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[ profile] escapisms I got your card today, it made me smile. Thank you. I really liked the hug token too.

In other news out of work early. Which frankly I feel everyone in my crew deserved after having to clean up a room that contained a lot of vomit. Yuck.
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The first time I ever went to a concert was last October. Since then I've been to 13 concerts, 8 of them have involved Soundbender, and 4 of them have involved bands people outside of the state of Maine have heard of. It's fun going to big concerts but I think on the whole I like the ones for local bands better. This is probably heavily influenced by the whole being adopted by Soundbender thing, but whatever. Loki likes me too.

In other news I talked to [ profile] annikasevn yesterday and she was all the house out here is awesome and it's really not that bad. And I was like no no no, you're not supposed to be all yay it's nice you're supposed to be ditching the boy-thing because he's an asshole. Which evidently is something she's not thinking about right now because she's stuck out there until November at least and if she thinks about she'll get all worked up and the boy-thing will know something is wrong blah blah blah. But I guess she probably really will come home because things he does that she used to find cute annoy her now, plus she realizes what an ass he is, and knows I will kick her ass if she stays. And she misses Soundbender. Really I think thats the major reason she's coming back. It would be funny if it wasn't sad. At least it's not like the band doesn't like her. They keep asking me where she is, and they did all tell her not to go. Because I asked them to, but I'm sure they wouldn't have said it if they didn't mean it. They love all their fans especially the ones who have because friends.

I need to clean the litter box still. Ugh. And the chinchilla cage, well I don't have any shavings, but I can at least clean the poops of the platforms.

This is my fall icon.
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[ profile] annikasevn is in fact having the trip from hell. After missing her flight yesterday she got to New Mexico so late she slept in her rental car. Today her and the boything tried to check into a hotel. Only their card was declined because the car rental place took out a $200 deposited they weren't told about. So I was called to see if I had the money, which I do, but the hotel wouldn't take my card over the phone. So they are SOL for tonight. I guess her mom's going to stop bye tomorrow and pick up her check and get that in the bank. Also the boything is still thinking I'm paying more than I'm willing to for rent and what not. As the last time it was talked about I'd been up for close to 20 hours and wasn't at my best. So now I'm worrying about that again. Ugh. Much of this mess could be avoided if someone was better at money managing. I'm thinking the boythings mother, because he had to pay for her to come out and see him because she didn't have enough money today it when her renters didn't pay last month. Evidently I'm the only one in this whole mess who tries to keep a little money set aside in case of emergencies. As it is my set a side money at the moment isn't as much as I'd like it to be especially since after next month I have no idea where on when my next paycheck will be coming from.
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Survived work. Even the weed pulling brush cutting part in the morning. Although the dirt, even though I wore gloves, is pretty well embedded under my nails. Am going to go see the new Mummy movie tonight. Maybe. Was originally going to the 7pm show and now the 9pm even though I have to be to work at 8am.

In other news I am evidently planning an ill advised trip to New Jersey to see Panic play in Nov. While there I will with any luck get to meet [ profile] bluejbird and that will be awesome. It's to bad [ profile] downeybrat fell off the map because she live in Jersey and would thus be a possible option for a place to stay, plus she might actually like Panic and go too. But it's been a year or more since she fell off the internet and that's sort of sad. [ profile] annikasevn is tentatively going with me. And she's knows a person we can stay with in the area. So it will all hopefully work out.

Beyond that I think we're going to get slammed at work tomorrow. It's the weekend of the Wilton Blueberry Festival, and I work at a blueberry farm in Wilton I suspect this will lead to people wanting blueberries.
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So I'm watching TBID, should be sleeping but whatever. So very good though. I will admit that the fact the NJ show was mere days before I was supposed to see MCR reminds me that I'm still sort of sad face about not getting to see them...You's guy better tour again and come somewhere closish to me damn it.

Also found out today that [ profile] annikasevn totaly would have gone to NYC with me to see them. And she's not even a fan. She just likes doing random impulsive things like that. Back in the day the two of us wanted to drive to NYC to see NSYNC preform on the Today Show. (did I just date myself?) She also told me that she'll road trip with me to see them or any other random band I can't get anyone to go to with me because it's to far. And if happens to be NYC she's got a friend we can crash with. Oh the things I wish I'd know a couple months ago.

Um...I may have had caffeine earlier. If it shows, maybe it doesn't. But it's probably why I'm still so awake. Well that and the fact I got 6 and 1/2 solid uninterrupted hours of sleep last night. That is evidently much more restful than sleeping in 3 hour chunks.

Also I didn't go to RI, [ profile] annikasevn left before I got out of work. When last she called me at 10ish she had just gotten back to Maine. We talked for about half an hour as she navigated the holiday traffic. Which was picking up again that's why she had to go. Possibly there was an accident she saw blue lights I guess. Or it could have been a pulled over speeder.
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So I was finally forced to let [ profile] annikasevn go home. People kept calling her. But I did have her for 3 movies and some music pimping. I have sent her on her way with a copy of Neurosonic's album and a copy of Empires' album. With a note that as much as I love Neurosonic, she should listen to Empires first.

Next weekend we're going to try and hit the drive in, baring more rain. Ironman and Indy will be playing and it's totally worth 6$ to see them again.
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I only got rained on a little at work today, that's just awesome. And it was like 2 seconds before I went home so I really didn't care. And I have tomorrow off. \o/

Going to hang out with [ profile] annikasevn, haven't seen her in forever and she is evidently having boy troubles. As I hate the boy in queastion I sort of hope they break up. But don't tell her that it would make her sad face.

re my last post do not worry I am feeling much better than I was last night.
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I am possibly sort of a little drunk right now. I'm a cheep drunk I guess.

Went shopping in Augusta today. Spent way to much money. Went to Target for the first time ever in my life. Got home from that and turned around and went to Waterville to the country bar again. Was going to do the air guitar competition again. Was all signed up but they decided to have me and my friend who won last time we went go last. The roommate has to be to work at 10am and she drove, so we had to leave before our turn. We still go our participation prizes and if we go next week we're both getting 25$ gift certificates which is pretty awesome. I guess half cause we keep showing up and half cause we didn't get to go. I'm not complaining free stuff is nice.

My ears are ringing and I should probably try to sleep.

Oh the dog ate my donuts, there were 10 in the package, I got to eat three of them before he managed to get them off the counter. Not cool. I was going to have a couple for breakfast.


Dec. 9th, 2006 09:20 pm
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Um yes hi. I'm running on maybe 4 hours of sleep. And I'm drinking Woodchuck Draft Cider. Which is hitting me a little hard, because other than the popcorn I just started eating I haven't had anything to eat since before 3 this afternoon. So I'm going to be real fun soon.

Am working on putting stuff on the new toy. It's taking awhile because my computer is old and has not a USB 2 port. And I'm probably taking the new toy to work tomorrow, so I can show it off to H. whom I'm car pooling with because we figured out as I was leaving work that we work the same hours tomorrow. Woot. That means she can drive and I will only have to drive el death trap just to her place and back.

Work went reasonably fast. Was very busy. Had a customer tell me I'm her favorite cashier. That made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
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I got to see my bestfriend today. I haven't seen her since christmas. The people who where around us must have thought we were nuts. We ran up to each other hug each other then about five minets later we were haveing a tickle fight. Then we camled down and talked. Which was nice. Turns out that back when I had a huge crush on her see had a huge cruch on me. Which now that we know kinda sucks cause if either of us had been brave enough to make a move we would have saved ourselfs a lot of heart acke. Like funnest thing that happend was when she looked at me and asked if K. knew she could steel me away from her when ever she wanted to. Okay maybe thats not funny but it is true. Okay moving on to the next topic. Um...yeah just igrone everything in this post. That is all.
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I got to talk to my best friend today *does a happy dance* Lets just pretend she wasn't just contacting me to find some books I borod from her eons ago. We did talk for awhile wich was nice. Suprized the hell out of her when I told her who I was seeing. All in all it was wonderfull to talk to her. I really do miss her lots and lots. When I go home for spring break we're so getting together and doing something.
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I saw FotR for the eight time today happy happy me. I have no new coments on the movie. I feel like complaning about the people that where there. There were people gettting up and sitting back down the whole movie, then towards the end there was some guy talking reallt loud. The best it the guy sitting on the other side of my sort of girlfriend (i went with her and M. as usual) it was so funny cause we were being very well behaved and just holding hands and that was it. And the whole movie the guy kept looking at us and giving us dirty looks. I just love living in a small close minded town. The funniest thing that happend was all M.'s fault she said something about one of the evil guys in the movie smelling stuff so i leaned over close to K. (the almost maybe sort of girlfriend) and like smelled her just to be wierd. So M. getts my attention and tells me it would look less wierd if i just climbed into the seat with her and stoped smelling her. Some how i don't think that would have gone over well with the guy next to us.
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Me and my best friend are evil. I saw her for the first time in months today. We have decided that if by the time we're in our mid-twenties we're not in serious relationships we're going to tell our families that we've been friends with "benefits" since eight grade just to see the look on their faces. That and if we're ever on something that will be broadcast nationally or internationally we're going to kiss. I think we need new hobbies besides coming up with ways to horrify our relatives.

On a completely different note I found out that it is in fact possible to drive to Hawaii. Which is nice since me and the friends that want to move there don't like planes, plus that'd be a cool way to see the US, driving from Maine to California.
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Little schools suck. I got to eat rolls and pasta with butter and salt and pepper for supper. Because the person cooking today didn't make enough sauce. And yesterday they didn't make enough food period.

My bestfriend is trying to get me to move to Canada with her, cause she going to school out there. I bet that school has food.
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Should I be concerned that when I dream I am hardly ever me? In fact more often then not I'm a guy in my dreams. When I told one of my friends at school that he looked at me funny and said I needed a hug or a role model or something. Not sure what that means exactly. Maybe I dream I'm a guy because deep down inside I'd rather be a guy. Although truthfully its not that deep down inside that I want to be a guy. I fact for the most part its pretty damn close to the surface.
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I love my friends one of them just told me I'm not inocent because when I try to look inocent I burst into laughter, but that I can do serious and don't touche me or I'll pull off you figures well. And that I'm a goofball.
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I've had a long day. Mostly because I spent a large portion of it on the road. I left at 1:30 this afternoon with one of my best friends to go deliver some animals we were selling to a pet store then we went and got grain for her rabbits, then we stopped somewhere and talked for a long time. I got home at 8:45 this evening. But we had fun on our minni road trip. I fact now we're planning a long road trip, if our parents will let us. Maine to New York is a rather long trip so I'm not even sure we can afford the gas to get there. I just want to go on a trip and she wants to go see Nsync preform on the today show, which is next Mon. I guess. We thing we can go and not need to stay in a hotel cause she got a friend that may leave near-ish to NY. No idea if it will work, I think we may have enough money, my mom may even say yes, my dad however may not. The reason my mom might let me is when she was my age she took an even longer road trip with a friend to go all over new england, mr and my friend just want to go to NY and come back again. I hope it works out, it'll be a blast if it does.
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Today my cat looked really cute so I took a picture, and now I'm sharing. Isn't she cute, she is really, except for when she's in a bad mood and bites, or when she leaves you dead animals to show how much she cares, other than that she's very cute.

On a completly unrelated note, asahi left, truely left yesterday. She called me from the airport before her flight and told me she'd write as soon as she could, why is illinos so far away? And better than that why'd she have to go in the navy? It makes her be to far away.
Okay I feel better now.
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Its raining out, I wish it wasn't, and theres thunder I probaly shouldn't be using this computer now. If I ever think about it the rain actually fits today, my best and dearest, friend, whom I shall call asahi, since thats her handle, left today, and I won't see her quite a while, she's leaving for basic very soon so she went to go visit family. She's going to be done with basic about the sametime I leave for college, so I probaly wont she when whe comes back to visit. I not happy about that. I not happy she left, I'm closer to her than anyone else I know, I igored my boyfieend all weekend to spend time with her, and shes gone.
I think I'll stop thinking about this now, otherwise I'm going to get my self all depressed, never mind its offical I'm depressed, will be for awhile, oh blah.
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Today was good and bad. I got to sleep until nine, no school, no school. Then I went on a picnick with plastic fork boy. Then I went to an awards thing for the tech programs was in at my high school. Got a certificate for haveing perfect attendance, one for completing a class, and then I found out I got another scholarship, don't know for how much, I get to find that out fri. at the high school awards night. Then I saw someone I hadn't seen in years. A girl I use to know, she was the sister of my long time best friend, a best friend whom I haven't seen in close to six years. That made me very sad because I miss hime very much still, and I'll probably never see him again, and if I do I don't think he'll recognize me. He only lives a few towns over but its not likly I'll ever see him again and that makes me very sad.


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