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Mountain Dew throwback is awesome. I vow to never drink the other stuff again...well until I run out and go back to mooching the other stuff from the store.

In other news I drove all the way to work today to get my paycheck only to find out there were showing up in another hour. So no paycheck cause I'm not making another trip up. Next week when I go back to work I'll just have two paychecks waiting for me.

Play in a draft tournament last night. Unsurprisingly came in last. Ask T. to make me a new deck based on the deck I drafted. Yeah, haven't played it yet but I can tell it is absolutely nothing like the one I started with. He kept 7 cards, thats it, and changed the color combo completely. Mostly because he got different colors when he got my picks from the rares and mythic cards at the end. I sort of wish he'd just left the colors I had, because I really liked my deal 5 damage to all opponents card, it was a good finishing move. Now I don't think I have a finishing move, thus leaving me with no finishing move making it pretty as worthless as my old deck. Ugh. Although he claims its not that bad because he played it against his cruel control deck with is a really good deck I guess, and it nearly beat it. Which basically means I'll still just lose against him every time I play just like now which frankly just gets boring after about 3 games. / geek
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Yum yum breakfast for supper. Scrambled eggs and home fries. One of the few things I can cook.
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T. and I are going to have the most awesomeist nachos in the world for supper. Like seriously I used pretty much a whole bag chips, and of shredded cheese, and all the hamburg. It will be delicious. Also it's a good thing neither of of us has eaten anything today, plus working up an appetite before hand didn't hurt either.
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Reduced sodium tomato soup is absolutely tasteless. In case anyone has ever wanted to try it. And this is after I loaded it with pepper and garlic powder. Even the little bit of salt I added didn't help at all. *finishes it because waste not starve not*
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Okay so forgetting to eat for like 9 awake hours is a really really bad idea. My stomach, it was not happy with me. Then I just ate a lot of food. Well not really. I didn't eat that much I just ate it really really fast. But my stomach no longer feels like it is going to stage a revolt.
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that actually turn out good.

So money is tight at the moment meaning I bought a lot of ramen the last time I went shopping. I know it's bad for you, but it is cheep. So how I make it usually is just cook it like normal then pour out most if not all of the water and use maybe half a packet of flavoring. Today I decided to try and get fancy after that. I had chicken flavored, so I dumped in the flavoring then added cheese and salsa. And it came out pretty darn good. Probably better tasting than if I'd actually just eaten it the way it was intended.
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Work was survived with no new injuries or bug bites. Go me. Got out earlier than I thought I would as well. About 3:30 my grandmother looked at me and goes "are you thinking 4 is a good time to go home today, I'm exhausted." To which I say something like "sounds good. I am like a wined up clock, that needs to be wound"

I think we were allowed to be tired we probably got 20 bushes pruned today. 22 more and we'll have the row finished. A couple of them are small so we may actually get it done tomorrow before my interview at 4.

Am going to dye my hair again soon. The orange and the color my skin turns when I tan don't go well. The fact that my grandmother noticed an commented on it cemented this fact. So I bought black hair dye when I went grocery shopping.

Actually my grocery shopping trip ended up being much more pricey than originally anticipated since I just went for bread, milk, and something for breakfast. On top of that I ended up with hair dye, a can of soup, 2 kiwis, sliced cheese, and half a pound of some sort of chicken salad with grapes and almonds in it. The lady in the deli assured me it was good. We shall find out when I get back from walking fat mutt.
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Mystery bruise is still on my arm. My mom thinks it looks like the sort of thing I should be able to remember doing. Oh well. I've only poked it a couple times, which I feel I should be given an award for. The colors make it so eye catching that's it's really hard not to.

In other news baby carrots and lite ranch dressing totally counts as supper right?

In hair news I got Mom to trim it a little. No longer looks like my head is being over taken by an orange mop. Am pleased. Still only sort of looks like photo I wanted it to look like. Am not surprised by this. Is still closer than what happend the last time I paid some one to cut it.
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Grill cheese and salami is totally a breakfast food right? And even if it isn't I don't care, it's so yummy that I'm sad that I'm almost out of cheese. Well in slices. I can switch to shredded if I have to.

In other news it is not bright and sunny out and that's kind of sad. But it's not raining or snowing so I'll take it.
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I'm having left over steak for breakfast, and pizza for lunch. I'm eating good today.
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So I heard my phone ring at like 7:50 this morning. I ignored it. Work doesn't open until 8 I thought, therefor it can't be work. It was work, work evidently opens at 7:30 on Saturdays now. Oops. Any who I got the message at like 10:45. I was at work by just after 11:30. And next weeks schedules been changed. Mumbles quit this week so there are now more hours available. Which I'm getting. \o/ So now I have 34.5 hours next week rather than 19. I celebrated by buying groceries and a couple extras that weren't on the list. I did however forget to buy sliced cheese. Which is just not cool. I now have tomato soup again but no cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches.

Now I think I'm going to make macaroni and cheese, even though I forgot to buy french dressing. Don't look at me like that macaroni and cheese tastes best when covered in french dressing. First however I think I'll finish changing out of my work cloths.

Oh oh oh in other work news Store!Manager once again told me I'm doing a really good job. What's that some sort of record, two weeks from you're a sucky employee to you are a hard working excellent employee I'm proud of.
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note to self: hannaford brand noodles, not as good as what I usually buy, blech. *finishes eating them anyway because food is food when you're broke*
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Although I think I would like it better if the dumpling hadn't finished dissolving in it. It was one of mom's weird whole grain dumplings so everything's sort of brownish and grainy now.

Doesn't really matter, it's still yummy.

In other news I had many vivid dreams last night which I only sort of remember now. One of them was at work. And one involved people being possessed by stuff, I'm blaming SeaQuest for that one. And one involved wandering around an abandoned school (although maybe it wasn't a school) that was decorated with glass christmas ornaments that where still unbroken after like 5 years, but then the wind blew a glass tree over.
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I am home. I did not go off the road, I did not get buried in snow. The subject of this entry references a work order I saw today, and it really did say died while driving. Which I found amusing.

It was so dead at work today. Like two customers in the last hour we were open slow. I was reading a book again for awhile. Then I went outside and shoveled the walk and around my car, and I clear out to the drivers doors on both the guys still there's trucks. My good deed for the day.

Now I am home. My feet are cold because my combat boots are no longer water proof. But I am full of beef stew. And I have some for tomorrow in the fridge. Home made beef stew is the best thing this time of year.
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I went to her house after work and mentioned I was thinking about buying steak, she said "oh you want steak?" Then went over to the fridge and dug through the freezer coming out with steak. Evidently my uncle is still getting a calf in the spring and slaughtering it in the fall, thus all the meat eaters in the family have freezers over flowing with beef. So I have steak now. Woot. Also I may get to have beef stew tomorrow. As I mentioned that too and Mom decided that if she has a snow day tomorrow she will make beef stew. And I can have some. I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it.
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So I guess there is a snow storm coming. Which means everyone in Somerset county is trying to buy snow tires right now!omg!

My deposit to the bank tonight, counting cash and checks, was something like 7 thousand dollars. Needless to say Neurotic!Manager asked if I'd follow him to the bank so if he did get mugged there'd be a witness. Which I didn't have a problem doing, it makes sense to me.

Other than that I am tired, and cold. And don't really want to work tomorrow. Not that I've got to choice, the fill in for me if I'm sick is already out sick.

It was 15(F) when I came home tonight. My toes and fingers are still slightly frozen from the drive home.

I had Tim Horton's for the first time today. Someone brought in donuts from there and the service manager gave me half his butter caramel coffee/smoothy, which was very very good.

Now I need to find something to eat. Because what I just mooched off my mom wasn't really enough to make me not hungry.

Oh, [ profile] angelwolf24, I got the card today. Thanks, it's very cute.
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My tomato soup tastes like burning. Or something. The bottom of the pan in black. Oops. Easily distracted people shouldn't try and cook.
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It is raining out. Less than a week ago it was snowing. I is confused. And soggy because the dog needed to go out and the last time he was out he wrapped his run around a pole like 4 times, and the roommate being well herself, didn't unwrap it, so I had to go out and free the damn thing. And now my hair is sad and flat because hair gel and rain don't mix.

I think I'll have a baked potato for supper.
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Thanksgiving with the family has been survived. My vegetarian grandmother cooked the turkey because the uncle who usually cooks it was at thanksgiving with his ex wife and their kids. It came out really well actually. And who ever made the mash potatoes also did a good job, and that sums up what I ate other than bread and pie.

There was minimal arguing and that was mostly because much of my family believes in arguing for the sake of arguing.

My 16 year old, making her the second youngest, cousin has recently dyed her hair black and is pregnant. Evidently she is hoping this will the the thing that finally lets her quit school. She evidently also smokes a lot of pot and gets drunk regulaly, this does not bode well for her spawn.

My aunt's second oldest kid recently turned 18 and decided that meant he didn't have to listen to his parents anymore and moved out of the house. He's still in high school.

So there were a couple things sitting around the house like large pink elephants that we weren't talking about. I was filled in before we left mom's and instructed to not talk about it.

Now I'm home and that is good. The roommate must still be at her mom's because she's not here. Her dog got into the trash again, and I just can't deal with picking it up, so she can deal with that when she gets home. At some point I shall load the dishwasher and call it good.
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I have chocolate peanut butter fudge and you don't. Also this is a perfect example of why I should go grocery shopping when I haven't actually gotten around to eating anything before I leave. Oops.


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