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So my aunt finally paid me, and my stimulus check came in. I can haz money? Although I can't for the life of me figure out how much my stimulus check was for. Possibly my math is farther off than normal, but I'm usually dead on with my bank statements. All I've got is less than 500 but more than 400. Which makes doesn't match any amount I could have gotten. So I is confused. But I can make my car payment and pay the rest of my rent and even go to the race on Sunday, maybe. I may be a horrible person and just sleep all day.

I've hauled home a small brush pile of interestingly shaped blueberry bush pieces. A couple that are like frames. Today I bought new paint brushes and dark blue paint. However the paint is acrylic and the brushes are for oil. As you can tell I am unable to make up my mind what medium I want to work in. I'm leaning towards oils because those are shinny and I think a shinny painting framed by a dull blueberry bush piece would be a good contrast.

I think the dog isn't going to make me walk him today. This makes me really happy. Although I think it's cause he's not feeling well. He was outside getting sick earlier.
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So last night I was all yay I don't have to work tomorrow I can sleep in. And while technically I did get to sleep in, I didn't get to sleep in as late I as I was hoping to. Fat mutt absolutely positively had to go out at 9:30 and woke me up by whining outside my door a lot. After I let him out I can see why he did need to go out, his lead was still wrapped around the pole next to the porch which means he hadn't gone out since the last time I put him out yesterday evening.

I ended up getting like 8 hours of sleep last night, but I'm still tired. Not cool.

edit: and now I have to go rescue fat mutt. it sounds like he's tangled in something at the far end of his run. *headdesk*
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So I get home and put the dog out. He goes running off. A little while later I hear barking. I open the door and yell for him to come in, he keeps barking. I stick my head off the deck and can't even see him. That's cause he got himself wrapped around a tree at the far end of his run. And the crust on the snow may hold 100 pounds of dog just fine, it does not however hold 150 pounds of Gail. And the snow is really freaking deep in places. I almost got stuck. I scraped up both my shins though my pants and got snow down the back of my pants. Plus my gloves are wet so I didn't wear them and now I can just barely feel my fingers. Not cool.
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It took me an hour to convince myself to get out of the bed this morning. And this was after I got at least 8 hours of sleep. This is very not like me.

In other news it is still winter. So it's chilly in the house and cold outside. And not as bright and sunny as it was yesterday. But I'm wearing my 'the Leprechauns made me do it' shirt so all is good. I was talking to someone about this shirt yesterday and decided that I must wear it. *nods*

Now I think I must let the fat mutt out he seems to be whining at me.
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It is raining out. Less than a week ago it was snowing. I is confused. And soggy because the dog needed to go out and the last time he was out he wrapped his run around a pole like 4 times, and the roommate being well herself, didn't unwrap it, so I had to go out and free the damn thing. And now my hair is sad and flat because hair gel and rain don't mix.

I think I'll have a baked potato for supper.
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So I seem to be slowly revamping my icons. I have more with my user name, and I got rid of the summer ones at least until next summer, and there seem to be warm fall colors sneaking it.

And once again I'm not sleeping.

But at least I'm pretty sure the dog has finally gone to the roommates room and stayed there. I made one last bathroom trip in hope he'd follow me and just stay in her room rather than follow me back. He stays with her he gets to sleep on the bed. He stays with me and he gets to sleep on the floor outside my door. I'm guessing bed finally won. Thank god, he's not a horrible dog, but I don't want him following me around.
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So I feel a little more awake than I did yesterday morning. Although I would like to know why the dog felt in necessary to wake me up half an hour before I needed to get up. The roommate is home, so if he needed to go out, which he did, he should have just woken her up. So yeah I'm not impressed. I probably still would have been woken up even if he didn't, but it's just the idea, that I potentially could have gotten another half hour of sleep. Because despite my best efforts I didn't get back to sleep after tha.
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Okay this humidity has got to go. I didn't even take the dog that far and I'm all sticky and gross.

On a dog walking note I wish I wasn't walking him along a busy road. If I wasn't I would have let him drag me across the road to see the cute guy we walked past.

And on an I hate the dog note, even though I just walked him, which is my version of paying attention to him, he's still just laying outside my room whining because he wants more attention.
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Right now not so much.

And her dog even less than normal.

So I get home from my hellish shift. She's not home, fine, I can deal with that. However when I go inside it reeks of dog poo. And that would be because the dog got diarrhea all over the living room and den floors. I call her, she's at her mom's in the middle of cooking something. I say okay thinking that she'll just finish that up and be right over. I forgot she can't say no to people. In fact I doubt she even mentioned she needed to get going to clean up a mess.

So I waited on the deck and read until it got to dark. Then I give up and try to clean, hoping I wont puke will trying to do so. She finally showed up, when I was almost entirely done. She owes me so big right now it's not even funny. The den is where my degus live. Right now their home smells like dog shit. And when the first cleaning product dries, the floors while be attacked with another one that gives me really bad head aches. So I'm hiding in my room with the door closed since the den is the smelliest room, as well as being next to mine.

And there is a thunder storm right now and I don't even care enough to turn of my computer at the moment.
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There we go, my good dead for the day. I walked the fat dog. And actually saw my mom since she was out for a bike ride.
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That being me running down the side of RT 2 in my flip-flops with an over weight dog dragging me a long.

Well that and when we first left the house he managed to yank the leash out of my hands and then proceeded to make a break for the road. We'll not be telling the roommate about that one.
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My day it did not start so well. In fact it started with me cleaning up dog crap.

I will admit the dog was whining outside my door after the roommate left. But that's not unusual. He does that pretty much every morning she leaves for work before I get up. So how was I supposed to know it was an I need to go out whine, versus his normal, my mommy's gone I want to sleep with you whine.

But things are looking up now. I'm at dad's abusing the high speed yay.

Although my step-mother did leave me a note reminding me that Sun. is Father's Day and told me to remind my brother. Which is some trick since I don't live with him and rarely see him
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The dog is an idiot sometimes. He's barking at the across the road neighbor at the moment.

And also I really don't want to go to work. Meh. Mostly because after righting down the newest schedule I realized that I work 1:30-9:30 the next five days I work, that's counting today. And while not the worst shift it makes one's day a little off. Mess up meal times wicked. Plus my love of sleeping in means there isn't a whole lot of time to do stuff before work and after is shot as well.
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I should really be in bed sleeping right now. The roommate is going to come stumbling home around 10 am and wake me up. And if she doesn't wake me up coming into the house the dog will wake me up whining outside my door after she leaves for work.

Also look a pretty icon of blueberries. That's one of the bushes at my aunt's blueberry farm. There is no real reason behind it, other than I like the photo. I don't even like blueberries.

Even though I cleaned the degu cage today I can still smell it. Which means I need to buy a hose and a nozzle so I can take the thing outside and spray it out and hope that helps. I was going to order new platforms for the cage, but the last time I tried the company's web site was messed up so I couldn't actually order anything.
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On my way to work I saw someone cleaning snow out of their driveway with a backhoe. *headdesk*

I survived another busy day at work, made even more so because three people called in. At least one of whom calls in every time there is the least bit of bad weather.

I had one woman ask me how I was and I said over worked and under paid. She laughed. But it was a bit how I was feeling.

Then I come home and the dog nearly breaks my nose with her head as I try to hold her still so mom can cut her nails.

I'm so very very close to saying screw it and going back to bed right now.
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So I got the degu cage cleaned, although I suspect they rather wish I hadn't bothered.

I'm not sure what the dog did to scar them, but she sure did. I came upstairs after putting clean shavings in the bottom of the there cage and looked into the tank I put them in when I clean the cage and well they clearly had not had a good time of it.

Hephaestion was stuck inside a toilet paper tube, and by stuck I mean wedged. She'd obviously tried to climb in it to hide, only the tube is not big enough to hold a degu. So her hind legs where sticking out the back and I could just see her nose peaking out the other end. And Squeaker who was on the other side of the tank was covered in shavings that Hephaestion had kicked up while trying to get free. If everyone hadn't clearly been so freaked out I might have taken a picture because I'll admit I laughed when I took Hephaestion out and saw the predicament up close. But I was good and just pealed the tube off of her. As soon as she was free she climbed on my shoulder and wouldn't move. After I'd calmed her down a little I realized that Squeaker still hadn't moved either, so I bushed the shavings off her and picked her up, and she joined Hephaestion on my shoulder. And they wouldn't leave. So I got to put the cage back together with them both climbing on me. As soon as the top was mostly settled on the base Squeaker jumped on top of it, Hephaestion didn't leave until I got the cage door open then she jumped inside. Fortunately the still slightly traumatized Squeaker wasn't to had to pick up and get inside the cage as well.

They seemed to have calmed down now, probably because I shut the bathroom door so they can't see the dog.

Poor girls, getting the puppy has probably been harder on them than the cat.

The only good in all of this is proof that the diet is working. Hephaestion has clearly lost weight, she was getting fat, far to fat to fit into a tube before. Plus when I was holding them I could tell she no longer weighs twice what Squeaker does.
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I'm not sure what it says about me that the smell of raw steak is making me hungry. Possibly just that I haven't had much to eat today.

Have had a nice lazy day off. My nails have been painted red and purple, and I've made considerable head way on my Lego Star Wars game. I've found all but one of the mini kit things, thus I've unlocked almost all of the characters now. But I'm rather stumped on the last one. I've been every where I can go in the level, the last level of the game. And its bugging me that I can't find it. I will eventually I'm sure, its just going to take awhile. I'm probably going to stop trying to find it for awhile.

I have a cat. She's been clingy(er) ever since we got the dog. Who's growing, not like a weed but at a good rate. She's gained 5 pounds since we got her.


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