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I have never watched an episode of Glee but suddenly I am connected to it. Bought T. a used guitar at the local music shop and after we paid the salesman told us it used to belong to the musical director of Glee. Or if they've changed at one point he was. Kind of interesting. T. loves the guitar and is playing right now. Although he will have to go ebay some stuff so we can justify having purchased it. Admitedly when new it was probably a 600 or 700 dollar guitar and we got it for less than 300. And if the store owner had been there we might have be able to get it for a little less as I have know him most of my life.

Now we'll probably sell my electric guitar. We don't need 3 and mine is the lowest end of them. T. has a Fender and the new one is a Washburn. Mine's a Washburn too but like a beginner quality as it's a Lyons by Washburn.
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One good thing about my recently becoming obsessed with Sherlock. I dug out my viola and played for a little while this even. I am woefully out of practice, but at least it staid in tune. I really need new tunning pegs, or a new viola but both are too expensive. However one thing that will help is cutting my nails. Not that my nails are that long, but they are long enough to interfere with my playing. So I think I'll cut them off and plan on trying to play every day or so. Well if T.'s not around. He's been writing a song and tends to be taking up the music room with his guitar playing. And frankly a viola can not drown out an electric guitar.
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Okay so as anyone who pays attention to my post of late knows I've been babbling about Soundbender, a local band, a lot. I've also been listening to them a lot. I didn't realize quite how much until just now. I was listening to them on I-Tunes, then for the hell of it I figured I'd check the play count on their stuff versus my top 25 most played list.

One more listen and they'll start knocking MCR off the list. 0_o I didn't know I'd to them quite that much. Admittedly they still have a ways to go to knock 30STM off though.

In other news the chinchillas are still trying to take the top off their cage. Have rigged the corner they already kill the latch on with their toy that normally hangs in the middle of the cage. It's metal, I figured having that looped though the top and one side was better than nothing.

edit: on my i-pod soundbender has already invaded my top 25. must be all that listening to them while at work.
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So I'm watching TBID, should be sleeping but whatever. So very good though. I will admit that the fact the NJ show was mere days before I was supposed to see MCR reminds me that I'm still sort of sad face about not getting to see them...You's guy better tour again and come somewhere closish to me damn it.

Also found out today that [ profile] annikasevn totaly would have gone to NYC with me to see them. And she's not even a fan. She just likes doing random impulsive things like that. Back in the day the two of us wanted to drive to NYC to see NSYNC preform on the Today Show. (did I just date myself?) She also told me that she'll road trip with me to see them or any other random band I can't get anyone to go to with me because it's to far. And if happens to be NYC she's got a friend we can crash with. Oh the things I wish I'd know a couple months ago.

Um...I may have had caffeine earlier. If it shows, maybe it doesn't. But it's probably why I'm still so awake. Well that and the fact I got 6 and 1/2 solid uninterrupted hours of sleep last night. That is evidently much more restful than sleeping in 3 hour chunks.

Also I didn't go to RI, [ profile] annikasevn left before I got out of work. When last she called me at 10ish she had just gotten back to Maine. We talked for about half an hour as she navigated the holiday traffic. Which was picking up again that's why she had to go. Possibly there was an accident she saw blue lights I guess. Or it could have been a pulled over speeder.
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So I was finally forced to let [ profile] annikasevn go home. People kept calling her. But I did have her for 3 movies and some music pimping. I have sent her on her way with a copy of Neurosonic's album and a copy of Empires' album. With a note that as much as I love Neurosonic, she should listen to Empires first.

Next weekend we're going to try and hit the drive in, baring more rain. Ironman and Indy will be playing and it's totally worth 6$ to see them again.
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I'm not sure if anyone remembers me babbling about a band called Neurosonic in Feb. but anyway look, they have a video. You should watch it. It's for the song Until I Die.

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So I've listened to Pretty.Odd. about 5 times now. Over all I like it. I think my favorite song is Do You Know What I'm Seeing? and my least favorite is Folkin' Around. Probably because I don't listen to the words it sounds like any number of not particularly good country/folk song I've had to listen to over the years, because for what ever reason in Maine the radio stations are all country or classic rock, plus race tracks always play crappy music and I spent every weekend 6 months out of the year at race tracks for years and years.

edit: I would also like to state that I'd totally run away to play viola for them. They have a lot of songs with strings, there for I could play viola for them. It's the instrument I'm best at any way.
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Oh Panic you amuse me. With your string quartet dressed in marching band costumes. So need another viola? Cause I'd totally be willing to wear a marching band costume and play viola for you.

They played 9 in the Afternoon and I Write Sins. And were neither terrible nor excellent. It is however I think the first time I've seen them preform anything. Despite the wonder of the internet I've never seen them play before. How sad is that? I'm going to see them in concert in less than a month and I've never so much as watch a youtube clip.

On SNL I have this to say, you used to be funnier. I'm pretty sure anyway that you used to be funnier. Okay so part of it is that you reference things in the news and I avoided the news like the plague cause mostly it just makes me sad.
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I don't really go about pimping music. But everyone should check out Neurosonic I've decided. Their myspace is here.
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So my roommate heard a song on her soap the other day, and really liked it. And when she caught it again on soap net just now she dragged me out and made me listen to it it hopes I knew who it was by or what the song was called. No luck. So on her behalf I turn to you dear f-list, many of you are into music so I was hoping one of you might have a clue.

It's a guy singing it. There is one line that's something like 'broken bodies on the freeway' and the refrain thing at the end is like 'holding on, i'm barely holding on' over and over again. So any ideas would be most welcome, so I can tell her and the I don't have to listen to her complain about it anymore. I'll even take suggestions on where I could look for myself.

Edit: okay, it's by Lifehouse I guess, but it's not on the CD she owns so she's still disheartened.
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I'm going to be seeing this band in concert in just over two weeks. Glee
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No really I want to know.

I know I was awake at 4:58 am. And I'm positive I saw 2 am as well. The roommate only managed about an hour more sleep than I did. She's still awake too, I think. The TV is still on, but I can't see her head any more, so maybe she fell asleep. The radio wont let me sleep. There are loud screaming people on it, well sometimes they sing. The radio should tell me who's playing, I never know who does songs I like, or get stuck in my head. Like MRC I actually know several of their songs pretty well, but I only knew like one of them was by them.

Bullet with her name on it. That is a line in the song right now. I think I like it, but that could be sleep deprivation.

It feels much later than it is.
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So I have blister on the end of my left middle finger. It's been there since the first day I decided to learn/relearn how to play the guitar. And everyday since then I've spent at least an hour playing.

Playing with a blister, thats one of those character building this right?

The song my roommate picked for me to learn is Tennessee Flat Top Box. I have since dled it since I'd never heard it before. And now I've spent enough time trying to play it that it almost sounds right. I hope my roommate is patience. Although I guess managing to make it somewhat recognizable in just two days isn't bad.
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So now that I have mastered playing Amazing Grace, Oh When the Saints, and Green Sleeves on the guitar I completely lost my mind, found my book of country songs through it at my roommate and said pick a song for me to learn to play.

At least country is a little more normal to be played on an electric guitar. Cause really the other songs just sounds a little weird being played through an amp.

And my finger still hurt.

I be much with the lame yes/no?
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I have had this song stuck in my head since last night. *points to current music* And I haven't even listened to it in a couple of days. I'm hoping listening to it now will get it out of my head.

Or not I spent all day at work yesterday with I'm Not Okay stuck in my head. It's probably good that yesterday was slow since I was wandering around the store sing it under my breath.
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You know what? I think I'd really like to actually learn to play my guitar. Which means I'm probably going to get it tuned today and then forget again. But I think I will play my viola. The turning pegs seem to be actually staying in place at the moment which means I might actually have a chance in hell of getting it to stay in tune.
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Supposedly you can put 160 songs on my MP3 player or 8 hours of music. Right now it was 8.9 hours of music and 124 songs. I've never managed to squeeze more then 130 songs on it. I think I want to try. This may require me findings all of the shortest songs I have. Cause right now there are 10 cd's on the stupid thing.

I need a life. And some sleep. Sleep sounds good, I think I'll look into that and stop with the random spaming in the middle of the night.
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I'm not sure what it says about me that over half the music on my computer is from soundtracks. Other then I'm way to into movies.

I should probably go to bed. I'm bored, but I'm not tired. I was thinking about watching a movie today, but I don't remember what movie. Maybe I should just try the sleep thing. And aim for getting up at 9 instead of being woken up by the phone at 9:30.
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The degus are so funny. They have distinct personalities, or at least tastes in food. Squeaker doesn't like trying new things. You put food in the cage and its something new 90% of the time she ignores it and keeps begging in hopes of something else. Which means while she had carrot for an afternoon snack Hephaestion had pineapple and a little piece of cheese, followed by a roll in the baking soda. Which I don't get, I put baking soda in the cage to help cut down on the smell from them using the platforms as a bathroom, and as soon as I put Hephaestion in the cage after its been clean she rolls in the baking soda. Which is sort of funny because right now she's rather white in colors and its stuck to her front paws because of the pineapple juice on them.

Went to town earlier, put my christmas money in the bank. Went to liquid sunshine and bought some more beads for the braid. Went to Everyday Music and used the gift certificate my step-brother gave me, got a new cad, that doesn't have anti-picarcy stuff on it so I know its safe for my computer. Now I think I'll do nothing, or watch more Smallville so I can get Navy boy to bring up the next season tomorrow when he comes back up here.
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Hello all. I finally got my computer to work on the school network. However right now I'm not on that computer, there's only one working network port in my room, and its my room mates so I had to unplug my computer.

All is going well at school. Because the dorm is running behind we're getting either two months break this winter, or a chance to get some credits really fast, like in five weeks. I still haven't decided if I want to stay at school or go home.

I have a new boyfriend. We've been dating for just over a week. He asked me out after he took me to see a punk band play. He's going to the same school as me, same year, different major. He's got blue hair, five piercings and a tattoo. I'm bring him home to meet my parents in two weeks. Won't they be surprised, he's definitely not my normal clean cut guy.

Not much else happening, I'm going to school in a very boring area. Although last weekend my mom bought a 2001 Mustang GT, that she'll let me drive next time I go home. I can't wait.


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