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Fist bike ride of the year. Remind me why I do this?
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Mom and my step-dad came by today and got my new to me bike seat put on. It's my mother's old gel seat. Much more comfortable than the one that came on the bike. After that was done I went out for a short ride, probably around 3 miles. I went 10 minutes out on the trail and came back. Just to work on building up my stamina, I don't even know the last time I road a bike regularly.

On the other hand 29 is off to a good start. Getting in to better shape isn't a bad thing to do. My legs are doing good but my knees not so much, hopefully the biking will help them out. I'm hoping if I manage to strengthen my bad knee back up it might cut down on some of the horrible popping grinding noises it makes when I walk up stairs.

In other news my washing machine is borked. Probably a motor going as it no longer spins cloths hard enough to get much of the water out of them. Going to half to start keeping my eyes open for another one. Or check out the local appliance place that sells used machines. I really want another front loader and I can't quite afford to buy a good new one with out wiping out what I've got saved.


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