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So I finally heard from Navy boy. He sent me a rather brief im despite my rather pleading request for him to call me I left last night. I might try and call him tomorrow to end this thing officially, but it's probably going to end with me leaving a letter when I go get my stuff. Which is a cop out method and I know it. But I just need to end this so life can move on for me. I deserve better than what I'm getting from him and I'm going to try and get it.
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Back from my visit. Managed to survive the drive back on so-so roads.

Navy boy's cat is huge now. Partly cause she's fat and partly cause she's just a tall cat.

Thanks to yesterdays snow storm he got the day off, well partly off. He went in for like two hours. I went back to sleep so he got home about 20 min after I got up. So we hung out and watch X-Files all day. Because we are party animals. He cooked me dinner last night as there was no way we were going out to eat.

It's was really nice to get to see him. And it's still cute how he always comes upstairs and says good-bye to me before he leaves for work.

I hate the long distance thing so much. Someday we wont be any more, at least I hope so. June I guess is when he'll be done in the navy now so then I'll maybe be able to move it.

Also in less than 2 months me and Navy boy will have been together for a year. My mind boggles.
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Wow a sign of life from the boyfriend. But it looks like I'll get to see him for Valentine's Day. Because I'm whiling to drive down to see him, but still, that'd be really nice.

I'll admit I didn't even realize that I had Valentine's Day off. It's never really been an important day for me. The last time I was dating someone over it I didn't even get them anything and then felt bad when they gave me something.

Mostly I get dumped right before it a lot.

Also its been long time no hear this time because new guy got fired so he's training another new guy. Bet he sometimes wishes he wasn't as good at his job, or possibly that he wasn't still in the military.
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For unknown reasons my cat just tried to drink my coconut rum. She doesn't seem to understand this is bad for kitties.

In other news it doesn't look like Navy boy is coming back on-line after Smallville. Which he told me he would do. Which I was hoping he would do as I got to talk to him for about 10 min before he got off-line to go watch. And thats the first I've heard from him since Friday when he was up. Boys. I feel like maybe I need to pitch a fit and suddenly become high maintenance in an attempt to remind him that he should try and spare some attention for his girlfriend
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So yes good day. Got to see Navy boy for several hours. And there was steak and potato for supper and brownies for desert.

And if I'm very very lucky I'll get to see him on Mon.
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So Navy boy seems to be maintaining his loserly ways. No mater how many times I tell him to let me know when plans change, he never does, thus as far as I know he's not in Maine, or if he is something came up so he can't see me.

I occasionally wonder if I'm a bit to doormat like about the whole thing.

Maybe I'll call H, or as I soon shall call her, The Roommate, perhaps she'll let me come visit, I'm a bit itchy with just sitting around the house.
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I think it's safe to say things with me and Navy boy are still good. Damn the parents for coming home also him for going to visit a friend before we go to the movies this evening.

Am still getting my brain back in order and we didn't even really get to do anything fun. Thats what happen when you don't get to see your boyfriend for awhile I guess, doesn't take much to scramble the brain.

And I may even get to see him again on the 28th before he goes home again. And then who knows when. Hopefully not to long, but that will probably depend on my job more than his.

Although he has decided that maybe he's going to stay in the navy until June after all. I wish he'd make up his mind.
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Well I talked to Navy boy today. Evidently its still snowing up at his parents place. I always forget how far it is from here. He's only like 45 min. from Sugarloaf, thus at a much higher elevation than me.

It's just raining here.

He said he'd probably be leaving there soon, he's just waiting for the snow to slow down. So hopefully he'll call soon. Was hoping we'd get some time here alone as everyone's gone at the moment, but at the rate he's going someone will get home before he shows up.
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Heard from Navy boy, he's safe and sound at his parents, getting ready for a fun and exciting half a week sleeping on a couch. With any luck I'll get to see him tomorrow. Also I get presents, as in more than one. I am intrigued, but at the same time I can probably guess what I'm getting. Well that is if he did in fact get something off the list of suggestions I sent him.
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Boys. They annoy me sometimes. Navy boy called earlier, about 2 min. before I turned my phone off after work. The phone didn't tell me I had voice mail until I was home. He was just calling to say hi and that while he was at work he wasn't doing anything important so I could call and talk if I wanted to. Needless to say I've called several times and he hasn't answered the phone.

Now on to work.

The Good: My raise finally went through. And that along with a couple other things means I made almost a hundred more than I though I would on my most resent paycheck.

Someone thinks I'm a good enough cashier and know enough about TLE that I got to help train the new girl out there.

The Bad: The girl I helped train is the one that got the job I wanted. It was a bit of a slap in the face.
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And now I almost understand why Navy boy is still to busy to have time for me. So his old boss quit, but now he has a new boss, but he's not up to speed with stuff yet, and then the wife of the coworker he calls new guy tried to kill herself.

Plus Navy boy has apologized like four times in one e-mail about having to play the unavalible card so much and given me premission to beat him up. If I didn't love him so much I might actually do it.
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Heard from Navy boy again. There's a chance he'll be up this come Sunday. He's promised me dinner if he makes it up. By that point it'll have been just a tick over a month since the last time we saw each other. Or had an actual conversation.

I think I need to get an award or something for being like the most understanding girlfriend ever.

In other news I'm trying to type up everything I got written yesterday for NaNo, this is being somewhat hampered by the fact my eye is acting up and it starts watering if I look at the monitor for more than a couple seconds at a time.
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And we've got hail. I hope Navy boy is driving safe, if he is in fact still driving up today.

According to the im I got last night he was still planning to. I tried calling him a couple times today with no answer so who the hell knows.
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I before I can get entirely pissed at him, Navy boy shows another sign of life. Evidently work is still crazy for him. But he might be up Sunday because he has to be in Portland on Monday. If nothing else that means he's not working that day so I might actually get a phone call. This also means that I can't go for a visit. And thus have to go to that stupid 6:30am meeting on Monday. Death to work.
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My step-mother, can go die now. Gah. My dad's birthday is this weekend. So she e-mails and tells me I better have a present for him. And then gives helpful suggestions. Only they all require going to Farmington. Which I never do. And I work that day, one of my longer shifts, so good luck with planning something I can do.

Its only my step-mom thats big on gifts. Frankly I don't care if she or my father gives me anything, and I can give them the same in return.

I hope I hear from Navy boy soon. I miss him, and I'm sort of feeling very unloved with this whole over two weeks of mostly silence.
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And once again a sign of life from Navy boy. Evidently he's been out of town and only got home last night. Late I would guess since I called after 10 and didn't get an answer. Will hopefully be hearing from him again today.

Must survive an allergy riddled day at work and then two glorious days off. I'll probably be out of my mind with boredom by the end of the first one.

Don't want to go to work. Want to go back to bed.
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So I announced to my brother that I have no happy movies. I'm feeling mopey and missing Navy boy, so I wanted to see a happy movie. He-Man first recommended Bambi which we then decided is sad, and then the third Batman movie. So I'm watching Batman Forever now. Evidently its Val Kilmer night as I just watched The Saint cause its got a happy ending.
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The differences between how me and my brother get ready for work are staggering. I got up this morning, goofed off for an hour, took a shower, got dressed, went back to killing time until I need to leave. My brother gets up, goofs off, realizes he needs to go to the bank before work and says he needs to leave by 3. Its now just after 3 and he's in the shower right now. *head desk* Its hard to believe we came from the same people.

In other news it is rainy. And I'm hoping we can still wear jeans on the Friday after pay day, cause I'm wearing jeans and I'm not changing. Also I'm wearing make-up cause I was bored, plus am sick of people thinking I'm younger than I am. I wear make-up I look more my age.

Got a text message from Navy boy. He's been so busy he's hardly been home in the last week. But he's going to be home tonight so I may actually get to talk to him after I get out of work. Which'll be nice. I misses him. Hope he wasn't expecting a text back. I don't do that cause its costs extra and mom would not be impressed if I sent one.

Need to leave for work in just under an hour as I am once again putting off getting an oil change. I think the place is open weekends. I can go on my lunch break tomorrow.
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Work was survived. Still hasn't heard from Navy boy. I bet he's looking forward to getting a moment to himself. I'm just looking forward to actually hearing from him. Will be calling him later in the off chance he's home. And when's not actually home I shall leave a message telling him when I'm free to visit. And hope that one of the options will be sometime when he thinks things will have calmed down enough for it to be worth my while to drive down there.
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So Navy boy fell off the planet again. I hate it when he does that. Guess I'll try calling him later today. It's supposed to be his day off that heightens my chances of getting him on the phone.

edit: and two seconds after I post this I get an off-line im from him sayings he's alive but busy and will try to call later. I note the time of the im and kick myself for not poping on-line earlier, cause I would have got to talk to him


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