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Today I am in acting part one of what I've been calling in my head, OMG Gas Cost How Much?!

I bought a bike. A very nice purple Mongoose mountain bike. A 21 speed with a shock absorber connected to the seat and an aluminum frame. May end up buying a better seat for it though, the little skinny one it came with doesn't work well with my not as skinny behind.

Now I need to get myself slowly used to biking again and build up to biking the 4 miles to work on the ATV trail that starts right across from my apartment. There is a guy in my department at work who lives with in sight of my place and he's probably going to start biking as well. I told him we could be bike buddies.

Point of interest on this post, took me like four tries to spell exercise close enough to correct for the spell check to understand what I was trying to spell. I spelled aluminum right on the right try. I'm not sure how I managed that.
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The Bad: I just had to pay $4.06 a gallon for gas.

The Good: Jazz just got 46 miles to the gallon on his last tank of gas. \o/
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So gas is over $3.50 a gallon. But on a plus side Jazz got 41.8 mpg on the last tank of gas. This is probably the only reason I didn't cry about having to pay $22.13 for just a tick over six gallons of gas.
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So on my work today I saw a fox, almost got hit by a truck that pulled out without looking, and was diverted by an accident and forced to take a really convoluted rout to work.

Also, predictably, gas goes up as soon as I need to buy some. Two days ago it was $2.94 a gallon, yesterday, $3.03, today when I came home from work, $3.07. Not cool.
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In other random news of gas prices, it's down to $2.94 at crazy Everett's. And $2.96 at the Cumberland Farms across the street. Which is nice, cause you couldn't pay me to buy gas at Everett's.

The driveway is now plowed, that's nice, cause we got about 5 inches of snow since I got home.

I'm watching Star Wars and being brain dead now. It's very nice.
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It's really sad that the fact it cost me a little under 27$ for 9 gallons of gas made me happy today isn't it? Oh gas prices of doom, will you ever drop lower?
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So it started snowing after I got to work. We got a couple inches before it turned to ice pellets then freezing rain. The drive home was fun. Jazz only tried to spin around once so I count that as a win.

Neurotic!Manager decided that he's sick of not making his hours because of clocking out early. So we hung around to punch out at a time that would actually count as 6:30. Fine by me, my last pay check was barely over $200, and they're just going to keep getting smaller.

I have ice tea again, and milk, and chocolate, which is a necessity and no one can tell me different. So this weeks shopping has be accomplish.

In happy news gas is down to $2.99 in Norrigewalk. \o/ Hopefully when I need to buy gas next week it'll still be that low.
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I have decided it is the right time of year to bring back this icon.

To this day I have no idea how a) I managed to wrap my head up like that all the time and b) I could see anything.

In cold related new I wish heating oil wasn't so freaking much. While I do like wearing sweaters and the sort, I also wish we could turn up the heat enough I didn't feel like I needed to wear gloves and a jacket in the house.

Speaking of oil prices its over 3$ a gallon for gas here now. Not cool, and it just keeps going up. Soon I shall have to hook the roommates dog to a sled and go to work via dog sled, although that will only work if we get snow.
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Gas has gone down just a little. It's less than 2.90$ a gallon at the place I go, and my car got 42.5 mpg on the last tank. Score. I've been trying to break 42 since I got it pretty much.
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Good grief. Gas went up 6 cents at the place I got it at this morning. Now I really want to get ride of el Bubble and start driving my gas sipping new car all the time.
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Survived another day of work. Am really really tired thanks to my earlyish morning today. Meh.

Am also hungry and feeling weepy for no real reason, although it could just be allergies.

It looks as though seeing Navy boy tonight is a bust as he's not answering his phone which means its probably not working at his parents and I as I'm not positive he's really in Maine I'm not going to even bother trying his parents house, not that it'd really matter his mom is probably on-line. Will try him once more in half an hour and then give up.

Had to pay over 3$ a gallon for gas today. I've never had to do that before, I think something inside of me died a little.

edit: So I hit my head on the corner of a metal shelf at work. And while it didn't bleed I think I may have broken the skin just a little. Ow.
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So I don't work today. I was going to go see PotC2 again. Then I looked at how much gas I've used recently and how much it costs and decided I wasn't going to go cause I'd have to get money out of an ATM to pay anyways and its already going to cost me an arm and a leg when I buy gas on Thu. for my trip to Navy boys for the weekend. Stupid gas prices cause I really want to see the movie again.


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