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It's raining again. Getting sick of it. I know R's dad is. It's to wet to hay, I don't even think he's gotten one crop in this year, not that any of the farms around here are having much luck haying this year. It stops raining just long enough for things to start to dry out, them boom rain. No cookies.

In other news my Dad finally bothered to e-mail me about my step-grandmother. And because I wasn't thinking I was going to make it to the remembrance gathering, he's decided I'm a horrible person and that my step-grandmother shouldn't have waisted money buying me christmas presents? Yeah I don't get it either. I will be going, He-Man really wants to go but wasn't sure if he'd be welcome, and now that I doubt I'm welcome either, I was like lets just go, for like half an hour, then I wont miss work. But we'll show up and pay our respects, but not for so long that my step-mother have time to flip out to badly.

Really I'm only going to support He-Man. I wasn't close to her, which despite what my dad thinks I don't blame on her, I'm just not good at remaining close with people. I can count my close friends on one hand, well one finger if one doesn't count R.

In other news I'm moved in with R. for a given value of moved in. Most of my clothes are here, and my bed, and that's about it. Once my uncle gets the office/closet done I'll be able to get most of the rest of my stuff moved over. Some is probably going to go into storage at my mom's house in Madison. What with her putting the house I grew up in on the market. Her new job is really truly out in the sticks of Maine, instead of just well off the beaten path where that house is.
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You know your becoming an adult when someone giving you a new washing machine is the best present ever. Which would be me this evening. I was just looking to buy a used washing machine, my step-father thought I should get a new one. He evidently got another big bonus at work and bought me one. Doesn't want any money for it, just said Merry Christmas. So I said thank you, a lot. It's an LG front loader, evidently consumer reports best buy in its price range, and it works beautifully. It even rebalances itself if it senses that it's vibrating to much. Also makes my used dry look that much shabbier in comparison. But that still works so I should worry about it yet.
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Oh yes thank you step-mother for reminding me how I loathe you. I sent her 2 e-mails yesterday. One about her mother and one saying I wasn't going to Christmas. She responded only to the one saying I wasn't going to Christmas to tell me I didn't have the full story.

Let me see, last year my brother made a mistake, a human mistake. He was engaged, he made out with someone else, relaized that clearly the engagement wasn't right, broke it off. Couldn't afford to drive home so our father could yell at him for being a horrible person, was told not to come to family gathering until he did. Also was told his grandfather would be ashamed of him and that he never should have been named after him. I talked to my brother the other day, he's evidently got a list of things he's supposed to do before he's un-disowned. He doesn't seem to concerned with getting them done. I don't feel to concerned about missing a gathering of my step-mothers family. If she e-mails me again I'm going to respond with what ever is appropriate to the contents of the e-mail and then throw in something about, plus I don't know which boyfriend I'd bring with me anyway. Then they could be equally horrified at me and then I wouldn't have to worry about it any way.
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Had a very nice Easter dinner/Birthday with my family today. My grandmother gave me a lovely pair of freshwater pearl earring. My mom brought a cheese cake sampler and everyone sang happy birthday. And my youngest cousin and his friend evidently polished off the cheese cake so I didn't get to bring any home. Not that I needed it, the cake T. and I picked up yesterday is still in the fridge.

Got to see Mom's new car too. It's a '97 Mustang SVT Cobra with less than 50000 original miles. It's got a new engine, transmission, suspension and exhaust system I believe and it's super charged. Yet another reason why I need to relearn how to drive a manual transmission, between that and her NSX I really wants to play with the toys.
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Went over to my grandmothers this evening to get some more furniture for my new place. She's been gone for 2 years and my dad and his brothers are only just now starting to clean stuff out of her house.

I got a bookcase, an arm chair and the secretary desk that at least one other person wanted. Moving fast is the best way to get the furniture everyone else wants too. I also got some pie pans and jewelery. Don't know if I'll ever wear the jewelery but it is nice. Other than the desk my favorite thing I got was a framed Norman Rockwell print. The one shown here. It always made me giggle when I was a kid. Not sure where I'm going to hang it, but I'm going to put it up.

Its been long enough since she died that it wasn't too emotional for me to be there. But I think it was hard on Dad and my Uncle who stopped in while we were there.
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Saw my mom today and in true mom fashion she said my hair looks like Ronald McDonalds. Thanks so much mom, but I don't think my hair is really that shade of red.
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Went over to Mom's for awhile this afternoon. Told her that T. and I were planning on moving in together. Her only reaction was to say she never thought she'd see the day I was serious enough about someone to move in with them. Also told me that she wanted to set up a dinner and have me and T. over so they can actually get to meet him instead of a quick hi. The fact he used to do a lot of hiking and trail conservation stuff has already won my mother and step-dad over.

Now I'll just have to try and convince him that it'll be okay since it seems as though my mother is going to be oddly nonjudgmental about him. I figured the fact he's a little bit heavy set might come up, but it didn't so this is looking good.

Probably going to have to go out and buy for fuel for the heater, it's getting pretty cold out. Although it is still about freezing in the basement at the moment.
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The 17 year old cousin with a baby is preggers again. And living in a house with no running water. Fun that.

Other than that it was pretty drama free. My aunts husband is evidently in rehab now and no longer in critical condition so that's good. But their son has run off to his birth family again.

I made out better than I thought I would, as in I didn't figure I'd be getting anything and I got money and movie passes and a pad of drawing paper. So that was pretty cool. Plus leftovers and a lot of beef because on of my uncles buys a cow every spring and has it slaughtered in the fall. So my freezer has steak and hamburger in it now.
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Well the good news is my grandmother is fine. And the accident wasn't her fault. And in all likely hood the car isn't totaled. However the trunk and rear bumper and possibly the gas tank need to be replaced, and the driver side rear quarter panel.
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Oy, my grandmother wrecked her car last night. She usually lasts longer than a year with a car. And I haven't showered in like 4 days and I need to go pick her up now. Oops?

The icon of my car is appropriate because she had the four door version.
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So I went to bed early for me. But I've only been up for about 30 min. Because the wonderful Sophia woke me up at 4am trying to get into my closet. I yelled at her she stopped I went back to sleep. For 20 min before she did it again. So I picked her up and put her on my bed, where she stayed and was quiet. Unfortunately I back decided it didn't like all the getting up and startling cause of weird noises and promptly put me in excruciating pain. So I lay awake for 2 hours trying to get comfortable. Then the cat decided to go back to attacking my closest door. So she got throw out of my room and I closed the door. Which she fortunately didn't scratch at too much. At some point after 6am I went back to sleep. And slept until almost 1. Oops? Guess I'm not going to Auburn to job hunt today, buy the time I get motivated to move it'll just be time to go to Dad's for He-Man's birthday dinner. That reminds me I should make him a poorly spelled birthday card. That's what he gave me this year, even misspelled my name. So it's only fair. And then I wont get in trouble for not getting him anything. Which is I suspect why I actually got a card from him this year. Birthday's and Christmas are times we pretend we don't have to money to get each other stuff and that we'll get something for each other later. What this really means is we'll just buy ourselves something we want with the money we didn't spend on each other. It works for us.
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Survived hanging out with the family. Mostly by hiding behind my laptop. They actually weren't that bad. Although watching your younger brothers be all cute and couplely with their girlfriends a) makes on want to hide when once catches them kissing and b) feel very lonely cause both of them have been with their girlfriends longer than I've ever managed to stay in a relationship.

The boys and their girls all came over and watched Top Gear later and the girls played with the roommates rabbits and Lemur. Who actually does pretty well around lots of people.
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In good news I only bought two things that weren't on my list when I went grocery shopping, and they were both on sale. I got a new belt, and some vanilla chai sented deoderat. Not that I remember to wear deodorant half the time, I've had my current one since college I think.

In so-so news I finally got my Christmas present from my Uncle. It's a very nice Timex, but it's analog, and I'm (wo)man enough to admit I can't analog watches, or clocks, to save my life.

In bad news my Grandmother's heart is failing and she was in the emergency room Monday night.
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So my brother is moving to Florida...this weekend. I knew he was talking about it, but I didn't know if he'd really go, not this soon anyway. Mom's going to be having a going away dinner for him at some point. This also means I need to bring Shoot 'Em Up over tomorrow, I told him he could borrow it when I got it. I just bought it and now he's got no time to watch it really.

It's so weird that he's leaving. On a plus side for me it means I'm going to be making some extra money over the summer going to Mom's and letting the dog out and walking her since He-Man wont be around anymore and my step-dad lives away from home over the summers for his job, and Mom's summer job has long hours too.


Feb. 8th, 2008 01:47 pm
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So I just saw my Dad for the first time since Christmas. I guess he's been real sick and he and my step-mother where driving by on their way back from the hospital while I was outside shoveling. So I talked to him for a little while. And oddly enough my step-mother liked my hair. My short purple hair, which I might add looks like hell at the moment because I had my hood up when I first went outside. Today has suddenly taken on a surreal feel.
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I was think about things today, like why I'm so eh about christmas. I'm pretty sure it's because from about 10 on I had 4 or 5 separate christmases every year. It doesn't take long to get old. Plus my mom didn't have a lot of money for presents. So we only set up a big tree every other year and then when we got older not at all, we'd just put up the little ceramic tree. Me getting two presents under/next to the tree was a big deal with Mom. I got little things from Mom's family, and stuff I didn't really care about from my dad's and stepmother's family's. It just stopped being fun.

Now my roommate came from a similar background, divorced parents, poor, and she went completely the other way. Goes all out for christmas breaks the bank on presents for her whole family. Thinks I'm a weirdo for not caring all that much. Seemed astounded that we were only giving each other one present. Personally I give everyone one present. If I want to eat, and I really do, I have to be careful with my money, so that means one small present for everyone I get something for.

Today I realized I still need to get something for my mom. She gave me like 3 thousand dollars towards my student loans for christmas this year. (She's not so poor anymore.)
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Thanksgiving with the family has been survived. My vegetarian grandmother cooked the turkey because the uncle who usually cooks it was at thanksgiving with his ex wife and their kids. It came out really well actually. And who ever made the mash potatoes also did a good job, and that sums up what I ate other than bread and pie.

There was minimal arguing and that was mostly because much of my family believes in arguing for the sake of arguing.

My 16 year old, making her the second youngest, cousin has recently dyed her hair black and is pregnant. Evidently she is hoping this will the the thing that finally lets her quit school. She evidently also smokes a lot of pot and gets drunk regulaly, this does not bode well for her spawn.

My aunt's second oldest kid recently turned 18 and decided that meant he didn't have to listen to his parents anymore and moved out of the house. He's still in high school.

So there were a couple things sitting around the house like large pink elephants that we weren't talking about. I was filled in before we left mom's and instructed to not talk about it.

Now I'm home and that is good. The roommate must still be at her mom's because she's not here. Her dog got into the trash again, and I just can't deal with picking it up, so she can deal with that when she gets home. At some point I shall load the dishwasher and call it good.
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So I just watched The Making of Tin Man. I wants to see that so much. December 2 is way to far away.

In other news I'm really loving my hair right now. It is a very awesome black/purple/blue. The bits that haven't been bleached are black and purple, the parts that were bleached at one point are this funky blue purple color. I loves it very very much.

The family's reactions when I see them Thursday for turkey day should be very entertaining and almost worth the fact my one day off this week will be spent with them, or driving to see them, or pretty much anyway that isn't me hiding in my room.
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So work was, well work. I went from working four 4 1/2 hour shifts and one 5 1/2 hour shift this week to three 4 1/2 hour shifts, a 7 hour shift and a 10 hour shift. *head/desk*

But on an easily amused note today at work they were moving tires. The following is what was said at one point:
Annoying!Manager: Want to catch?
Cop!Manager: Sure, I'll be on bottom.

I'd like to note that all the managers at my store are male. My mind went dirty places. And it wasn't too bleach worthy since it was the two semi-attractive managers as well.

My brother will be here soon for Top Gear. We are way way to giddy about it.
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I keep thinking it's Sunday for some reason. But no it's Monday, and while I don't work today I do have to go to a family get together that isn't even for someone I'm related to. No cookies to that.


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