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Guess I wont be buying the building I was looking at after all. Needs the foundation redone, that would be about 70 thousand, and that might be with the my uncle knows people savings added in. And frankly I don't have that kind of money. As it is the building would be 80 to 100 thousand to begin with.

Talk to mom tonight and probably next week let my landlord down easy about not buying it. I did mention to her yesterday that I was worried money wise that it wouldn't be feasible at this time. And yeah she wont be down a building, but she will have 1100$ a month coming in from it, it's been empty for like 2 months at this point which has to be a drain on resources.

In other news my mom told me if T. and I break up her and my step-father will forgive me the loan for buying the business. So 8 grand to dump my boyfriend basically. Not that that would be why things ended. It's been a little strained lately at least for my part. He's a great guy but he drives me up the freaking wall. And I have no way of knowing how much money he takes from the store in a give week for whatever. After last weeks freak out about money he took the 70$ off the coffee table rather than letting me put it in the bank. Which you know is not the way to deal with being worried about the amount of money in the stores account. Ugh.
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So that stupid credit card thing T decided we should get at the shop seems to not be working out so well. They seem to be over charging and we have over 4 years left on the lease. And no money to do anything with and things are tight. And it sucks.
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Oh joy, I have 54$ to last until my next pay check. What fun. Or not. T's got some stuff listed on ebay for the store right now and hopefully that'll bring in some money and then maybe we can pay ourselves. That would be nice.
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Oh internets I've missed you. But I have my monies back. Just went to the bank to deposit last weeks paycheck and the balance is right where it should be. Makes me feel much better.

Spent a chunk of time at the bank on Tue. filling out paper work to get my new debit card issue and writing out letters stating what companies the charges where made to and on what card number and the day and that I didn't authorize them.
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Mountain Dew throwback is awesome. I vow to never drink the other stuff again...well until I run out and go back to mooching the other stuff from the store.

In other news I drove all the way to work today to get my paycheck only to find out there were showing up in another hour. So no paycheck cause I'm not making another trip up. Next week when I go back to work I'll just have two paychecks waiting for me.

Play in a draft tournament last night. Unsurprisingly came in last. Ask T. to make me a new deck based on the deck I drafted. Yeah, haven't played it yet but I can tell it is absolutely nothing like the one I started with. He kept 7 cards, thats it, and changed the color combo completely. Mostly because he got different colors when he got my picks from the rares and mythic cards at the end. I sort of wish he'd just left the colors I had, because I really liked my deal 5 damage to all opponents card, it was a good finishing move. Now I don't think I have a finishing move, thus leaving me with no finishing move making it pretty as worthless as my old deck. Ugh. Although he claims its not that bad because he played it against his cruel control deck with is a really good deck I guess, and it nearly beat it. Which basically means I'll still just lose against him every time I play just like now which frankly just gets boring after about 3 games. / geek
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[ profile] annikasevn is in fact having the trip from hell. After missing her flight yesterday she got to New Mexico so late she slept in her rental car. Today her and the boything tried to check into a hotel. Only their card was declined because the car rental place took out a $200 deposited they weren't told about. So I was called to see if I had the money, which I do, but the hotel wouldn't take my card over the phone. So they are SOL for tonight. I guess her mom's going to stop bye tomorrow and pick up her check and get that in the bank. Also the boything is still thinking I'm paying more than I'm willing to for rent and what not. As the last time it was talked about I'd been up for close to 20 hours and wasn't at my best. So now I'm worrying about that again. Ugh. Much of this mess could be avoided if someone was better at money managing. I'm thinking the boythings mother, because he had to pay for her to come out and see him because she didn't have enough money today it when her renters didn't pay last month. Evidently I'm the only one in this whole mess who tries to keep a little money set aside in case of emergencies. As it is my set a side money at the moment isn't as much as I'd like it to be especially since after next month I have no idea where on when my next paycheck will be coming from.
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Why did I buy a chinchilla? Not that I don't really like Lemur, but still. I would have been fine if the roommate hadn't been with me, or if she hadn't been taking forever to decided if she wanted to buy a fish or not.

Just repeat after me, your bills are paid for the month, you'll be fine.

Ugh I got like no sleep last night. I slept from 1 to 2. And um....6:30 to 7 and like 7:10 until 7:30 when my alarm went off. Today is going to be a really long day isn't it?
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So my aunt finally paid me, and my stimulus check came in. I can haz money? Although I can't for the life of me figure out how much my stimulus check was for. Possibly my math is farther off than normal, but I'm usually dead on with my bank statements. All I've got is less than 500 but more than 400. Which makes doesn't match any amount I could have gotten. So I is confused. But I can make my car payment and pay the rest of my rent and even go to the race on Sunday, maybe. I may be a horrible person and just sleep all day.

I've hauled home a small brush pile of interestingly shaped blueberry bush pieces. A couple that are like frames. Today I bought new paint brushes and dark blue paint. However the paint is acrylic and the brushes are for oil. As you can tell I am unable to make up my mind what medium I want to work in. I'm leaning towards oils because those are shinny and I think a shinny painting framed by a dull blueberry bush piece would be a good contrast.

I think the dog isn't going to make me walk him today. This makes me really happy. Although I think it's cause he's not feeling well. He was outside getting sick earlier.
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Well crap. I really wanted to go watch Dad race this weekend. But the pit pass is $40. Combine that with the cost of gas, even for my car, for driving to Wiscasset and back it's just more than I can justify. I don't even dare buy more groceries right now.

Ugh, this sucks.
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I love how don't turn the volume up to high on the TV I'm going to bed translates to wait until her door is closed then turn it up again. *headdesk*

In other roommate news she's already freaking out about how we're going to be able to afford heating oil next winter. I've got an idea, don't buy so much soda that'll save some money, don't buy new movies all time and cancel the cable. These ideas would not go over well if I actually suggested them. Me I'm already deciding to cut out soda. And not buying any unnecessary things. Although this is partly because my aunt still hasn't paid me and who knows if I'll get offered a T-Mobile job and if I do, do I really want to take it?
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It's sunny, and warm, again, for two whole days in a row. \0/

In other news my last paycheck from VIP was smaller than I thought it would be. Meaning it's not actually enough to cover my next car payment. Crap.

Also the bug bite on my arm, that was just a red spot yesterday. Is now an itchy swollen red dot with like pink all round it, so sort of welt like. Yes let me prove how allergic I am to everything. The bite on my hip while not itchy is swollen, plus much larger like the bug bit me more than once. Plus just in general more pink around it than the itchy one which is just faintly pink. Meh.

My neck has turned a lovely purple red in places. I hates sunburns so much.

In boy news it's really to bad that I'm not interested in the hub driver guy. He called to let me know his plane had landed safely (he's going to a friends graduation at the moment) and then he called me again to say he made it to Virgina because he landed somewhere else and had to drive. Which is you know really nice of him, but at the same time I don't really care. I mean yeah good for not dying but still don't need to let me know every time you successfully don't die doing something plenty of people don't die doing everyday.

edit: what gives today then win is the fact the general store had Moxie. I love Moxie. Which is a true way to tell how Maine someone is, they a) know what Moxie is and b) love it.
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I don't think I'll ever order anything of the Fueled by Ramen webstore again. I sent an e-mail last week about the fact they didn't send me one of the cd's I ordered and I still haven't gotten a response. I sent another e-mail today. But at this point I'm pretty sure I have to just kiss the money I spent on the missing cd good-bye.
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Today work was a lot of work. I had to scan in and check off two days worth of freight. The guys did most of the out front freight, I did almost all of the hard parts myself. I scrapped the skin off one knuckle and got several scraps on my arm and bruised my wrist. But on the plus side the hub driver gave me some Jelly Belly jelly beans. The roommate says I should just ask the guy out already. I'm considering it.

I celebrated today by wearing my love hurts shirt all day, even at work, it was just under my VIP shirt. My State refund is in so woot, I have money again, plus a pay check that will actually cover my car payment. And Dee paid me back for her HCT ticket so I used the money to buy groceries.

The one way work was funny was that it was me and three managers on the counter all day. That and all three managers kept talking about how they still had to get their wives something for v-day. I was amused by this.
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A hundred and something dollars poorer I have gas in the car and food for me, and things to wrap presents with, and new sheets.

Sadly my paycheck hadn't arrived yet so it's a good thing I did have money in my checking account.

Aardvark and Snowball said I look terrible with blond hair, and one of the tire changers thought it looked nice. I'm going purple tonight. For sure.
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Someday I will own a car I can change the wipers on myself. Today is not that day. The directions seem simple, push the button, pull the wiper assembly out.

Yeah right, I tried that it didn't work. Although trying to do this when it's so cold out my figures are going numb probably doesn't help. I need a heated garage to work in.

At least the registration was less than I thought, and by less I mean still over $300. And I broke my nails trying to peal last years stickers off the plates. I miss having a car I registered in the summer, the stickers peal off much better when they aren't cold and brittle.
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Okay so I just spent way way more money than I should have. I blame the roommate just a little. But in both our defenses the fabric was on clearance for almost 6$ a yard. So yeah all told I spent almost 30$ on fabric. With everything else I bought I spent 50$. Um...oops?

But it is so pretty. I bought patterns as well. So unlike most of the time when I buy fabric I actually plan to use it. I'm going to be making a jacket and a shirt. Well I'm sort of going to be making them. I suspect the roommate's mom will be helping a lot. The only thing I ever made my my LotR's cloak and that was with a lot of help, and much simpler than what I'm planning now. Plus I'm afraid of sewing machines. Mom told me she'd teach me how to use one. Then I asked if she really thought I could do so without sewing myself to something. She didn't have to think long to agree with me on that point.

If I get ambitious I will maybe post pics of the pretty pretty fabric.
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And in the even more money I shouldn't have spent category I bought Shadow of the Colossus and a 64 mb memory card off my brother. For a grand total of $10.

The whole point of my visit was to get my hair trimmed though. Which I did. I have split ends and that is not cool. Although mom may be right and part of the problem may be my shampoo and conditioner. Which is sort of expensive and yet makes my hair neither smooth nor sleek. But it is soft. And full of split ends. Next week I may invest in new shampoo and see if that helps.
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Okay so I spent money I shouldn't have, but I now own all four LotR games for PS2. And it only cost me 34$. As long as they all work I think I got a good deal.
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Thanks to my nose being really stuffy lately I had a really hard time falling asleep last night. And when I finally did I dreamed about getting beat up. Thus causing my nose to be messed up so I had a harf time breathing through it. And for some reason it was christmas only no one bought me anything.

My brain is on crack and last night it wasn't the good kind.

In better news I found the missing $20. I dropped it in the den when I was heading out to the living room to pay the roommate. Crisis averted.


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