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So I found the job posting for the job I was called about today. And it was something I'd found before and decided no way in hell am I qualified for that. But if the staffing place trying to fill the position thinks I'd be able to do it why not apply right? Plus it made me actually update my resume in such away that people will actually know a little more about what job skills I have when they see it.

So that's all sent out.

And I got back to another place that had sent me an e-mail saying they didn't have anything in my area unless I meant the job I'd applied for and if that was the case please e-mail them back. So I did.

Next two days I've got job interviews which means I'd probably find the iron and the ironing board and iron my dress shirts so I'll look presentable or something.
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Okay heard back about the job, it's more web than straight graphic design, which is fine by me. It would be for a paper mill putting technical manuals on-line for training pretty much. Not the most interesting thing in the world but worth a shot so now I've got to write up a summary of my web design experience and e-mail it and another copy of my resume off.
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You know what I get for not turning on my phone? Voice mails from people who saw my resume on-line and have graphic design jobs in my area. And when I call back they are at lunch. *headdesk* I left a message and hopefully will be hearing back from her soon.

Although this I do not understand, I went from no one the lest bit interested in me, so suddenly getting calls about jobs, jobs in my field even.
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Well I think the interview went pretty well. I'm guessing the first two interviews didn't go as well because after I was told they were only calling back 1 or 2 people for another interview that they would hopefully be calling me later. Or you know they could just say that to everyone. Three more people have interviews today. So after those are done they'll be calling people. Well this afternoon or tomorrow morning. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Selling cell phones isn't an ideal job, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Plus I could probably get a good deal on a new phone since it's the same carrier as my phone is through.

Now I need to put on my everyday clothing and clean the litter box. And the wood stove. And wash dishes. Fun fun. Then probably more job hunting.
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Should go to bed, but I'm all twitchy and worried about the job interview tomorrow. And also only sort of tired. Need to find something to do to amuse myself for a little while I guess.
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I have a job interview next week on Wednesday and Pine Tree Cellular.

They get major points because I just sent them my resume on-line today. So everybody keep your fingers crossed for me next week.

It is possible that I am way way to excited about this.

edit: and in even more awesome news Soundbender is opening for Theory of a Deadman on the 26th. Now I really hope I get the job so I can afford go to the show. Well drive to the show, am hoping they'll be needing a merch girl for the show so I can get in free. Otherwise it's like 20$. They have an invite only show this weekend that I'm not going to, to broke for that right now.
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I have thus far either applied to or requested more information on 5 different jobs. The good news is only one of the craigslist ones was a here's a web site for a get rich quick scheme.
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Blargh. Have applied on-line for two more jobs. E-mailed for more information on 3 or 4 jobs I found on craigslist. Have a Hannaford application to fill out. At some point one of these has got to pan out right?

Need to get more stuff photographed and posted on etsy too. Not that I'm having much luck with that either but I remain hopeful.
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Evidently the local animal shelter is looking for a new front desk person. Full time, with benefits. And they open at 11, close at 4:30. Which would work well for someone who goes to concerts and stays out to late. Plus, full time! benefits!

So that means I have to look over my resume again. And work up a new cover letter. Then stick it in the mail, or go drop it off at the animal shelter myself. Will probably just mail it. It's not like it would take long to get there. And the animal shelter is a little out of the way for someone who's trying to not drive around to much...well other than Soundbender stuff, but I'm going to have to curtail that soon.
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I had a dream last night in which my brother got turned into a zombie or a vampire sort of thing. And another one before that with the world just being post apocalyptic. Soundbender was there though. Which I'm going to blame on [ profile] annikasevn and the fact she talks about them a lot.

So I put in more job applications yesterday. Well one company, two locations. Back to the hurry up and wait game. I've applied to 4 place, and 6 locations in the last week. Ugh. I hate this.
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8 of the 12 things on my to-do list have been done. Go me. Which just leaves me with buying shavings and filling out another application to worry about tomorrow. Am done running around for the day. And the other two can be done when ever I want from the comfort of my couch. Well I do need to try and find some of my notes from my web design classes so I can refresh myself on how to update somethings that need to be updated on my portfolio site. I've already taken photos of stuff I want to put up on etsy I just need to decide which ones came out the best, bite the bullet, and put stuff up. Which I really need to do because what else am I going to do with all the scarfs I've made in the last couple weeks.


Oct. 13th, 2008 09:22 pm
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I just remembered I have to pay my web hosting fee next month. Making money even tighter. I hate this adult thing, and also this whole job hunting thing. Haven't heard back from Radio Shack yet. Tomorrow I'm going to Auburn whether I want to or not. And I am turning in my Pet Quarters application. And maybe getting others. And at some point swinging by the Farmington VIP and picking up an application. That store loves to hire people who've been fired from VIP before, or who left without working their whole two weeks notice.
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So I left the house for something other than Soundbender or shopping today. Go me? Saw guy who wishes he was my boyfriend. Haven't seen him in a while because really just don't want to deal with it. I had to jump-start his car for him, evidently his alternator is dead. Which also meant I had to drive us around Auburn. He was going to give me gas money, he didn't, but we didn't go far. Plus he gave me the left overs from dinner. Yum pizza. He made it home okay what was good, I thought I was going to have to jump start his car again when I dropped him off, but it started.

Was running later than I wanted to be so I didn't get job applications before I met up with him, but I did got to Pet Quarters to see if they had the guinea pig good I like and picked up an application there.

There is a Hot Topic in the Auburn Mall. So I may see about getting an application there. I know if I work there dying my hair funny colors wouldn't be an issue. Also a place with a motto like everything about the music shouldn't be to hard on someone who needs evening off every weekend because they are a merch girl for a band. Might get one for Game Stop too, because why not. Although I don't think I'm enough of a gamer to be a good fit somewhere like that.
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Wish me luck I'm off to my job interview.
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I really meant to be in bed by now. Oops. Have job interview is like 13 hours, so it's all good. Am not yet nervous about job interview. Am not sure if this is a good sign or a bad sign. I have no idea if I've got a good shot at it or not. The woman who owns the store also owns the Unicel store next to it. So I could be at Radio Shack or Unicel if I get hired. Am so bad at selling myself. This is probably why I never get hired. Actually I take that back there was a time when I got hired every time I interviewed, now not so much. People don't know what to think of an aimless college graduate who doesn't want to use her degree or have a real job for that matter.

Currently being paid to knit and crochet would be the dream job.
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I dropped off my application at Radio Shack today. And have an interview set up for Wednesday. Woot? Hopefully all will go well.
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Soo the plan was to be unemployed for like a week, then job hunt till my fingers bleed from filling out applications. However a store in town that I sort of have an in with is hiring. Which means I will be picking up an application at some point this weekend. Meh. Just as long as I get to see my concert next weekend all will be good. And I get to sleep in some.
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Am officaly unemployed. Should probably be more worried about this than I am. At the moment I'm way to tired to care. I sort of feel bad for my grandmother though, she's going to miss having someone to talk to while she's working.

Will start job hunting soon. Probably. But first sleeping, lots of sleeping. And maybe I'll work on a the painting I started months ago. If I can find it again. Or I could work on the sculpture I started. Or I could crochet. I think I need to get the TV in the living room hooked up so I can just sit around at watch movies while being artistic.
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I have come to a decision regarding job hunting. I will do so, but I'm taking a break first. I've pretty much been working non-stop since May of '06. I wasn't at Wal-Mart long enough to get more than 8 hours of personal time and I didn't get vacation time. I started at VIP before I left Wal-Mart and there was only a 3 day break between VIP and the farm. Since then I've never had more than 3 or 4 days off in a row. And I'm not sure if I ever really did get 4 days off together. So I think I'm due to take a mini-vacation. I've got enough money save up to be okay for a month, maybe two if I really streach it. So one week maybe two and I'll really get into the job hunting thing. I'll probably be bored out of my skull by that point anyway.
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I think the interview went well. I was the first person they were interviewing. Which is a good thing? They seemed to like me and from the way they were talking it sounded like they do want to hire me. They just have to interview everyone else first. So hopefully by the end of next week I'll be getting a call saying their hiring me. Baring that I'll except a couple weeks after that being called because whomever they hired didn't work of.

I am cautiously optimistic.

Now I think I'm going to read my f-list then go sit in the living room were the AC is going.


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