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I think I spend to much time on tumblr now. It's been awhile since I post anything here, like since I bought my new car I think. This are going well though. Still love to new car, the payments are going to make things tight for awhile, but that's to be expected.

I very nearly have a fully functional kitchen again. The cook top isn't installed yet, and the light over the sink, but other than that it's all there. I've just been using an electric skillet since I don't have the cook top yet. Mostly to make omelets because I'm really not much of a cook, but eggs are better for me than all the microwave food that's been my only options for months. Maybe once everything is all in I'll post a photo, my cabinets are really nice. Which may mean I'm finally turning into an adult. Guess is was going to happen eventually.

Now if it would just stop snowing and warm up out everything would be great. We're planning on putting in a garden, although with 3 feet of snow on the ground its sort of hard to make myself start planning that out.


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