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Saw my mom today and in true mom fashion she said my hair looks like Ronald McDonalds. Thanks so much mom, but I don't think my hair is really that shade of red.

Poor mommy

Aug. 29th, 2006 03:27 pm
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She's got Lyme disease, again. She already had it once this summer. She's just bad luck with ticks I guess, she got bitten twice this summer and they were both carriers.

I have to go to work in a little while I really don't want to. But I have tomorrow off, that'll be nice. Then three more days of work, then two off and hopefully seeing that invisible boyfriend of mine. Yes I've taken to calling Navy boy my invisible boyfriend, since in a way he is.
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Someone has been shooting guns on and off all day. One of which is a semi-automatic something. So occasionally it sounds like a war zone. While I was eating supper on the deck with the family I kept expecting someone to come running out of the woods firing a gun behind them before being taken out. I asked Mom if I could go shoot them and she said fine cause they were annoying. I'd probably go for a foot and wouldn't be using anything more dangerous than my brothers bee-bee pistole.

There is also heavy equipment going. Which going with the war theme became a tank in my mind. Which when I said something lead my brother to saying the Canadian's are invading. And adding "Viva the Prime Minister." He seemed unconcerned that he was using Spanish rather than French.

The meal itself went well. Its been awhile since the four of us sat down and ate together. There were only a couple instance involving food being thrown. All involving my brother. The scrap of meat he threw over our step-dads head was the best. There was was relatively little taking off food from each others plates and the only loud belch was all me.

I like family meals here a lot better than at Dads.

Currently the rest of the family has biked down the road to see what the heavy equipment is doing. We suspect its the people who moved in down the road who have been illegally pushing stuff into the stream. He-Man heard they were trying to damn it up to make a pond. Mom took a camera to take pictures if that was the case. Me thinks she's going to report them.

Rodney holding a gun in honor of people shooting things and the mention of Canada invading.


Jul. 28th, 2006 09:05 am
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my mom is not my favorite person at the moment. She is taking shingles off the roof. And told me it would be quiet. Which it isn't. So I've been awake for quite sometime after sleeping like crap last night. Meaning I'm exhausted and I don't even go into work until 5:30. Its going to be a long four hours tonight I suspect.
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Mother and her you don't love your car because you don't wash and wax it all the time can just bite me. I was going to do just that. Only I couldn't find the wax. Not that I can wax the whole car with out help anyway, but still I told her I was going to wash the car today and she still went and hid the wax in whatever place makes perfect sense to her and no one else. Bah to her.

And Navy boy called while I was out washing my car. And didn't leave a message. Actually he only called like two min. before I made it back inside. I called him back and he didn't answer. Ahh phone tag. No clue why he called though, I know he's coming up to Portland today, but he's not spending the night up here so I'm not going to see him.

edit:and he called me back. and he's coming up this evening. yay, haven't seen him in a week. of course i'm still quite sick so i should probably not kiss him while he's here.
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It's her and my step-dad's wedding anniversary today. So that means I get to wash the dishes. Which admittedly I was planning on doing anyway.
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Squeaker has started squeaking. And she wont stop. Its been going on for several min. now. If I'm up here in my room its almost tolerable. If I go down stairs its loud and annoying. Like a crying baby. Gah. Stupid pets.

Also I'm tired. I was up way to late last night and I got woken up by the phone. It was for mom. About a car she was thinking about buying.
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Have decided that dealing with two fish tanks is annoying. So I'm going to attempt to reintegrate Cillian and Variable into the big tank. This was mostly brought on by the fact that Cillian just seems to hate his tail since it started to grow back and he just ripped it off again. And Variable while having grow is still getting picked on.

Once this is done its in to town with me. To pick up job applications. And look for a kitchen island with mom. She's always wanted one, and has decided to re-model the kitchen while on vacation. Later this week we will be replacing the breaks on my car and doing something to my brother's car. Fun fun.
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It was kind of funny when earlier today mom told me she doesn't really care that I'm still living at home, as long as I pay my share, which at the moment means doing dishes everyday. What so funny about this is that this came from the woman who started threatening to kick me out when I was 17. And now she doesn't mind having me around. Makes my head hurt.

Now to try and get some lovely lovely sleep.
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Woot. I'm running away to NH on the 31rst. I'll be there for about 5 days. CCNE people I will try to come for a visit if anyone wants to see me. Navy boy already told me he'd drive me down for a visit.

I really appreciates the fact that my mother treats me like the 22 year old I am and didn't tell me I couldn't go. Although she did admit if she didn't like Navy boy she might be less likely to be so cool about it. Dad on the other had will probably freak out so he wont be informed until right before I go. Yay I'm getting out of the house in a weekish for something other then work. And with any luck Navy boy will be up Monday and bring the SeaQuest DVD's. If he isn't I'll live, but I wants the DVDs.

Also Mom was watching old home movies this evening. The one she watch seemed to mostly feature little blond haired blue eyed me. And my pet hamster Lucky. She was a very fat hamster, also quite large. I wonder if mom ever regrets getting me a pet rodent when I was so young, since then I haven't gone more then a year or two with out some sort of pet rodent.
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Mother is rearranging things again. Which means the paintings I'm storing in the hall have to move. She's going to hang up the unfinished one. How ever Naked!Man which is finished has to remain hidden because for unknown reasons its the only piece of art I've created that she can't stand.
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You know your mother has nothing to say to you when she writes you a letter and 75% of it is telling you about you brother girlfriend. Now idea why she did that, although one line of it was funny. And I quote "Heman has a real girlfiend now. Yes, a real one, not Joe." Joe is my brother best friend they're pretty much atached at the hip. Okay so maybe thats not as funny to people who aren't involved but still that is kind of an odd thing for one's mother to say. Actually I think the only reason she told me about my brother girlfriend is because her parents have a 69' vette with a big block. I think my mom misses her vette. I got sold so I could go to school/have a computer at school.
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Hello again world, I'm sure I did really have something to say. Yesterday I remember thinking, gee I feel like writing about this, but Now I don't remember.
Today has been odd. I found out that my mother is thinking about kicking me out of the house when I graduate from high school. It's things like this that makes one feel loved (or hated as the case maybe)
I think I'll go now before I say anything really mean about a certain relative I live with. *grumble*


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