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Okay now I'm sort of sad, my betta, Legolas died today.
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Legolas is sadly floating at the edge of his tank closest to were Aragorn's was. Poor fishy misses his friend.
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I think I'm going to be down to one betta soon. Aragorn is sick. And it's with something that I can't spell, but know is pretty much impossible to cure. Which sucks. Legolas is still doing fine though so that's something I guess.

In other news it's still icing out. Traffic is moving slow. Even the trailer trucks. I have no icon relating to freezing rain so I'll just use my snow one.
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This is Aragorn. I've always wanted to name a fish that but hadn't found one it fit. I'm still not sure it's right, but I'm still going with it.
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This is Legolas. So named because he's about the color of Legolas' hair in the movies. And he's not big on having his picture taken.
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And this is the roommates fish, PJ Sparkle. He lives in a very pink world.
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I have a new fish, or two. I couldn't decided so I bought them both. I blame my roommate, she wouldn't help me pick. But I got my revenge. I talk her into buying one too.

Also I finally managed to get over to mom's and rotate the tires on my car. Go me. Although now I'm covered in bug bites and that's not cool. But on a funny note the dealership did a follow up call while I was outside playing with the car. I'm very annoyed the guy who called me didn't know what I should torc the lug nuts to, and it wasn't in the owners manual. Must check with He-Man, but we set them to about the norm, so hopefully I'm fine.

Pictures of the fishes to follow.

This sucks

Aug. 30th, 2007 01:09 am
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I keep looking over at where Cirdan's tank is expecting to see him swimming around, and there's nothing there but an empty tank.

RIP Cirdan
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My fish died today. : ( I hadn't even had Cirdan that long. Only about 7 or 8 months.

Aw, Lexy is trying to cheer me up. He's climbed in my lap and keeps rubbing on my hand.
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Okay so this show just gets better and better and better. H. has informed me that she can't speed up time so I can see the next episode. Damn her, just a little.

More with the ramble )

I still find it amazing that I'm able to follow all the little plot lines and not get annoyed at them all.

Also my fish has been named, Cirdan. Mom helped me pick from my top three of Cirdan, Eomer, and Vain.

Have decided to officially start moving in with H. on Friday. Need to start packing, and also vacuum the room really, really well as its still coated in dog hair thanks to the last occupants dog. Also I need to like staple the carpet back down or something cause the dog also ripped part of it up.

New Fish

Jan. 25th, 2007 07:35 pm
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two more )

He's not big on having his photo taken. Celeborn loved the attention, Cillian not so much. This guy we'll have to see, right now he's still getting used to his new home.
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My betta fish died. Which makes me sad. But I kind of knew it was coming, his color has been bad for awhile and he hasn't been doing much more than laying on the bottom of the tank. This morning when I fed him he didn't even swim up top to get it. I hope he's gone on to a better plane of fishy existence.

While the icon doesn't exactly express my current sentiments, it does show the departed Cillian.
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Meh the batteries died in my gameboy while I was in the middle of a race. Also Cillian, my beta, is in a funk because he no longer has his friends to watch. I feel kind of bad for him. But I just couldn't deal with taking care of the other tank. The fish were doing fine, flourishing even, but I felt bad because the water hadn't been changed in forever and I kept forgetting to feed them.
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Go me, I'm already to go. Fish tanks have been cleaned, degu cage has fresh shavings and the laundry is almost dry. And I set the VCR. Now I just have a lot of waiting to do. Navy boy wont be here until 8 or 9.
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Have decided that dealing with two fish tanks is annoying. So I'm going to attempt to reintegrate Cillian and Variable into the big tank. This was mostly brought on by the fact that Cillian just seems to hate his tail since it started to grow back and he just ripped it off again. And Variable while having grow is still getting picked on.

Once this is done its in to town with me. To pick up job applications. And look for a kitchen island with mom. She's always wanted one, and has decided to re-model the kitchen while on vacation. Later this week we will be replacing the breaks on my car and doing something to my brother's car. Fun fun.
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Well I was going to call my new fish Mal and Inara. But one of them is a little crazy and the other one gets chased by the smallest fish in the tank. So now they will be called River and Simon and I'm considering renaming Variable Kaylee since Simon doesn't quite know what to do about her/him.
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Yay I got more free fish today, well [ profile] annikasevn bought them for me. But still new fish. Just two though, so I'm not up to where I was before. I got a lemon tetra, and a something else tetra, couldn't pronounce it, can't spell it.

Actually its about time to let them loose, hopefully they wont spread anything to my other fish. But I really don't have a good tank to put them in before adding them into my tank.

Also [ profile] annikasevn bought me supper since her car was almost out of gas and I drove. Which ended up being cheaper for her then if she'd just given me 5$ for gas. Oh well. But Wendy's food how I love you. Yum yum.

Okay the fish are trying to break out of the bad again, I guess I should release them now.

edit 8:09 Well they seem to be getting along. Now I have a happy school of five mismatched fish. Although Variable looks undersized and slightly scared of everyone else still.
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It is no wonder I get discouraged when job hunting. I applied to three place at the beginning of last month. In response I got one, we got you information let you know later, and two thanks for applying we hired someone else.

In other job related news I applied to be a customer service person at the T-Mobil call center in Oakland, its probably less then a mile from the call center I just got done at. We'll see if anything comes of that.

I need to clean the fish tank. Unfortunately I'm lazy so thus far all I've managed to do is move a chair next to the tank to set the bucket on and fill up a jug of water. Still need to get the bucket and the siphon hose. Meh. Also there are large sheets of snow falling of the metal roof over my head right now. Its very noisy, in fact it actually sounds like there is someone walking up there, and the light gets momentarily blocked out when it falls. I hate metal roofs.
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Heard from Navy boy today. Sounds like he's got a bunch of time off coming up. Depending on what my schedule at work looks like, if I still have a job today was the day they were notifying people if they were let go, I might end up spending a week at his place. Just cause I can. Plus I figure it'll be a good way to figure out if we could actually deal with living together, sure things seemed fine the weekend I was there but a weekend is different than like constantly. I never had much luck with roommates at college. Then again I'd actually have my own room and they would probably help a lot in the getting alone department.

There was nothing worth watching on TV tonight. I watched Dateline and part of 20/20, I never watch serious TV.

Tomorrow Cillian get to go back in the big tank. I bet he'll like that. He's lonely and depressed by himself even if his tail is starting to grow back.
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My fish tank seems very bare now. The five black neons died and Cillian is living downstairs in a different tank at the moment. So the tank has 2 cory cats and 3 neons, in a 15 gallon tank. Fish are frustrating.

And [ profile] annikasevn I'm never listening to you about fish again. Cause if I'd just got a bunch all the same I wouldn't have got Variable and no one would have got sick.

In other news the world is still trying to blow away. There just isn't any rain today. Which is good I guess.
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Well there goes black neon number 4, if the other one dies I'm really really really going to start kicking myself about getting the new fish because more fish will have died then I got.

In other news it is rainy, icy and really really windy out.
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Black neon count: 3 living, 2 dead.

*goes downstairs to get the net and take the dead ones out*

This sucks.


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