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Funny thing happened at work today. That I just remembered. We had one of the Somerset County Sheriffs cruisers (a truck) in the garage today, it was in deprate need of brakes. And was dropped off and picked up by a very short very young county sheriff. But that wasn't the funny part, the funny part was that person who works there, that I will not name by title just in case the Somerset Sheriffs poke around LJ, went out in the garage and played with the sirens, just a little, before it was picked up. At least he didn't play with the lights. And he evidently took it out for a test drive and drove fast, but he's not positive how fast because at some point someone drove it fast enough to pin the needle on the odometer. That was also funny.

So Somerset County is being protected by people who speed and have no brakes.

In other news my new default icon is staring at me. But I still like it. Because my eyes look really blue when you fuck with the contrast on a photo of me.

I should really go to bed. Work at way to early in the morning.
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I have decided it is the right time of year to bring back this icon.

To this day I have no idea how a) I managed to wrap my head up like that all the time and b) I could see anything.

In cold related new I wish heating oil wasn't so freaking much. While I do like wearing sweaters and the sort, I also wish we could turn up the heat enough I didn't feel like I needed to wear gloves and a jacket in the house.

Speaking of oil prices its over 3$ a gallon for gas here now. Not cool, and it just keeps going up. Soon I shall have to hook the roommates dog to a sled and go to work via dog sled, although that will only work if we get snow.
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Icons picked by [ profile] mcee. Because really who doesn't like an excuse to talk about themselves, or at least something they made.

Comment and I'll pick seven of your icons, and then you will explainwhy you love/are using the icon (who doesn't love talking about theiricons, seriously) and then post your explanation/this meme in yourjournal for other people to squee about their icons, and basically itwill be a huge squeefest of love and 100x100 square pixels.

The icons )
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So I seem to be slowly revamping my icons. I have more with my user name, and I got rid of the summer ones at least until next summer, and there seem to be warm fall colors sneaking it.

And once again I'm not sleeping.

But at least I'm pretty sure the dog has finally gone to the roommates room and stayed there. I made one last bathroom trip in hope he'd follow me and just stay in her room rather than follow me back. He stays with her he gets to sleep on the bed. He stays with me and he gets to sleep on the floor outside my door. I'm guessing bed finally won. Thank god, he's not a horrible dog, but I don't want him following me around.
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Okay so I managed to get the disk cleaned up enough to finish the movie. Yay. Plus new icon thanks to the movie. *pets Gerard*
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There we go, melting cat icon. I feel it properly demonstrates how I've felt pretty much all day.
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I should really be in bed sleeping right now. The roommate is going to come stumbling home around 10 am and wake me up. And if she doesn't wake me up coming into the house the dog will wake me up whining outside my door after she leaves for work.

Also look a pretty icon of blueberries. That's one of the bushes at my aunt's blueberry farm. There is no real reason behind it, other than I like the photo. I don't even like blueberries.

Even though I cleaned the degu cage today I can still smell it. Which means I need to buy a hose and a nozzle so I can take the thing outside and spray it out and hope that helps. I was going to order new platforms for the cage, but the last time I tried the company's web site was messed up so I couldn't actually order anything.
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Look an new icon of me. One where I actually have hair. *gasp shock* Also I look kind of sad. But I like it. I like very few photos of me so if I like it I use it. Plus I took it myself, its had to make a photo taken by yourself look good.
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Another year of paid account more icons. Woot. Okay so I use very few of my icons at all. But I still get more options to not use.

In other news I'm finally waking up. Took long enough I've been awake since 9 am. Well sort of I worked 4 hours, came home and took a nap. But I no longer feel like I'm going to pass out at any second.
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I have four icons that involve cars now. Go me. And this one, is the best icon ever. Thanks [ profile] kitt. And I have the tape of the race now so I'll even get to see the wreck soon. Woot.

I don't have to be to work until 4, why am I even awake? Oh thats right the degus where freaking out loudly after H. got up and another girl we work with slept on the couch last night so there was noise this morning.

edit: and I turn on the TV and what should be on, but the end of Boa VS Python. Ahahahah. Navy boy still hasn't forgiven me for making him watch this.
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I keep making icons. I don't need more icons, I've got more than I can use already. Was makings Doctor Who icons, now I've moved on to Superman/Brandon Routh icons. Combine these with the huge number of SG:A icons I made a while back and maybe I should consider making an icon post and sharing with the world. Actually I should make one for PotC 2 since I don't have one.

Icons they will eat my brain.
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the paper fly swatter icon of d00m. I'd forgotten it existed, then I got bored and read old entries, and was reminded so here it is.

note to self: remember to tell Navy boy its okay for him to call you, talking to him on the phone might make you feel better.
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New icons yay. Well four new ones. One of which is possibly the most annoying icon I've ever made. In fact it gives me a headache if I watch it to long. It might not stick around to long.
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New car porn icon, because frankly to many people have icons with the car from Supernatural and I've even seen one that says car porn. So new one, that can't be like anyone else's cause I took the picture myself at a drag race. Actually the other one was just place holding until I could find this picture again any way.

Yay cars. Plus I've always really liked how the pic came out.
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New default icon. Woot. Now I have a car icon, a car icon that says car porn, which is something of an in joke in my family. So very few people will understand, at least in the way I mean it.

I miss my paid account, and my four extra user icons.


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