably wouldn't be a big deal. But the have sharp claws and like to try and claw though you, or climb your bare skin.
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Or at least Lemur is. She or Rockband do this at least once a day.

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Okay so as anyone who pays attention to my post of late knows I've been babbling about Soundbender, a local band, a lot. I've also been listening to them a lot. I didn't realize quite how much until just now. I was listening to them on I-Tunes, then for the hell of it I figured I'd check the play count on their stuff versus my top 25 most played list.

One more listen and they'll start knocking MCR off the list. 0_o I didn't know I'd to them quite that much. Admittedly they still have a ways to go to knock 30STM off though.

In other news the chinchillas are still trying to take the top off their cage. Have rigged the corner they already kill the latch on with their toy that normally hangs in the middle of the cage. It's metal, I figured having that looped though the top and one side was better than nothing.

edit: on my i-pod soundbender has already invaded my top 25. must be all that listening to them while at work.
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watching a chinchilla wedge their nose are far through the bars of their cage as then can the stick out their tongue in an attempt to get a hold of something just out of reach.
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Okay now I'm sort of sad, my betta, Legolas died today.
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The chinchillas are sleeping all curled up together. It's really very cute.
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to their new cage.

Lemur has figured out how to climb up and down the tubes and thus gets around just fine. Rockband doesn't understand the concept and spends a lot of time leeping about and frequently missing her intended target. Thusly Lemur is like the top floor rocks, and Rockband is like wot iz this top floor? I can haz second platform from bottom?

Seriously it's been a while since I saw Lemur lower than the platform under the top one. I know she can get down, I watched her do it earlier. She's clearly hidng from Rockband for the moment.
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I went downstairs to play with the chinchillas and the degus a little because I feel bad. In the trailer they were in the room next to mine so I walked past them all the time and stopped to pay attention to them a lot. Now there at the other end of the house and one the first floor. With me spending most of my time in my room they don't get as much attention as the used to.

So I played with the chinchillas, then tried to pet the ever skiddish degus. Who where made more upset by Rockband's insistence that she must go visit. They were calmed with blueberries. Then Rockband got jealous. First she was just trying to reach though the bars to the plastic lid that is in between the cages. I just keep ignoring her. The she started to pull on the cage bars, hard enough to shake the whole cage. So I opened the door and she came barreling out and jumped on top of the cage. When I got to close she grabbed the bridge of my glasses and managed to pull them off my face even though I grabbed them. Admittedly not as tightly as I could have, but still. So I threaded a piece of blueberry bush through the roof of the cage. Hopefully that'll keep her entertained. I'm not to worried about Lemur, she'd climbed in the hammock and appeared to be getting ready for a nap.
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Okay so taking the chinchillas out while wearing a shirt with fake studs glued on it is a bad idea. Lemur almost managed to rip on off before I got her to stop. And I don't think gold colored pieces of plastic would be good for her digestion.
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Rockband *wants a snack*
Lemur *has found her trwu wuv*

Seriously she followed Rockband around all evening trying to lay on top of her. Yes I know it looks like humping, but it really wasn't. She just wanted to lay on Rockband and cuddle. It was hilarious. Rockband seems traumatized by the whole thing. She mostly just sitting in the corner of the cage, not moving. Should probably take Lemur out for awhile so she gets a break from the spazy that is my first chinchin.
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In a perfect end to my day one of the cats puked all over the carpet in the living room. Ew. Also the next time the roommate goes on vacation I'd better not be here or she'd better take me with her because I don't think I want to deal with her finicky pets for another extended period of time. Actually how am I going to survive until Monday when I'm ready to throw in the towel today?
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I feel bad for Lemur, and all the other pets for that matter, but mostly Lemur. It's 80 in here now. She's got lots of fur. Currently she's sort of sprawled in her hammock, which is in the path of the air from the fan. And I stuck a home made ice pack thing under it so there is cold on the bottom of the hammock where it's touching. At least I hope there is, that's what I was going for when I came up with the idea.

I'm leaving in a little over an hour. Heading down to Aubrun to go to the movies with the wishes-he-was-my-boyfriend. Yay for AC in movie theaters.

I'm not really happy about this summer stuff. I know it happens every year but that doesn't mean I have to like it.


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