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I had something approaching a night terror last night. Not fun. My brain was dreaming but I was still aware of light coming into the bedroom, that I was in bed, T. moving around the apartment and even noise from his TV show. Then my arm was pinned down (okay it was by a possesed blanket hand in the dream thing and my hand in rl) and I couldn't get free and I couldn't make enough noise for T. to hear me and dreaming me was freaking out, and when I finally spoke it woke me up for real. Then I realised I was holding my own arm down, I thought. I made T. come into the bedroom before I tried letting go.

I think the weirdest part was that for all the panic a fear in the dream when I woke up I wasn't breathing hard and my heart wasn't racing, both things that happen to me when I do have scary dreams, it was like I went from pure terror to awake and fine, but maybe just a little skeptical of if it was really reality.
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I'm not really sure why I keep dreaming about zombies, but I have had two zombie dreams in 3 nights. Haven't even watched any zombie movies. A couple nights ago there was a zombie apocalypse coming, but I was stuck at walmart working. Last night it was zombie cheerleaders. And one said they thought I would taste good and they wouldn't kill me if I gave them 50 thousand dollars in Monopoly money. Um...yeah I don't know either.
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I had a dream last night in which I was a werewolf. And I had been alone, but I'd found a pack and was going to become the leaders mate. Other people in the pack didn't agree with it and were trying to sabotage it. But he found out and was going to kick their asses.

In another one I was running up my mom's driveway and there was voices from the woods, it was a talking space ship trying to help an alien disguise itself as a human.
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So when T. and I got up this morning he was all I had a dream with you in it last night, we were making love in the shower. I was all that's nice, I had a dream where my friends mother was telling me that moving in with you is the biggest mistake I could make.

Somehow I think he got the better end of the dream deal with that one.
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I had a fairly disturbing dream last night in which The Lone Kitten of Discontent had been killed, skinned, and magically charmed to kill me by attaching itself to my face. Me and the other people in the dream found the skin in a box and the other kittens, who were still kitten size, climb in and started grooming it. Lone kitten has distinctive markings so I knew it was him right off the bat. Also I some how knew that it was a trap to kill me. The the skin got up and started moving as if it was alive, so now the image of Lone Kitten with no eyes is in my head. Then it tried to attack and we destroyed it by shoving it down a garbage disposal in a sink drain.

So now in my head I've got eyeless dead Lone Kitten, and run through a garbage disposal turned into little pieces Lone Kitten. Not the best way to wake up in the morning.

The worst part however is the fact he greats me every morning and is in fact sitting next to me right now.
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I had a dream last night in which my brother got turned into a zombie or a vampire sort of thing. And another one before that with the world just being post apocalyptic. Soundbender was there though. Which I'm going to blame on [ profile] annikasevn and the fact she talks about them a lot.

So I put in more job applications yesterday. Well one company, two locations. Back to the hurry up and wait game. I've applied to 4 place, and 6 locations in the last week. Ugh. I hate this.
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I had a rather odd dream that involved Soundbender last night, well Jordan and Johnny anyway. I suspect it is my subconsciousness's way of pitching a fit because we don't get to see them Friday after all. I know it did on their myspace say they had a show tomorrow, because I wrote it on my calender and added it to my myspace one. Only it is gone now so I'm sad. Well not really sad but you know, I wants to see my band and now I've got to wait another week. *pout*

In other news I need to leave for work in 30 min. and I haven't showered it three days or eaten anything today. Um...oops? Fortunatly I work in the great and now slightly chilly outdoors. The unwashed thing will be unnoticed because my hair will be up and I will be hiding in my sweatshirt pretending to be warm.
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Ugh so tired, don't want to be awake. Was actuallty having a dream about sleep because I was tired when my alarm went off. Actually I was in some sort of classroom and sleeping on Ronon from SGA's shoulder. Earlier in the night I had a dream about zombies. Which didn't cause me to wake up scared, because in the dream I was more worried about being late for something than the zombies.
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So I had a dream last night that involved me getting sent to the past, with Captain Jack Harkness. And stranded there. Which you know not a problem for him. But for some reason I had my old cell phone and it worked, a little. So like when my Mom called to see why I hadn't stopped by I could tell her what happened to me. Very odd. Also the Titanic was leaving from where ever we were and I had to put on a maid uniform so I wouldn't look so out of place.

In other news it rained most of yesterday. And a good portion of last night. But it's not raining right now. However the weather forecast calls for more rain today. So today is probably going to end up being a very short day of work, again.
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Okay so watching TBPID right before bed leads to weird dreams, at least for me. There was running from bad guys, with MCR, and hidding dead bodies. And being a member of MCR. And at one point hugging Frank. Plus broken glasses.

Now I am awake(ish) again. I sort of wish I'd just said screw it and taken the whole day off. But it's to late now. So I will eat my leftover pizza and drink Moxie. Because it's the breakfast of champions.
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Currently every time I listen to Empires album I end up dreaming about them. Which is random and odd since I don't actually know what they look like. May have actually had two dreams that somehow connected to them actually.

Which is was better than the weird alien cat invasion one. Because yeah, that was just odd. Shape shifting aliens that could disguise themselves as house cats, but were really evil looking things with big fangs. And they could somehow take you over, or turn you into one of them.

And the other one I can remember involved going undercover in a club as some sort of immigrant to help find a slave ring or something.

In other news it's raining out. And my grandmother is stubborn. We're just starting late today. She seems worried about me getting my paycheck. Which is possibly the only reason we're going to try and work today. I see another 3 or 4 hour day today.
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I had a dream last night that involved going to an MCR concert and at some point making out with Gerard Way. Which I guess is better than the dream about camping or the dream about getting up on stage and singing with an acapella group.

In other news I picked a good day to take off. It's raining. Which means I wouldn't have worked anyway. Also means Dad's race is probably going to rain out. Which is to bad, but I'd already said I wasn't even going to try and go because it looked to much like rain. Speaking of Dad and racing he's still driving for the PASS, I think, car team. And their up to 11th in points which is pretty cool. Especially since they finally took the car to the place Dad has his cars set up. And it turns out the car was set up for dirt track racing. Which is very very different from how it should have been set up for the paved track racing it's been doing. This making the fact Dad's done well enough to have them in 11th even more amazing, also the fact that frequently the cars been getting lap times close to that or faster than that of the race leaders. Now Dad's worried he wont be able to drive it set up right because he's gotten used to it being all screwy.
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So tired. Stupid cold feet keeping me up. Then odd dreams. Should obviously have not both watched The Other Boleyn Girl and read part of the book in one day.
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So tired. Probably my own fault, well sort of, I can't help the bizarre dreams. But I could have gone to bed earlier. But yeah no I had a dream that Jazz got crushed under snow, like his windshield and on side wind got broken and the roof was caved in. Then someone hit him and scratched up one side really bad. Then I woke up.
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I am being very colorful today. Possibly because it's kind of a dreary day, but probably mostly because it's just me being me. I've got on a pink button down shirt, a red dress and my yellow zebra stripe footless tights, which sort of look more like leggings cause there longer than they should be. Any way add that to the orange hair and purple glasses and I am a riot of color. And possibly poor fashion sense, but that's okay cause I'm not planning on leaving the house. I'm working on actually finishing the third season of Doctor Who and then the second season of Torchwood. Then maybe the forth season of Doctor Who. But I think that's a bit more than I can actually manage.

In other news I hate my subconscious. I dreamed about the ex again last night. You know the one I broke up with just over a year ago. Yeah I don't know either. But it was long and complex and had us getting married but then he still didn't have any time for me or really care what I did. And the the guy from work who likes me showed up and was trying to get me to leave the ex but I wouldn't and it was all very weird.
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Last night I had a dream about not being able to sleep. That's sort of like the opposite of restful. Stupid brain.
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So I've been sleeping like crap lately, but I've been having really vivid dreams. Thursday night I dreamed I was going on a date with Jessica Alba and was really nervous.

Last nights most memorable involved dragons. And started out like an infomercial for a trailer that was like a portable bakeryand just went from threre... ) There where other dreams as well but this one was the most interesting.
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So I went to bed really early for me last night, be for 12:30. I thought this is a good idea I can get like 9 maybe 10 hours of sleep before I have to get up. No such luck. It took forever to fall asleep then I slept in 2 hour intervals. Well 2 two hour intervals before getting woken up by the roommate and laying awake for another hour or so then nodding off for like 20 min at a time.

So my grand plan to get lots of sleep and feel better amounted to nothing.

Although on the random side I had a dream where I was swiming with Bob Bryar. Or we were racing each other maybe. There was a pool with lanes and we were swimming laps anyway.
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The wind is trying to blow away the trailer, this is not cool, I do not want my home to blow away. Also my hair is still awesomely orange. And for no apparent reason I dreamed about the ex last night, not cool brain, not cool.
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Last night I dreamed about: Zombies, almost drowning in a flood and going to cooking school.

Which is fairly impressive given how little sleep I got.

It always happens when I try to go to bed earlyish. The degus woke me up at 5 and I didn't get back to sleep until after 7, and I woke up again at 8 something. I went to bed early enough I should have gotten 8 hours of sleep before I got up, instead I got maybe 6, 6 very broken up hours of sleep.


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