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So my grandmother hasn't managed to die in Nepal, she contacted my aunt, and only my aunt as she never manages to contact more than one person while away. Heard this from my uncle. Evidently according to my aunt she's still alive and all done with habitats for humanity so she's fine. She's off riding elephants and spirit walking with tigers. My uncles thoughts on that are that tigers can sense the weak, but then again my grandmother would probably knock down the tigers trainer and run away if it tried to attack so maybe she would be fine after all. Oh family, why you so crazy?
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So after much cagoling he let me spend the night in my old room on my rock hard mattress. But I have to wash the sheets this morning. And he's going to make me re-pay him some how. Plus rather being happy for me that I'm probably going to start a job this week he's pissed that it means I probably wont be able to drive him to the airport at the end of the month. Oi.

In other news still so very tired. Didn't fall asleep until after 1am and I've been awake since shortly after 7am. Need to leave soonish as I need to pick up my grandmother's car and put gas in it. Plus the whole Portland isn't close thing. Was trying to check on my grandmother's flight, but it doesn't take off from NY until after I leave. All I know is the plane has landed in NY on time I've just got to hope it takes off on time.
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My grandmother is trying to turn me into a basement dweller. I was talking about all the times I've had to clean up messes made by the roommate's animals and she was like I think you might be better off living in my basement. It's got a shower. All you need is a microwave and you'd be all set. Admittedly my grandmother does have a nice finished basement with a bathroom. Well the front have. The other half has ledge in it. Plus everyone goes in and out through the basement. I'm not sure I'd like everyone and their relatives running though my home every time they visited.

Plus as far as basements go it's really well lit because it's not actually underground in the front. And if I live in a basement I want it to be sort of dark damn it.
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You learn something new everyday. Like today at work I learned that my abusive in and out of jail grandfather, that I never met mind you for the previously mentioned reasons, used to like wearing pink shirts. This I found amusing.

Yesterday at work me and my grandmother made up a story about a giant blueberry bush that was out for world domination, or at least blueberry field domination. Seriously the stump/root thing on the bush was like 2 feet across. Also we decided that my aunt needs to invest in some sheep. They could keep the grass short around the bushes, wouldn't eat the bushes, would fertilize the fields, and if they were friendly kids would like them. Plus shear them and there is wool which she could sell or have made into yarn and then sell.

However I don't think either or us will be mentioning it, it's not good to antagonize someone who's paying you and is also a relative.

In other grandmother news I told her about the concert tomorrow night and she told me I should take my cousin with me. After much discussion I finally got her to figure out how old he is, I know he's 4 years younger than me but I don't know his birthday, yeah he'll be 21 two days after the concert and thus can't come with me. So I'm still trying to decided if I'm really brave enough to go on my own. Especially now that I know the radio station I heard about it on will be there and it's part of some summer fun thing complete with door prizes and drink specials.

Not sure I want to have to worry about guys drunk on cheep beer while trying to watch a band play.
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Thanksgiving with the family has been survived. My vegetarian grandmother cooked the turkey because the uncle who usually cooks it was at thanksgiving with his ex wife and their kids. It came out really well actually. And who ever made the mash potatoes also did a good job, and that sums up what I ate other than bread and pie.

There was minimal arguing and that was mostly because much of my family believes in arguing for the sake of arguing.

My 16 year old, making her the second youngest, cousin has recently dyed her hair black and is pregnant. Evidently she is hoping this will the the thing that finally lets her quit school. She evidently also smokes a lot of pot and gets drunk regulaly, this does not bode well for her spawn.

My aunt's second oldest kid recently turned 18 and decided that meant he didn't have to listen to his parents anymore and moved out of the house. He's still in high school.

So there were a couple things sitting around the house like large pink elephants that we weren't talking about. I was filled in before we left mom's and instructed to not talk about it.

Now I'm home and that is good. The roommate must still be at her mom's because she's not here. Her dog got into the trash again, and I just can't deal with picking it up, so she can deal with that when she gets home. At some point I shall load the dishwasher and call it good.
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So earlier this evening, before I came home and terrorized the roommate with my brother, I was running late. So I called He-Man to let him know. In his typically bizarre behavior he only used the word okay while we talked. So I'd called to say I was late but would be home by 8. Hug up and thought nothing more of it. Am almost home, almost to the gas station a couple miles down the road. I see a car pull out, think nothing off it. Continue to think nothing of it until it turns on its blinker a head of me and turns into my driveway. It then proceeds to start turning around. At this point I'm waffling between thinking it's the brother or some lost person, they turn around in the driveway all the time, as I slow to a stop I realize it is in fact the brother. He's waiting in the driveway for me to back in. Which I do and then he pulls up and parks in front of me.

It turns out he was bored so he decided to drive down the road to the gas station and wait for me. I'd like to state it was after dark, so he's identifying my car from at least half a mile away by the head lights. He told me he saw what he thought where Civic headlights so he pulled out and hoped it was me.

As much of a pain as he can be at times he is really very amusing.
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My aunt, she is crazy. She e-mailed me yesterday because she forgot her password to access on her web site, like the blog I set up for her. Today she e-mailed back thanking me and announce she would now be taking over the world and that soon everyone would be growing tulips and eating Dutch pancakes.

People think I'm a bit odd, some days I've got nothing on my family, no even the parts I'm only related to by marriage.
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I hope now that Christmas is really over. I got one last present this evening. Evidently when Dad and my step-mother were taking down there tree they found a present for me that had been tucked away so good no one remembered it. Also they seemed to think I counted how many presents me and my brothers got, thus knowing I got one less. Frankly I don't care that much. As for the present, its either beautiful or cheesy, I can't really make up my mind. Its a sort of green bead wrist cuff sort of thing. The shade of green is what makes it hard for me to decided. If it was a darker green it would definitely be beautiful, and if it was a brighter one it would be cheesy. So perhaps I'll just settle with its green and shinny.
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Survived work, partly because I was out in TLE for the last 3 hours. It was just me and P. the woman who works back there and gets mistaken for a man a lot. I suspect she is a lesbian, this is not because of her aperance, but because of some of the stickers on her truck.

Any way it was fun even if she was feeling over worked. I got to go out in a garage, which I'm probably not supposed to but oh well and she should be how to set up a work order on the hand held computer thing. So essentially start showing me the stuff I'll need to know when/if I get moved back there as a greeter/writer.

Other than that my family is MIA. I came home to a dark house with two missing cars and no note indicating where they might be.

edit: just remembered I'll be getting a coupon at work for 20% off any one item in the store, good for the month of Dec. Here comes my new MP3 player, probably a 30 gig video I-Pod because we have like kick ass prices on them with out me getting a discount.
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So we were hanging out in my room and he asked if I still had a huge cash of alcohol in my closet. I told him not really, I had a couple empty bottles and a couple mostly empty ones. One of the empty ones I wanted to keep the other one just hadn't made it to recycling. He suggested we take it out to the field and shoot it off his target. So we did.

I hit the neck of the bottle on my first shot. We were using a .22 so it just put a hole in it and didn't even knock it over. Good fun. He's still outside using up the rest of the ammo he brought out, because it his words, "its so cheap its easier just to use it up than to put it away."

Welcome to Maine.
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So I announced to my brother that I have no happy movies. I'm feeling mopey and missing Navy boy, so I wanted to see a happy movie. He-Man first recommended Bambi which we then decided is sad, and then the third Batman movie. So I'm watching Batman Forever now. Evidently its Val Kilmer night as I just watched The Saint cause its got a happy ending.
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The differences between how me and my brother get ready for work are staggering. I got up this morning, goofed off for an hour, took a shower, got dressed, went back to killing time until I need to leave. My brother gets up, goofs off, realizes he needs to go to the bank before work and says he needs to leave by 3. Its now just after 3 and he's in the shower right now. *head desk* Its hard to believe we came from the same people.

In other news it is rainy. And I'm hoping we can still wear jeans on the Friday after pay day, cause I'm wearing jeans and I'm not changing. Also I'm wearing make-up cause I was bored, plus am sick of people thinking I'm younger than I am. I wear make-up I look more my age.

Got a text message from Navy boy. He's been so busy he's hardly been home in the last week. But he's going to be home tonight so I may actually get to talk to him after I get out of work. Which'll be nice. I misses him. Hope he wasn't expecting a text back. I don't do that cause its costs extra and mom would not be impressed if I sent one.

Need to leave for work in just under an hour as I am once again putting off getting an oil change. I think the place is open weekends. I can go on my lunch break tomorrow.
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f-list you are letting me down with the lack of posting. Okay I'll admit most people are at work or school right now, but still. I can't be the only one stuck home all day waiting for it to be time to work. I really hate my stupid 4 hours in the evening shifts.

In other news I just ate lunch. But before that I watched my brother beat Starfox 64 and then consume a family size microwave lasagna. It made me feel a little sick to my stomach.

It is bright and sunny out. Am to lazy to attempt to wash my car. Am sick of allergies as well.
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Mom's so nice. She asked me how I was doing this morning. And I said awake, but I wasn't sure that was a good thing. And then asked why, as they all know I work primarily nights, they couldn't let me sleep in. She said I was the minority so they got to discriminate against me. Things like that remind me why I want to move out.

In other news the guy who's been working on the cabinets is back again today. He was supposed to be finished yesterday but he had a couple of dentist appointments and they put him behind schedule. So he's here putting on the last couple doors and probably the nicer looking shims under stuff. Our floor is very not level so he had to spend most of the first day leveling up the cabinets.
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Oh boys are so much fun. Was downstairs talking to He-Man as he was finishing up on the computer. He closes the sit I saw him looking at, which was stuff for his car, and the other window he had open was porn. When I commented he just responded, its been awhile since I had a girlfriend.

Finally heard from Navy boy. He called when I was at work. I called him back when I got out and talked to him on my drive home. It was very nice. Told him how the evil voices where trying to convince me that work wasn't keeping him from contacting me, that really he'd just decided he didn't like me any more. And he was all no no thats not it at all. Sounds like I've got to live through one more month of never hearing from him cause of work and then it should calm down some, which'll be nice. He's sort of got a long weekend. He was home by 2 today, and he doesn't work tomorrow, and he doesn't work Mon. but he's got to go into work on Sun. for awhile. So I'll be heading down there sometime on Sunday. Which he says works out fine, he's going shopping tomorrow, he doesn't have any food. So yay for time with Navy boy. I might get to talk to him on-line this evening for a bit. He said he'd be on around 11, as thats when I guessed the brother would be off. We shall see. Will get to talk to him tomorrow though probably.

Had to stay late at work again, so I'm probably about 45 min. over for the week. Oops. Not my fault. My wrist didn't bother me to to much so thats good. Work tomorrow 2:30 to close. Should actually get out on time too. Woot.

edit: and he actually made it on-line, yay. and only one more day before i get to see him.
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Someone has been shooting guns on and off all day. One of which is a semi-automatic something. So occasionally it sounds like a war zone. While I was eating supper on the deck with the family I kept expecting someone to come running out of the woods firing a gun behind them before being taken out. I asked Mom if I could go shoot them and she said fine cause they were annoying. I'd probably go for a foot and wouldn't be using anything more dangerous than my brothers bee-bee pistole.

There is also heavy equipment going. Which going with the war theme became a tank in my mind. Which when I said something lead my brother to saying the Canadian's are invading. And adding "Viva the Prime Minister." He seemed unconcerned that he was using Spanish rather than French.

The meal itself went well. Its been awhile since the four of us sat down and ate together. There were only a couple instance involving food being thrown. All involving my brother. The scrap of meat he threw over our step-dads head was the best. There was was relatively little taking off food from each others plates and the only loud belch was all me.

I like family meals here a lot better than at Dads.

Currently the rest of the family has biked down the road to see what the heavy equipment is doing. We suspect its the people who moved in down the road who have been illegally pushing stuff into the stream. He-Man heard they were trying to damn it up to make a pond. Mom took a camera to take pictures if that was the case. Me thinks she's going to report them.

Rodney holding a gun in honor of people shooting things and the mention of Canada invading.
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Evidently a bat got in the house over the weekend. And evidently my step-dad is afraid of bats. So now thanks to mom telling me what happened I have the image of my step-dad, who is about 6' 3', running around the kitchen screaming like a little girl waving his hands around his head. He was so scared he couldn't even tell my mom what was going on. Now its probably not nice to laugh at peoples fear, but the image in my head is so funny I may never recover.

Work was work. I got a huge painful hang nail and slammed my thumb in a folding table as I closed it. Everyone at work, including the manager, seems sad that I'm leaving, and evidently I look younger than I am cause everyone immediately assumes I'm going back to college in the fall. I should start telling them I'll go back to college if they'll pay for my masters degree.
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My brother is such an idiot. He's been home all week, and one would think he'd've had plenty of time to get his car inspected. But no he didn't get it done. So now he's going through Uncle Henry's trying to find a car to buy that's already inspected he can take back with him.

I guess that means he's done racing the BMW.
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So I get up this morning and walk into the kitchen, which has been completely rearranged. And my step dad says, "We were going to buy a corvette today but it was already sold. So we're remodeling the kitchen instead." *head desk*

My poor degus are right next to were all this insanity is going on. They are not particularly happy campers at the moment, but I don't have a better place to put them.
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My brother is so wierd. Today he asked me why I spent so much time on-line. Why I couldn't just get addicted to drugs like a normal person. When asked why drugs wher better then the internet he told me that drugs wouldn't make me tie up the phone line all the time. He is a really wierd kid.


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